Mr. Republic of the Philippines 2015

Mr. Republic of the Philippines is a new male national pageant, produced by AA Pro Couture Frontliner Timeless USA/Philippines Inc. There will be three titles and all for international pageant; Mr. World International, Mr. Model of the World WCOPA and Mr. Runway Model of the World, and aside from having a chance to represent the country in those international pageants, winners will receive Php. 500,000.00 each.

Yesterday I attended the said final screening at The Manila Hotel. 28 aspirants showed up which was trimmed down to 23. And as I heard the org will aim for 35 official candidates, so they will still need 12 more. An extended screening might happen, so let's wait for the announcement.

Here are some notable men who screened yesterday.

Ibahn Francisco, a Misters of the Philippines finalist failed to make it as an official candidate.

Ibahn Francisco

Bb. Pilipinas 2015: TPQ Week 1 Hot Picks

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This will last until February 6,2015 and result will be posted. You can select your bets as many as you can. We removed the result button so you won't see who's leading and how many percentage they've got not unless we post the vote casts. After you click the VOTE BUTTON then it's done already.

Ivanka Trump has the Beauty Pageant winner Look

Paulina Vega with Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump wears the Miss Universe 2014 $300,000 crown and she that beauty pageant winner look, too.

The 33-year-old Celebrity Apprentice judge, former model and businesswoman, who works for dad and real estate mogul Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organization and executive producer of the top-rated annual pageant, got to play beauty queen for a moment this week when she tried Miss Universe 2014's new, expensive crown on for size.

On Wednesday, Ivanka posted on her Instagram page a photo of the two that shows her wearing the beauty queen's crown.

The headpiece weighs almost a pound and is made of 18-karat gold, encrusted with 311 small diamonds,33 Bohemian crystals, five large light blue topaz stones and 198 dark blue sapphire stones. It was "designed to blend the Czech roots of D.I.C. with the beautiful skyline of New York City, home of the Miss Universe Organization and its titleholders," Trump's group said in a statement.

"The newly appointed #MissUniverse, @paulinavegadiep, swung by the office today... I jokingly had her crown me. #neveradullmoment #trumporg," Ivanka said.

Vega is shown placing the headpiece on Ivanka's head, while the businesswoman showcases the classic "OMG-I-can't-believe-I-won-is-this-real-life" look seen on many beauty pageant winners.

Source: EOnline

Miss Universe Pageant Review

She was already a front runner even before the 63rd Miss Universe pageant started but the night she was standing with Miss USA, Nia Sanchez many would have thought that USA will have its 9th Miss Universe crown, however Sanchez left garnering 1st runner-up to Paulina Vega of Colombia. And as expected she brought home Colombia's 2nd Miss Universe crown after 57 years of waiting. Colombia almost had the Universe crown in the years 1992,1993,1994 and 2008 where they placed 1st runner-up those years.


The 5 finalists answered 2 set of questions, the first one coming from the judges and the 2nd one coming from social media which was submitted via Facebook.

Pacquaio's question to Miss USA

"If you will given 30 seconds to deliver a message to global terrorist what would you say?"

Miss USA was criticized with her answer, she would deliver a message of hope, love and peace which for me an overused answer to many beauty pageants.

GianCarlo Stanton's question to Miss Netherlands

"What is the biggest change you'd like to see for young women for the next generation"

Miss Netherlands said that she wanted to stop child prostitution in the next generation.

Lisa Vanderpump's question to Miss Ukraine

"If you could remove the swimsuit competition from the Miss Universe pageant, would you? Why or why not?

Ukraine said that "it depends on the situation, if it's comfortable why not? I feel comfortable in many things."

Emilio Estefan's question to Miss Jamaica

"One or three women experienced a violence in a lifetime. What can we done to get that number down?

Jamaica's answered was "Time is a global phenomena it does not affect just one nation, and that we as people of the world should work together to prevent it now".

Rob Dyrdek's question to Miss Colombia

"What women can learn from men?"

Colombia's answer "I believe... what a tough question. I believe there's men who believe i equality and that should women learn from men."

What went wrong? Why these girls need to ask to repeat the questions? Well, for me watching on TV, I can't seem to understand what these judges were asking. Nevertheless, these finalist managed to compose themselves and to deliver their thoughts in mind. Netherlands nailed this part.

The Facebook question was "What is the greatest contribution of your country in the entire world?" from Maria Navarro Fernandez


Wonderful influence in the world and that we can always help other countries if they need our help and we could give back as much as we can.


Born and raised in Amsterdam and it's one of the most tolerance(?) cities of the world, and it has a lot of art and history and I'm very proud of that.


We have a very difficult situation in our country and right now the very great contribution is to direct all of our energies to support our army and our people. We have to restore, schools, kindergartens and orphanages.


We have the home to the legendary Bob Marley who contributed great music to the world and other one is that the fastest man alive coming from her country.


I believe that my country has been an example to be followed by the rest of the countries. We are persevering people no matter what else may come in our way and we continue fighting what we want to accomplish. Notwithstanding, many difficulties we have gone through today, of our world leaders in many different matters and I am point proud to represent it before all of you.

Based on their given answers, Jamaica nailed this time. She was too sweet, honest and sincere with her answer yet she ended up 4th runner-up and the crowd went wild with that "BOOOOOOOOOOOO" including Miss Russia on stage where she was escorted to go on backstage. Netherlands, 3rd runner-up, Ukraine and USA as 2nd and 1st runners-up respectively.


From the stage, camera angles, and performances, the production produced a very disappointing show, and kinda boring. The swimsuit beat was very low and lacking of energy, it should have been an energetic one so the ladies could really walk well and go with the beat. The performer even lip sync his performance instead of performing live, why? Gown segment was quite better, however it seemed to be rushed.

I would have loved to see these girls shouting their countries with pride and honor rather than the taped national costume show introduction.


Rounding up the top 16 were, Italy, Indonesia, India, France, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Philippines, Australia and Argentina. These girls performed for swimsuit and 5 will be eliminated. Continuing the Top 10 were, Venezuela, Spain, Australia and Argentina.

The inclusion of USA and Netherlands in the top 10 is a bit shocking though. Italy, India and Brazil had performed way better than they were. It raised many eyebrows.

And the biggest disappointment of the night was the exclusion of Philippines and Spain in the top 5, which was filled in by USA and Netherlands. Many fans around the world were surprised, Spain and Philippines performed a lot better than them.

Philippines was so stunning and brilliant that night, though her gown ( as many believed ) matters why she was excluded. As for me, her gown was better than her predecessors. Spain gave a solid performance. These ladies were aiming for another top 5 finish this year yet they failed to continue.


To sum up, this edition is very far low compared to the previous editions. This one should've been made last year yet as to unknown reason ( gossips, no one wants to host due to budgeting matter ) we had it this year, which we could no longer say it's an annual celebration not unless there would be another Miss Universe pageant this year in the months of, September, October, November or December then Paulina will have the shortest reign. Hopefully, the next edition would be better than this one, seemed being rushed. Nonetheless, congratulations to the winners and the org for providing this show.

Watch the Replay !!

Miss France, drops some names after Miss Universe 2014 pageant

reBlog By: En Nepomuceno

"Venezuela and Philippines had nothing to do in the Top 10"

So, Miss Universe is over and it's time for more controversy and revelation! 

Jamaica should have won!

Miss Universe should be Miss Latina Universe!

Miss Russia is rich and she doesn't need Trump's money... 

Miss Universe France 2014

These are some of the few things happened in this year's Miss Universe pageant. Last year, there was this revelation from Miss Universe Mauritius 2013. According to her, all small countries were ignored and being set aside. Another thing is that, Miss Universe contestants never go out and everything were all dramas, that the org only take some girls to different places and not all. Even pretended that they were having fun and dancing but the reality is... those were taped and scripted. Well, those are just some of the notable things she said and she's the only girl who ever revealed that. Are we gonna believe it? If that's the case then, why Miss Universe is still in the running? Should all these countries who were being ignored stop sending delegates instead, and only those who received special treatment should continue?!

Well, that was last year. And here's a new dramas from this year's Miss Universe pageant.

Camile Cerf, Miss Universe France drops names and made some revelations! Here's some script with her interview from Le Figaro ( A french news paper ).

"I did my make-up and styling alone."

How was the Miss Universe pageant during the final night?

"On the same day of the finals night hours before the show, we were already set for everything. So we head to the backstage to get everything done. When I was about to have my make up and hairstyle done, I kinda had a difficult time. I went to an empty chair for the stylist to do it, but he didn't want me to sit there because he was expecting for Miss Costa Rica. The same thing happened to me with another makeup artist who said he was available for Miss Spain. So, I said, "Well I'll do my makeup then." So, I did my makeup and my hair. About an hour after the show began on NBC, we already knew who the fifteen girls were, and gladly I was part of it."

When the Top 10 was announced and you realized you didn't make it, what did you feel?

"I made my own top 10 in mind, where I did not have myself included. But after, seeing one that was not chosen, the I told myself that I had myself. But before the top 10, several of us girls did not understand why others didn't make it... Costa Rica, for example. Conversely, Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela had nothing to do in the Top 10. Miss Jamaica, the fourth runner-up was so original and that she deserved to win."

There you go! It's you to decide whether you would believe it or not.

Source: Le Figaro France


The Pageant Queens Exclusive!



I choose the name Empress because the word Empress sends a feeling of worth, power, royalty and supremacy. The cause of this pageant is uniting the world through beauty, tourism and humanity with leadership qualities! Being of a royal nature our queens will advocate for to lead youths on the righteous part of life, encouraging the right to an education and fighting against domestic and child abuse.  We will promote human rights and right to life
Fabulous Greetings,
Miss Empress International is operated by the Trinidad & Tobago Global Pageant Organization, a non-stock and non-profit organization. Our chosen ambassador will be an advocate of beauty, tourism and humanity. Being of royal nature, we strive to empower young women of today's society and bring forth the true beauty.

Our Purpose
To raise the standard of the pageant community
To inspire young women to become their greatest self
To enhance the personal development of all ambassadors
To provide a platform for intelligent women to speak beyond their beauty
To become a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves

Throughout the chosen ambassador's tenure we will advocate and celebrate women’s intellect, beauty and charisma as an ambassador to promote tourism and culture while creating awareness for the importance of education, human rights and fight against domestic violence/child abuse. The cause of this pageant is uniting the world through beauty, tourism and humanity with leadership qualities! Being of a royal nature our queens will advocate for to lead youths on the righteous part of life, encouraging the right to an education and fighting against domestic and child abuse. We will promote human rights and right to life

Miss Empress International is also geared towards serving as a fund raising activity for projects that would benefit orphans, battered women, indigent families and other less fortunate members of society. As we strive to follow in the footsteps of the mother of all pageants Miss World Beauty Pageant and its moto of “Beauty with a Purpose”. We recognize the importance and positive attributes of beauty pageants in today’s society and aims to promote pageantry in a positive light and use its forum to serve the greater good of society and humanity.

For the launch of this inaugural pageant event in 2015, the host country will be the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago with its vast greenery, oceans and rivers, popularly known as the land of Carnival and Soca music.

Qualifications for Participation:
-           Naturally born women, single, have never been married and never given birth.
-           Between ages 17-26 years of age (during reigning period)
-           At least 5feet 4 inches in height and taller (164.6cm)
-           Has an all-rounded beauty of face, physique, characteristics and personality
-           Knowledge of tourism, culture and aiding causes in her country
-           Good moral character.

Criteria of Judging:
-           Goodwill Project that each contestant will be required to conduct in their country and present in    form of project, pictures and video clips
-           Pre Judging Interview
-           Talent (3mins)
-           National costume
-           Swimwear (Red in colour either two piece of whole suit)
-           Evening gown
-           Final Question & Answer

Interested Parties who wish to become NATIONAL DIRECTORS or DELAGATES of MISS EMPRESS INTERNATIONAL Beauty pageants please email you letter of intent, background and resume to and cc:

Meet the Big Four Queens of 2014

Finally, the Big 4 Queens are complete after Paulina Vega was crowned on January 25 as Miss Universe 2014. These QUEENS will promote the goals and vision of their respective titles. 

Puerto Rico Valerie Hernandez, Miss International 2014 

Hernandez aims to promote "Love, Peace and Excitement to the world". She is expected to serve as an "Ambassadress of Peace and Beauty", serving tenderness, generosity, friendship, intelligence, and a great international sensibility.

Philippines Jaime Herrell, Miss Earth 2014

Herrell, aims to raise awareness to the tourists and travelers regarding ecological conservation in order to directly benefit the economic development and to poster respect for different cultures  and for human rights.

South Africa Rolene Strauss, Miss World 2014

Strauss, aims to promote Miss World's banner "Beauty with A Purpose" which raise projects to help many charities and institution from around the globe.

Colombia Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014

Vega as a Miss Universe winner, will be promoting Miss Universe's charitable platform about fighting against HIV/AIDS epidemic. She will be traveling around the world to create awareness and prevention for HIV/AIDS, HIV testing and access to medical care.

These winners of Big 4 major international pageants will uphold and stand for their causes. They are not only beautiful outside but also inside. 

Things We Need to Know about Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega

What we should know about our new Miss Universe winner? Below are some facts about her.

Paulina Vega Dieppa is Miss Universe Colombia 2013 ( She was crowned a year ahead before the Miss Universe 2014 pageant ), Vega was born in Barangquilla, Colombia on January 15,1993. She is a daughter of  Rodolfo Vega Llamas, a well known cardiologist in Colombia. Granddaughter of the legendary tenor Gaston Vega, and Elvira Susana Castillo Gomez, Miss Atlantico 1953. Paulina was also crowned Miss Atlantico 2013. Colombia must be very proud of her being the Miss Universe 2014 winner and being the 2nd Miss Universe winner after 57 years.

She's the first ever Miss Universe winner to wear the DIC crowned. She's from the same hometown where Sofia Vergara hails, a famous Colombian-American actress, model and businesswoman.

She also studies Business Administration at the Universidad, Javieriana in Bogota. She has been in the modelling industry since she was 8. She has 7 siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. She enjoys spending her time with her family and dog named Mateo. She is no longer single, for she already have a boyfriend who is an architecture major. Paulina also loves dancing, specially to the rhythms of Cumbia and Vallenato. 

One weirdest thing about her is that she sleeps with her EYES OPEN!

A Share of Thoughts!

The Miss Universe 2014 coronation night has just been concluded. 

The quest of the Philippines for either sustain the TOP 5 winning streak for the 5th consecutive year nor for the 3rd Miss Universe crown was not achieved but thankfully our girl Miss Mary Jean Lastimosa reached up to the TOP 10 finish. 

What happened? 

What went wrong for our candidate whom many of us believed to be the strongest and the most passionate Miss Philippines in recent years to represent us in the most prestigious international beauty pageant of the world - the Miss Universe pageant? 

Was it about the gown or simply the judges gave higher scores to other girls to advance for the TOP 5 placement? 

What if Miss Philippines wore the pink Almodal gown which obviously would make her look taller, sexier and smoother onstage? 

Will it make difference into catapulting her to the Final 5? 

Well, MJ is a total fighter and she came in the competition with the strong determination and dedication that she will be the next Miss Universe after her 3 admirable attempts in the national pageant - the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. 

Unlike Bianca Guidotti in the Miss International 2014 pageant and Yvethe Santiago in the Miss Supranational 2014 pageant, Miss Mary Jean Lastimosa seemed to have the courage to choose her own wardrobe preference against the so-called "Mahiwagang Baul ni Madaam" and MJ seemed secretly supported by some Filipino designers with beautiful dresses. 

From the alteration of some Filipino designer of the controversial white gown by Colombian Alfredo Barraza into courageously deciding to wear a beautiful flowy gown by Filipino designer Leo Almodal during the final rehearsal because the altered gown became so stiff for her, many believed and instantly got excited that she will finally be wearing a fabulous Filipino-designed gown in the finals. 

BUT what happened? 

A lot of anticipating Filipino pageant fans were shocked and disappointed to see her wearing the altered gown during the crucial evening gown competition which appeared a bit stiff for her and many believed had hurt her chance into becoming one of the 5 finalists.

Why did she stick to wearing the Barraza gown in the end? 

Was it about the fear of the rumored dethronement once they get back to the Philippines beacause she refused to wear the provided gown? 

Was it the fear that her refusal might affect Madaam Stella's relation to her camp? 

Or was it simply because of showing respect to the will of Madaam Stella Marquez whom she and a lot of beauty queens considered to be their Fairy Godmother in the Philippine pageantry after winning Binibining Pilipinas titles? 

How influential is Madaam Stella Marquez and her words that could seem turn our girls and their mentors 'voiceless' for what they exactly wanted in their respective international stints and appear to be YES-Madaam people for Mrs. Araneta? 

Don't get me wrong guys but I do have BIG SALUTE to Madaam Stella Marquez-Araneta and still believed that our country would have not been considered as another pageant powerhouse without her in our quest for the world-class Filipina beauty queens every year.
BUT I also believed that as Filipinos we could also share great help especially our top-caliber designers if she opened her heart again for our pageant fans who are willing to help her unconditionally. 

I am really serious and hoping that our failure to achieve the 5th winning streak in the TOP 5 or the winning the 3rd Miss Universe for our country the Philippines this year will open door for the Binibining Pilipinas organization and the Filipino designers to see each other's importance into building a great team for our next Miss Philippines to shine with total caliber in her international stint. 

Tama na guys ang katagang nasa "pagdadala lang yan". 
Iba na ang magaling magdala tapos maganda pa ang kasuotan. 

If Miss World-Philippines, Miss Philippines-Earth and Mutya ng Pilipinas can consistently provide their girls with winning and fabulous gowns every year then it is time for the Binibining Pilipinas through world-class Filipino designers as simple as that.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to you our dear Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa and THANK YOU for making the Philippines successful in the Miss Universe placement for 5 years in a row since 2010. 

NOTE : Just an opinion guys. Just citing things which I believed could be helpful for us in the next pursuit for the international titles and crowns. 


Opinion: Miss TPQ Universe views on the recently concluded Miss Universe 2014

By: Hera Ortezova

My personal review of the culminated Miss 63rd Miss Universe, (Its a long one, read at your own risk and patience, hopefully with a dash of open-mind)

Lets start on the Physical Dimensions of the Pageant:

Venue: Doral, Miami, deemed as Doralzuela by Miss Venezuela herself, having a vast latino population, the odds and advantages may be pretty much in the favor of the Latina Contingents.

Music: This is when I am now starting to hate what I am watching, the beat of the music that you need to walk with is very unusual in a very bad way, I really don't have any idea how the candidates manage to walk with those kinds of beats, in addition, I really feel quite distressed that the music is very latino , (lyrics, beats, melody) I really have this feeling that I am watching Miss Puerto Rico, instead of watching Miss "Universe", its not really as universal as it should???.

Camera Sequence: I notice 2 glitches during the Swimsuit Competition, during the turn of Miss Philippines (try watching it and compare it with how the others were shown) it made me angry, and made me even angrier that of all the girls that this glitch will happen, why to miss Philippines? The other one was to another contestant where the camera was focused on another candidate (clapper) and not on the walking candidate, I just hate that.

Running Time: a very long 2 1/3 hours is just like forever, it was full of commercials, and the cut in between made the suspense moments very lousy, and spoiled.

Stage: I really cant appreciate how fast were each candidate pass through during the swimsuit comp. its not because they are fast walkers, but it is because of the very short distance that they will walk at, I didn't even get a chance to look closely and observe the pasarela of each candidate.

Lets go to the deeper facets of the pageant

Top 16 Candidates: The line up was is impressive by the fact that it is unusual, it is a mix of expected and unexpected entrants.

Top 10: I am now starting to wonder why USA and Netherlands made it??

Top 5: Whats with Netherlands?

Two question and answer segment: I don't know why, I think having 2 segments of Q&A on the same cut group of contestant is killing its purpose, why not have the first segment on top 10, then the next on top 5?

No showing of scores: One of reasons why Miss Universe incurred decreases in ratings since 2010 because viewers cant quantify the transparency and credibility of the results?

Upsized Miss USA 2014: Its a total pegging of the show but why did they not adapt the save the queen, that would have been a tasteful twist right?

Results: I'm not bitter on Paulina's win, but I really am puzzled why Miss USA was 1st Runner up and Jamaica was 5th despite of specific and on point answers, and to why Miss Netherlands who barely answered the question (a very unbecoming thing to happen on a usual miss universe show) got a higher spot.

Non-pageant Related Considerations: The quest for harmony in wealth and raise in popularity and fame is still a pressing influence in The Miss Universe, linkages, affiliation, interests, it is very sad that these tarnish the beautiful essence of pageants, leaving nations who take this art so serious forsaken.

ALL IN ALL: I must say that this edition of Miss Universe is by far, one of the most problematic editions I've seen so far, i did not even feel the rush of completely watching it or even watching it again unlike most miss universe editions(to your information, even the ones where Philippines did not make it), next year is an avenue for improvement, I hope they should just walk by that way, for the better.

Paulina Vega crowned Miss Universe 2014

Colombia's representative, Paulina Vega crowned Miss Universe 2014/2015 at the FIU Arena, Doral, Miami Florida, held Sunday, January 25,2015.

Complete winners are; Jamaica 4th runner-up, Netherlands 3rd runner-up, Ukraine 2nd runner-up and 1st runner-up USA.

After almost 57 years of dreaming the crown Colombia have it tonight. The last time they had the Miss Universe crown was way back 1958 won by Luz Marina Zuluaga. Colombia had almost the crown in the years 1992 Paula Turbay, 1993 Paula Betancourt, 1994 Carolina Gomez and 2008 TalianaVargas where they placed 1st runner up.

Vega was able to impress the judges with her answer to the facebook question "What is the greatest contribution of your country in the whole world?

Miss Universe 2014 Live Updates

88 women started of by introduction themselves wearing their national costume followed by the introduction of the judges. 

Announcement of Top 15 here they are;

Top 15


Top 15 competed in swimsuit after which they were narrow down to Ten;


Miss Congeniality is Miss Nigeria
Miss Photogenic is Miss Puerto Rico
Best in National Costume is Miss Indonesia

Top 5 announcement;


Question and Answer will be next. They will be asked by the judges and after which they are going to answer one question.

Final question was the one submitted from Facebook by Maria Fernandez Navarro, What is the greatest contribution of your country in the whole world?

4th runner-up - Jamaica
3rd runner-up - Netherlands
2nd runner-up - Ukraine
1st runner-up - USA
Miss Universe - Colombia

Miss Universe 2014 Live Streaming

Miss Universe 2014 will take place in International University Doral, Miami Florida on Sunday, January 25, 2015 8-11pm Eastern Time.



January 25,

8:00 PM (Eastern)

7:00 PM (Central)

5:00 PM (Pacific)


January 26

2:00 AM


January 26

4:00 AM


January 26

9:00 AM

Click the link provided below to watch the live streaming. Enjoy!

The Pageant Queens Miss Universe 2014 Final Hot Picks

Miss Universe pageant is a riveting and unforgettable event about the persistence of pageantry and the essence of what it means to be a beauty queen!

Confidently Beautiful!

Every year we celebrate this imeldific event in the universe, 88 women from around the world gathered and vie for the most coveted crown.

These ladies have been touring all around Doral, Florida showcasing what they've got to bring home the crown. They've been in different cultural shows, charity events, etc. From these 88 gorgeous women only 15 of them will advance to the final competition come final night and one will emerge victorious at the end of the show.Who would be those lucky ladies? That's what we do not know yet! So, without much ado, we present to you our picks for the 63rd edition of Miss Universe pageant.

Honorable mentions;

30. Egypt
29. Guyana
28. El Salvador
27. Kosovo
26. Italy

Bubbling Up;

25. Poland
24. Malaysia
23. Thailand
22. Singapore
21. Curacao


20. Puerto Rico
19. India
18. France
17. Argentina
16. South Africa

And our Top 15 picks are;

Miss Universe 2014 Picks by Miss TPQ Universe 2014

My top 15 in particular order (based from the preliminary performance, Photos, and including personal and biased taste)

1. I forgot to consider the socio-economic-political relations of miss universe to some delegates(I personally believe it exists), where if considered, would have included Venezuela and USA in the list.

2. I don't go well with the long lists and thick pages of beauty by convention, so you may find my top 15 quite unusual.

3. Finally, As Miss TPQ-Universe, I just want to share, just like what everybody is doing, my personal choices for the much awaited top 15 of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant. 

Final Note: These are those who performed very well during the preliminaries.

Almost there;

16. Venezuela
17. Spain
18. Georgia
19. Angola
20. USA 
21. S. Africa
22. Thailand
23. Indonesia
24. Kosovo

Miss Universe Final Picks

Here is my Top 16 for this year's Miss Universe.  (Alphabetical Order) I have dropped some performers from my Top 16 list to make way for some crowd favorite candidates during the preliminary. So basically, these picks are based on their preliminary performances and impact to the audience and sash factor as well. Some heavy favorites did not perform well during the preliminary competition but I have to include them on my picks. So here we go!!

1. ARGENTINA, Velentina Ferrer - Her performance during the preliminary was great. Not to mention her beautiful face and sexy figure. I will be very happy to see her in the semis. 

2. BRAZIL, Melissa Gurgel - She is beautiful and we cannot deny that. Her catwalk is really good. But, I think her performance during the preliminary was a bit reserved or should I say she played it safe. I was expecting a superb performance (Miss Brazil 2014 performance) from her but I did not see it. I compared her Miss Brazil performance and Miss Universe and I can say that her performance during the National pageant was a lot fiercer and full of confidence.

3. COLOMBIA, Paulina Vega - Probably the strongest delegate ever sent to Miss Universe pageant after Taliana Vargas in 2008. She is beautiful, tall, and sexy. Honestly, I did not include her in my original Top 15 list because her performance during the Long Gown competition was too plane and she's like holding something back. And before I forgot, she should change the shade of the foundation that she is using. It's too light on her. I included her in my Top 15 now because she is a crowd favorite during the preliminary and I think the judges liked her. 

4. COSTA RICA, Karina Ramos - Ohhh! I so love this girl. Her performance during the preliminary was really amazing. She is full of confidence and you can really see that she is enjoying the whole show. I hope the judges noticed it too. Her face is so beautiful. I would really love to see her in the final 5.

5. ECUADOR, Alejandra Argudo - I don't know but seems like there is a problem on her face that I can't figure out. But I can't really deny the fact that she is very beautiful and the performance during the preliminary was wow plus she speaks straight English and I really liked how she played with her yellow green gown. I wouldn't really mind if we see another Constanza Baez in the Top 5.

6. INDIA, Noyonita Lodh - India is really back in the game. After seeing her performance, I can really say that she is an upgrade from last year's Manasi Moghe. I am sure this girl will continue India's streak.

7. JAMAICA, Kaci Fennel - Beautiful and tall. But her performance was too reserved. Another crowd favorite. She will surely penetrate the semis.

8. MEXICO, Josselyn Garciglia - She is beautiful, tall, and sexy. Her performance was good and I can say that she is a total upgrade from last year's Cynthia Duque. See you in the finals!

9. PHILIPPINES, Mary Jean Lastimosa - This girl is really amazing! Her pasarela is beyond perfection. Her performance during the preliminary was outstanding. I wouldn't really mind seeing a 5-peat for the Philippines this year and eventually win the crown. She is a total package.

10. PUERTO RICO, Gabriela Berrios - I love this girl because she is confident and beautiful. Her preliminary performance was okay. I really want to see her in the semis and she will pull a surprise.

11. SERBIA, Andjelka Tomasevic - Another beautiful girl. I believe Serbia sent a right girl this year. She will make it to the Top 15 and if she will do well in the swimsuit, she will surely make it to the Top 10 and I will leave it to the judges. I hope she will improve her walk. 

12. SOUTH AFRICA, Ziphozkhe Zokuha - This girl is beautiful and her walk is a lot better than Rolene Strauss (Miss World). She is in the right competition. But I hope she gets rid on that bun hair style. It doesn't suit her. I like her hair during the swimsuit competition because it brought out the best in her. You go girl!

13. SPAIN, Desire Cordero - 2-peat this year? Possible! Her performance was great but I am a bit nervous about her placing in the Top 15 knowing that she has a tattoo on her right leg. Nevertheless, this girl is gorgeous. 

14. UKRAINE, Diana Harkusha - When I watched a video of Ana Andres saying she can't compete in the Miss Universe, I did not like Diana because her aura was too plane and there is nothing special. But, when she arrived in Miss Universe she changed a lot. And after seeing her performance I am convinced that she can pull a surprise in the finals if she'll make it to the semis.

15. USA, Nia Sanchez - I did not include her in my original top 15 list because her performance was too plane and there is nothing special about it. But since Miss Universe is held in her country, I know she will make it. She is beautiful and that is it. For me, during the preliminary she looks old. I think she should change her make up for the finals and hope she improves her pasarela.

16. VENEZUELA, Migbelis Castellanos - This girl is a disappointment to all of us. She is beautiful but, her body is way too big for a MISS VENEZUELA who is competing in Miss Universe!!! Again, I did not include her in my Top 15! I wondered why Osmel Sousa allowed her to compete. Venezuela is known for being the most prepared country when it comes to Miss Universe but this year, is a big mess for them. I really like Mily during her Miss Venezuela days. She looks young, fresh and beautiful. She will make it to the semis but will have a hard time, entering the Top 10.

That is my FINAL PREDICTION for this year's MISS UNIVERSE pageant. I did not rank them accordingly anymore because Miss Universe is the most unpredictable pageant in the entire world. Anything can happen though! Good luck to all the girls competing this year!! heart emoticon

These girls might pull a surprise (Make the cut).... 

1. THAILAND, Pimbongkod Chankaew - She is tall and beautiful and a crowd favorite. But I think she is too skinny and I can't feel the determined attitude on her. About her catwalk was fine but I think she could have done better. But I know Thai fans are so happy with your performance. 

2. ITALY, Veronica Bonariva - I see a 50% Irene Esser on her aura. She played the competition well. If she makes it to the Top 15, say thank you to Yamamay.

3. ARUBA, Digenne Zimmerman - Her performance was full of energy and she is also beautiful. I wouldn't mind seeing her placing in the Top 15. But, I am a bit doubtful because her sash is too weak.

4. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Kimberly Castillo - She is a performer and tall. I do not like her nose. It's so distracting! If she makes it to the Top 15, good job!

5. GUYANA, Niketa Barker - Beautiful and a performer. But during the preliminary she looks sleepy. I want to see her in the top 15 but her sash is too weak.

6. HONDURAS, Gabriela Ordonez - Beautiful face and a bubbly personality. Did you see how see reacted when she's walking down the stairs with her gown? It was too cute. But, she is playing it safe. I want to see her bubbly personality on stage but she did not show it. Her performance was okay. I hope she makes it.

7. TANZANIA, Nale Boniface - Her performance was amazing. I am impressed. I would be very happy to see her placing in the semis after Flaviana Matata in 2007.

8. INDONESIA, Elvira Deminavira - An upgrade from last year's Whulandary. Her catwalk is good but she is stiff when doing it and she is applying too much force when twirling. Her styling is bad during the preliminary. But she could really place.

9. RUSSIA, Yulia Alipova - Tall and beautiful. Her performance was good but something is missing. If she makes the cut, I hope she will fill the missing piece that I am looking for. You can do it, girl!

The New Miss Universe Crown

Introducing the new MISS UNIVERSE CROWN!

88 contestants from around the world revealed the new Miss Universe crown by pageant sponsor D.I.C. The creation of this new crown marks the beginning of a decade long relationship. D.I.C. will also make crowns for the next Miss USA and Miss Teen USA titleholders.
The new crown was designed to blend the Czech roots of D.I.C. with the beautiful skyline of New York City, home of the Miss Universe Organization and its titleholders. Craftsmen spent over 3,000 hours to create this beautiful and timeless crown with a very unique infrastructure, inspired by design elements of various royal crowns throughout history. The crown symbolizes and expresses the beauty, stability, confidence and power of women around the world.

At 411 grams, the crown has an estimated value of $300,000. It has 33 natural translucent and colorless Bohemian crystals, 5 large light blue topaz stones, 198 dark blue sapphire stones and encrusted with 311 small polished diamonds. The 2cm base consists of 18-karat white gold strip.

Miss Universe National Costume Finalists

So, it's official! These are the five finalists for the Miss Universe National Costume fan vote. Help your favorite country to win the Best in National Costume award by tweeting #MissUniverse and the country #MissArgentina #MissCanada #MissGermany #MissIndia #MissIndonesia

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