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Miriam Quiambao , Osmel Sousa and Amelia Vega
The article that you are about to read is an opinion posted here The Pageant Queens Facebook Group by one of our members! What's your stand on this?!


Osmel Sousa Venezuelan National Director

Osmel Sousa, President of the Miss Venezuela Organization and termed as the Beauty Czar of the World, used to accept girls from different countries in Venezuela to train before. Venezuela, being the most successful country in beauty pageants before until now, has gain so much recognition. 

Miriam Quimbao, Miss Universe 1999 1st runner-up
In 1999, BPCI sent Miriam Quiambao to train in Venezuela under Osmel. At the end of night of Miss Universe 1999, Philippines placed over Venezuela as 1st Runner Up to Mpule of Botswana. DID THE VENEZUELANS GET ANGRY TO FILIPINOS? NO!

Miss Universe 2003 Amelia Vega
In 2003, Miss Dominican Republic Org sent Amelia Vega to train in Venezuela for the upcoming Miss Universe 2003 pageant under Osmel. At the end of Miss Universe 2003, Amelia Vega placed over Venezuela with Venezuela placing 1st Runner Up to Amelia. This is the time when the Venezuelan government barred Osmel from training others girls from different countries. DID THE VENEZUELANS REACT VIOLENTLY LIKE THE FILIPINOS NOW? Again NO!

Miss Supranational 2014 1st Runner Up & Miss Intercontinental 2014
All Trained by Gouldian

We also benefited from the kind of system that Gouldian has today before. Our country's representatives also benefited from foreign training. MAY KARAPATAN BA TAYONG MAGREKLAMO? (Do we have the rights to compalin? ) Think twice.


  1. People are not complaining about the training of other candidates... They are complaining because pawee and the others manipulated some results of some so so pageants.... Osmel never did that.... The girls that osmel trained deserved their placement . you should think twice before do such articles like this....

    1. Did Pawee really manipulate the results of those so so pageants? Or, are they just whining because the result did not end up the way they wanted it to be? How would you feel if foreigners would repeatedly whine and complain about the manipulation going on in Miss Earth, in order to favor the local Filipino or half-Filipino bet?

    2. Results are really questionable with those so so candidate winning over beautiful, stunning and smart Filipina queen.s

  2. This is one of the worst articles I've read EVER! Super wrong grammar... Pre-schoolers today from exclusive schools have better English! ANd also, the arguments are idiotic. You're not selling it. Sorry. Go back to being a reader. Because you can never write anything decent.

  3. Gouldian is not in the same level with Osmel and the Beauty Czar will not sit as a judge because of "Delicadeza". What a stupid article!

  4. what about TRAINOR being a JUDGE?? and yet in his statement pawee said its a jaw dropping when he find out that miss thailand won over the philippines.. where in fact he trained miss thailand and for sure he is so happy.. kapalstikan... at ka cheapan..

  5. Katangahan! Iba ang the Osmel to Paweekan! Jusko naman! Si Osmel hindi pumayag gawing judge hindi kagaya ng iba jan!

  6. hi , matagal ko na pong hinahanap yung theme song ng miss universe from 2003 to 2010 pero di ko mahanap because i didn't know the title nor the composer, can you please give links or perhaps the title of the song if you know it? your help would be immensely appreciated.


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