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A Share of Thoughts!

The Miss Universe 2014 coronation night has just been concluded. 

The quest of the Philippines for either sustain the TOP 5 winning streak for the 5th consecutive year nor for the 3rd Miss Universe crown was not achieved but thankfully our girl Miss Mary Jean Lastimosa reached up to the TOP 10 finish. 

What happened? 

What went wrong for our candidate whom many of us believed to be the strongest and the most passionate Miss Philippines in recent years to represent us in the most prestigious international beauty pageant of the world - the Miss Universe pageant? 

Was it about the gown or simply the judges gave higher scores to other girls to advance for the TOP 5 placement? 

What if Miss Philippines wore the pink Almodal gown which obviously would make her look taller, sexier and smoother onstage? 

Will it make difference into catapulting her to the Final 5? 

Well, MJ is a total fighter and she came in the competition with the strong determination and dedication that she will be the next Miss Universe after her 3 admirable attempts in the national pageant - the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. 

Unlike Bianca Guidotti in the Miss International 2014 pageant and Yvethe Santiago in the Miss Supranational 2014 pageant, Miss Mary Jean Lastimosa seemed to have the courage to choose her own wardrobe preference against the so-called "Mahiwagang Baul ni Madaam" and MJ seemed secretly supported by some Filipino designers with beautiful dresses. 

From the alteration of some Filipino designer of the controversial white gown by Colombian Alfredo Barraza into courageously deciding to wear a beautiful flowy gown by Filipino designer Leo Almodal during the final rehearsal because the altered gown became so stiff for her, many believed and instantly got excited that she will finally be wearing a fabulous Filipino-designed gown in the finals. 

BUT what happened? 

A lot of anticipating Filipino pageant fans were shocked and disappointed to see her wearing the altered gown during the crucial evening gown competition which appeared a bit stiff for her and many believed had hurt her chance into becoming one of the 5 finalists.

Why did she stick to wearing the Barraza gown in the end? 

Was it about the fear of the rumored dethronement once they get back to the Philippines beacause she refused to wear the provided gown? 

Was it the fear that her refusal might affect Madaam Stella's relation to her camp? 

Or was it simply because of showing respect to the will of Madaam Stella Marquez whom she and a lot of beauty queens considered to be their Fairy Godmother in the Philippine pageantry after winning Binibining Pilipinas titles? 

How influential is Madaam Stella Marquez and her words that could seem turn our girls and their mentors 'voiceless' for what they exactly wanted in their respective international stints and appear to be YES-Madaam people for Mrs. Araneta? 

Don't get me wrong guys but I do have BIG SALUTE to Madaam Stella Marquez-Araneta and still believed that our country would have not been considered as another pageant powerhouse without her in our quest for the world-class Filipina beauty queens every year.
BUT I also believed that as Filipinos we could also share great help especially our top-caliber designers if she opened her heart again for our pageant fans who are willing to help her unconditionally. 

I am really serious and hoping that our failure to achieve the 5th winning streak in the TOP 5 or the winning the 3rd Miss Universe for our country the Philippines this year will open door for the Binibining Pilipinas organization and the Filipino designers to see each other's importance into building a great team for our next Miss Philippines to shine with total caliber in her international stint. 

Tama na guys ang katagang nasa "pagdadala lang yan". 
Iba na ang magaling magdala tapos maganda pa ang kasuotan. 

If Miss World-Philippines, Miss Philippines-Earth and Mutya ng Pilipinas can consistently provide their girls with winning and fabulous gowns every year then it is time for the Binibining Pilipinas through world-class Filipino designers as simple as that.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to you our dear Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa and THANK YOU for making the Philippines successful in the Miss Universe placement for 5 years in a row since 2010. 

NOTE : Just an opinion guys. Just citing things which I believed could be helpful for us in the next pursuit for the international titles and crowns. 




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