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Miss Universe Pageant Review

She was already a front runner even before the 63rd Miss Universe pageant started but the night she was standing with Miss USA, Nia Sanchez many would have thought that USA will have its 9th Miss Universe crown, however Sanchez left garnering 1st runner-up to Paulina Vega of Colombia. And as expected she brought home Colombia's 2nd Miss Universe crown after 57 years of waiting. Colombia almost had the Universe crown in the years 1992,1993,1994 and 2008 where they placed 1st runner-up those years.


The 5 finalists answered 2 set of questions, the first one coming from the judges and the 2nd one coming from social media which was submitted via Facebook.

Pacquaio's question to Miss USA

"If you will given 30 seconds to deliver a message to global terrorist what would you say?"

Miss USA was criticized with her answer, she would deliver a message of hope, love and peace which for me an overused answer to many beauty pageants.

GianCarlo Stanton's question to Miss Netherlands

"What is the biggest change you'd like to see for young women for the next generation"

Miss Netherlands said that she wanted to stop child prostitution in the next generation.

Lisa Vanderpump's question to Miss Ukraine

"If you could remove the swimsuit competition from the Miss Universe pageant, would you? Why or why not?

Ukraine said that "it depends on the situation, if it's comfortable why not? I feel comfortable in many things."

Emilio Estefan's question to Miss Jamaica

"One or three women experienced a violence in a lifetime. What can we done to get that number down?

Jamaica's answered was "Time is a global phenomena it does not affect just one nation, and that we as people of the world should work together to prevent it now".

Rob Dyrdek's question to Miss Colombia

"What women can learn from men?"

Colombia's answer "I believe... what a tough question. I believe there's men who believe i equality and that should women learn from men."

What went wrong? Why these girls need to ask to repeat the questions? Well, for me watching on TV, I can't seem to understand what these judges were asking. Nevertheless, these finalist managed to compose themselves and to deliver their thoughts in mind. Netherlands nailed this part.

The Facebook question was "What is the greatest contribution of your country in the entire world?" from Maria Navarro Fernandez


Wonderful influence in the world and that we can always help other countries if they need our help and we could give back as much as we can.


Born and raised in Amsterdam and it's one of the most tolerance(?) cities of the world, and it has a lot of art and history and I'm very proud of that.


We have a very difficult situation in our country and right now the very great contribution is to direct all of our energies to support our army and our people. We have to restore, schools, kindergartens and orphanages.


We have the home to the legendary Bob Marley who contributed great music to the world and other one is that the fastest man alive coming from her country.


I believe that my country has been an example to be followed by the rest of the countries. We are persevering people no matter what else may come in our way and we continue fighting what we want to accomplish. Notwithstanding, many difficulties we have gone through today, of our world leaders in many different matters and I am point proud to represent it before all of you.

Based on their given answers, Jamaica nailed this time. She was too sweet, honest and sincere with her answer yet she ended up 4th runner-up and the crowd went wild with that "BOOOOOOOOOOOO" including Miss Russia on stage where she was escorted to go on backstage. Netherlands, 3rd runner-up, Ukraine and USA as 2nd and 1st runners-up respectively.


From the stage, camera angles, and performances, the production produced a very disappointing show, and kinda boring. The swimsuit beat was very low and lacking of energy, it should have been an energetic one so the ladies could really walk well and go with the beat. The performer even lip sync his performance instead of performing live, why? Gown segment was quite better, however it seemed to be rushed.

I would have loved to see these girls shouting their countries with pride and honor rather than the taped national costume show introduction.


Rounding up the top 16 were, Italy, Indonesia, India, France, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Philippines, Australia and Argentina. These girls performed for swimsuit and 5 will be eliminated. Continuing the Top 10 were, Venezuela, Spain, Australia and Argentina.

The inclusion of USA and Netherlands in the top 10 is a bit shocking though. Italy, India and Brazil had performed way better than they were. It raised many eyebrows.

And the biggest disappointment of the night was the exclusion of Philippines and Spain in the top 5, which was filled in by USA and Netherlands. Many fans around the world were surprised, Spain and Philippines performed a lot better than them.

Philippines was so stunning and brilliant that night, though her gown ( as many believed ) matters why she was excluded. As for me, her gown was better than her predecessors. Spain gave a solid performance. These ladies were aiming for another top 5 finish this year yet they failed to continue.


To sum up, this edition is very far low compared to the previous editions. This one should've been made last year yet as to unknown reason ( gossips, no one wants to host due to budgeting matter ) we had it this year, which we could no longer say it's an annual celebration not unless there would be another Miss Universe pageant this year in the months of, September, October, November or December then Paulina will have the shortest reign. Hopefully, the next edition would be better than this one, seemed being rushed. Nonetheless, congratulations to the winners and the org for providing this show.

Watch the Replay !!



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