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Miss Universe Final Picks

Here is my Top 16 for this year's Miss Universe.  (Alphabetical Order) I have dropped some performers from my Top 16 list to make way for some crowd favorite candidates during the preliminary. So basically, these picks are based on their preliminary performances and impact to the audience and sash factor as well. Some heavy favorites did not perform well during the preliminary competition but I have to include them on my picks. So here we go!!

1. ARGENTINA, Velentina Ferrer - Her performance during the preliminary was great. Not to mention her beautiful face and sexy figure. I will be very happy to see her in the semis. 

2. BRAZIL, Melissa Gurgel - She is beautiful and we cannot deny that. Her catwalk is really good. But, I think her performance during the preliminary was a bit reserved or should I say she played it safe. I was expecting a superb performance (Miss Brazil 2014 performance) from her but I did not see it. I compared her Miss Brazil performance and Miss Universe and I can say that her performance during the National pageant was a lot fiercer and full of confidence.

3. COLOMBIA, Paulina Vega - Probably the strongest delegate ever sent to Miss Universe pageant after Taliana Vargas in 2008. She is beautiful, tall, and sexy. Honestly, I did not include her in my original Top 15 list because her performance during the Long Gown competition was too plane and she's like holding something back. And before I forgot, she should change the shade of the foundation that she is using. It's too light on her. I included her in my Top 15 now because she is a crowd favorite during the preliminary and I think the judges liked her. 

4. COSTA RICA, Karina Ramos - Ohhh! I so love this girl. Her performance during the preliminary was really amazing. She is full of confidence and you can really see that she is enjoying the whole show. I hope the judges noticed it too. Her face is so beautiful. I would really love to see her in the final 5.

5. ECUADOR, Alejandra Argudo - I don't know but seems like there is a problem on her face that I can't figure out. But I can't really deny the fact that she is very beautiful and the performance during the preliminary was wow plus she speaks straight English and I really liked how she played with her yellow green gown. I wouldn't really mind if we see another Constanza Baez in the Top 5.

6. INDIA, Noyonita Lodh - India is really back in the game. After seeing her performance, I can really say that she is an upgrade from last year's Manasi Moghe. I am sure this girl will continue India's streak.

7. JAMAICA, Kaci Fennel - Beautiful and tall. But her performance was too reserved. Another crowd favorite. She will surely penetrate the semis.

8. MEXICO, Josselyn Garciglia - She is beautiful, tall, and sexy. Her performance was good and I can say that she is a total upgrade from last year's Cynthia Duque. See you in the finals!

9. PHILIPPINES, Mary Jean Lastimosa - This girl is really amazing! Her pasarela is beyond perfection. Her performance during the preliminary was outstanding. I wouldn't really mind seeing a 5-peat for the Philippines this year and eventually win the crown. She is a total package.

10. PUERTO RICO, Gabriela Berrios - I love this girl because she is confident and beautiful. Her preliminary performance was okay. I really want to see her in the semis and she will pull a surprise.

11. SERBIA, Andjelka Tomasevic - Another beautiful girl. I believe Serbia sent a right girl this year. She will make it to the Top 15 and if she will do well in the swimsuit, she will surely make it to the Top 10 and I will leave it to the judges. I hope she will improve her walk. 

12. SOUTH AFRICA, Ziphozkhe Zokuha - This girl is beautiful and her walk is a lot better than Rolene Strauss (Miss World). She is in the right competition. But I hope she gets rid on that bun hair style. It doesn't suit her. I like her hair during the swimsuit competition because it brought out the best in her. You go girl!

13. SPAIN, Desire Cordero - 2-peat this year? Possible! Her performance was great but I am a bit nervous about her placing in the Top 15 knowing that she has a tattoo on her right leg. Nevertheless, this girl is gorgeous. 

14. UKRAINE, Diana Harkusha - When I watched a video of Ana Andres saying she can't compete in the Miss Universe, I did not like Diana because her aura was too plane and there is nothing special. But, when she arrived in Miss Universe she changed a lot. And after seeing her performance I am convinced that she can pull a surprise in the finals if she'll make it to the semis.

15. USA, Nia Sanchez - I did not include her in my original top 15 list because her performance was too plane and there is nothing special about it. But since Miss Universe is held in her country, I know she will make it. She is beautiful and that is it. For me, during the preliminary she looks old. I think she should change her make up for the finals and hope she improves her pasarela.

16. VENEZUELA, Migbelis Castellanos - This girl is a disappointment to all of us. She is beautiful but, her body is way too big for a MISS VENEZUELA who is competing in Miss Universe!!! Again, I did not include her in my Top 15! I wondered why Osmel Sousa allowed her to compete. Venezuela is known for being the most prepared country when it comes to Miss Universe but this year, is a big mess for them. I really like Mily during her Miss Venezuela days. She looks young, fresh and beautiful. She will make it to the semis but will have a hard time, entering the Top 10.

That is my FINAL PREDICTION for this year's MISS UNIVERSE pageant. I did not rank them accordingly anymore because Miss Universe is the most unpredictable pageant in the entire world. Anything can happen though! Good luck to all the girls competing this year!! heart emoticon

These girls might pull a surprise (Make the cut).... 

1. THAILAND, Pimbongkod Chankaew - She is tall and beautiful and a crowd favorite. But I think she is too skinny and I can't feel the determined attitude on her. About her catwalk was fine but I think she could have done better. But I know Thai fans are so happy with your performance. 

2. ITALY, Veronica Bonariva - I see a 50% Irene Esser on her aura. She played the competition well. If she makes it to the Top 15, say thank you to Yamamay.

3. ARUBA, Digenne Zimmerman - Her performance was full of energy and she is also beautiful. I wouldn't mind seeing her placing in the Top 15. But, I am a bit doubtful because her sash is too weak.

4. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Kimberly Castillo - She is a performer and tall. I do not like her nose. It's so distracting! If she makes it to the Top 15, good job!

5. GUYANA, Niketa Barker - Beautiful and a performer. But during the preliminary she looks sleepy. I want to see her in the top 15 but her sash is too weak.

6. HONDURAS, Gabriela Ordonez - Beautiful face and a bubbly personality. Did you see how see reacted when she's walking down the stairs with her gown? It was too cute. But, she is playing it safe. I want to see her bubbly personality on stage but she did not show it. Her performance was okay. I hope she makes it.

7. TANZANIA, Nale Boniface - Her performance was amazing. I am impressed. I would be very happy to see her placing in the semis after Flaviana Matata in 2007.

8. INDONESIA, Elvira Deminavira - An upgrade from last year's Whulandary. Her catwalk is good but she is stiff when doing it and she is applying too much force when twirling. Her styling is bad during the preliminary. But she could really place.

9. RUSSIA, Yulia Alipova - Tall and beautiful. Her performance was good but something is missing. If she makes the cut, I hope she will fill the missing piece that I am looking for. You can do it, girl!



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