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Miss Universe Pre-Final Picks

By: En

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"I have been following pageants for years, but Miss Universe is the one I have always been waiting for, each year. "

I should have come out with this hours after the prelims yesterday but I had to watch the replay over and over again just to be sure of my picks. I'm still at awe after watching the preliminary competition via live streaming. And after, hemming and hawing I have these ladies, who I think shall place. So, let's now start the ball rolling!


Desiree Cordero, Miss Spain

She's not my favorite girl to win at first not even in my top 5, but with the performance she had yesterday, she did pretty well. Her performance was better than Patricia last year. One thing that might matter is the tattoo she had in her thigh. Well, I could still say, she is a must-to-watch on 25th of January.


Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Philippines

MJ is the very consistent contender I've seen so far. She always bring surprises, a sure top 5 spot is no way out for her. That benign smile she wears always, the body to die for, her perseverance, courage and determination with her down to earth personality will surely conquer the stage of Miss Universe stage.


Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia
I don't get the hyped with her. Yes, she's undeniably beautiful but seems too boring. That's I how look at her before preliminary competition. I am taking back my words for she is a shoo-in for the crown. Watching her yesterday was astonishing. She definitely rock!


Kimberly Castillo, Miss Dominican Republic

She was my favorite even after she arrives at Doral, Florida. But as days passed by she seems lacking an energy. Most of the fans were bothered with her nose but I don't mind it anyway. Her catwalk performance yesterday with charismatic aura will surely bring her to winning the crown.


Melissa Gurgel, Miss Brazil
She was a heavy favorite of mine even wanting her to be with Miss Philippines as the last 2 standing, but yesterday wasn't her best for me after she was crowned Miss Brazil though her performance during preliminary competition was awesome, she's too bubbly and flirtatious I might have been expecting a lot from her. Well, I know she will continue the streak. A huge possible 4 peat for Brazil!

TOP 6-10

Serbia, India, Jamaica, Venezuela, South Africa


Andjelka Tomasevic, After her Top 8 placement at Miss Earth pageant, I have high hopes with her. Beauty wise she undoubtedly conquers them all but with her sash not having that so called "sash factor" a possible semi-finalist finish would be great.


Noyonita Lodh, it's her country's time to shine again. Having that fierceness and exotic features with her superb catwalk skill, and attitude on stage she will place for sure.


Kaci Fenell, she is just awesome. I seldom like short haired girl, that's why I don't entertain her but after watching her yesterday, she is a perfection, her performance was striking. She could be Jamaica's next pride in Miss Universe after Yendi Phillips.


It would be boring without Migbelis Castellanos in the competition, or should I say Venezuela. If she didn't gained weight a sure spot in the top 5 is for sure. Migbelis is venturing an Irene Esser bubbly personality and Dayana Mendoza looks and aura. The venue is her advantage in placing. I don't think she would have Gibson's fate.


Ziphozakhe Zokufa, she did great yesterday but I think she would be having a hard time to please the org with her looks though she's a total black goddess. With her gown and swimsuit looks, I found her mirroring Yityish Titi Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013.

TOP 11-15

These girls surprised me yesterday!

Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexcio, Puerto Rico


Yulia Alipova, she's so fab with those regal gowns! I don't like her tho, but I can't deny that she did well during prelims. 


Rathi Menon, with the help of her mentor Ines Ligron who produced Kurara Chibana, Miss Universe 2006 1st runner-up and Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 (both from Japan) she caught my attention with her performance. Though I was bothered by her gown it really disturbed me. I don't find it classy and regal. 


Another trained by Ines, Elvira Devinamira did an excellent job yesterday. With her fabulous gown, carrying it with full of emotions, it was just perfect for me. But still she needs to do great.


Josselyn Garciglia, she's far better compared to their rep last year. Her winnable charisma on stage should be maintained. She gained my interest so far.


Gabriela Berrios, I am not a fan of this lass, she's a down grade from Monic Perez but she caught me with her personality on stage. She seems so having fun and enjoying every time she sets her foot forward.



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