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Beauty Queens break rules to compete in an International Pageant

Cao Thuy Linh

Beauty queens from Vietnam will be fined for competing in an international beauty pageant without legal permission.

Cao Thuy Linh went to Thailand to compete in the Miss Grand International contest and Huynh Thuy Anh competed at a beauty contest international without legal permission from Vietnamese Department of Tourism, Sports & Culture.

Huyn They Anh and Cao Thuy Linh

Le Minh Tuan, an official at the Department of Performing Arts, said the department did not recognise the titles of illegal contestants. "The media and press still attach the contests with the names of those models and unintentionally encourage and promote them," he said.
Another official, Nguyen Thanh Nhan, said, "Many people said we must tighten regulations. But when building the regulations, we must take into consideration the human factor and give violators a chance to recognise their faults and change their behaviour."

Their manager explained that they did not have enough time to ask for official request due to short admission period given to them by the org of the International pageants they competed in.

Eligibility of competing abroad should be a national winner and with recognition from their Tourism Department. It is illegal if you will compete international without authorization.

How do you find the rules implemented?



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