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Miss France, drops some names after Miss Universe 2014 pageant

reBlog By: En Nepomuceno

"Venezuela and Philippines had nothing to do in the Top 10"

So, Miss Universe is over and it's time for more controversy and revelation! 

Jamaica should have won!

Miss Universe should be Miss Latina Universe!

Miss Russia is rich and she doesn't need Trump's money... 

Miss Universe France 2014

These are some of the few things happened in this year's Miss Universe pageant. Last year, there was this revelation from Miss Universe Mauritius 2013. According to her, all small countries were ignored and being set aside. Another thing is that, Miss Universe contestants never go out and everything were all dramas, that the org only take some girls to different places and not all. Even pretended that they were having fun and dancing but the reality is... those were taped and scripted. Well, those are just some of the notable things she said and she's the only girl who ever revealed that. Are we gonna believe it? If that's the case then, why Miss Universe is still in the running? Should all these countries who were being ignored stop sending delegates instead, and only those who received special treatment should continue?!

Well, that was last year. And here's a new dramas from this year's Miss Universe pageant.

Camile Cerf, Miss Universe France drops names and made some revelations! Here's some script with her interview from Le Figaro ( A french news paper ).

"I did my make-up and styling alone."

How was the Miss Universe pageant during the final night?

"On the same day of the finals night hours before the show, we were already set for everything. So we head to the backstage to get everything done. When I was about to have my make up and hairstyle done, I kinda had a difficult time. I went to an empty chair for the stylist to do it, but he didn't want me to sit there because he was expecting for Miss Costa Rica. The same thing happened to me with another makeup artist who said he was available for Miss Spain. So, I said, "Well I'll do my makeup then." So, I did my makeup and my hair. About an hour after the show began on NBC, we already knew who the fifteen girls were, and gladly I was part of it."

When the Top 10 was announced and you realized you didn't make it, what did you feel?

"I made my own top 10 in mind, where I did not have myself included. But after, seeing one that was not chosen, the I told myself that I had myself. But before the top 10, several of us girls did not understand why others didn't make it... Costa Rica, for example. Conversely, Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela had nothing to do in the Top 10. Miss Jamaica, the fourth runner-up was so original and that she deserved to win."

There you go! It's you to decide whether you would believe it or not.

Source: Le Figaro France


  1. If any of the girls stole a spot in the top 15 it is her (and Italy), maybe Costa Rica would have placed instead of her and might have given Venezuela & Philippines a tougher fight for the top 10.

  2. actually you made it to the top 15 because of what just happened in France ... I feel so sorry about the Charlie Hebdo incident don't get me wrong.. -- but you didn't even deserve the top 15 spot.. should be costa rica or even mexico...

  3. Yah I agree with you anon 5:24
    Mexico should have been in your place during that time.
    Philippines and Venezuela are way better than UK and Neatherlands. Philippines just had the wrong gown, but she's damn gorgeous I like her personality. And she's the very first to help Miss Puerto Rico. So sad for her. If she had only made it to top 5 I'm sure she's gonna nail the answer.


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