Mister United Continents Paraguay: TPQ Exclusive with David Almiron

Name: Pablo David Almiron Jara

Age: 25

Height: 1.82 cm

Country : Paraguay

David Almiron, Mister United Continents Paraguay seems a serious one based on our conversation yet a smart guy. He has been preparing for the competition since he was chosen as his country's representative. David will be competing against over 40 other countries in the forthcoming Mister United Continents pageant in May 30, 2015 at Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City, Philippines.

Describe yourself that most of your friends doesn't know about you?

- I think that's when you are with the right people you feel happy, you feel comfortable, you can be exactly how you really are, so it's difficult to find something that my real friends doesn't know about me.

What website you could not live without?

- Haha, this question is funny, I think nothing is irreplaceable in life. When you can't get something you just have to put an smile on your face and move on to get new achievements in life.

What's your stand on gender equality?

- We are just people in this world, people who wants to be happy, to be love, to make all our dreams come true. So at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, you just have to be honest, responsible, and believe always that everything you want you can get, you just have to work hard on it. we all are equals men and woman, what really matter is how you are as person.

Do you think beauty pageant competitions are addictive, why?

- As anything else in life, always its about your personality and how do you confront situations, if you are weak as person maybe it could be harder for you handle with problems, money, or fame. You need to be conscious about all the things you are doing in your life, which are your goals, and how far will you go to get what you want. Personally I believe that every time you do something you has to put the best of you and never do nothing that will harm other people and maybe most important never do something that will harm you as person. Anything wont be addictive if you are conscious about what you are doing in your mind and your heart.  

How beauty pageant competition change you as a person?

- I don't think it could change you as person, It just help to show how you really are, in a good way, will make you better, will help you to find many parts of you that maybe you don't even know, or will make the parts of you that you already know improve way more. In my case, it just help me to be more focus on all my goals in life, it shows me that I have to work really hard to get what I want, and to prove myself that everything in life is possible when you have good feelings and the right people around you.

What's your chosen advocacy?

- I have to say that I love animals, one of my dreams is having a refuge for them. In these days there are to many people who abandoned  or thrown them on the streets, and that's really sad, because they are the most loyal and loving creatures in the world and the worst part of it is that they depends of  us. They are not like us that can work, have a house or something, you know, and I really want to help people to understand how important is for us to be responsible about them. 
And there is not better way to teach your children to care about others, if you teach him to care about the most helpless animals.

If you would be a king for a day, what's the first thing that you would do?

- Wow, this kinda hard. Never thought about that, I think it doesn't matter what you are, what tittle do you own or if you are president, or something, I mean literally you will have much power and economy resources, but that won't make me happy as person. I mean, too many people around the world having big problems, food, water, sickness, I know that in 1 day is short, but If I were a king just for 1 day, I'll spend the whole day to help others as far i can do. 
I'll need the right people in the right moment, to put a grain of help in this chaotic world.

Thank you David for granting us this interview!

Vote for your favourite Ambassador of Progress

As scheduled, the voting for Miss Progress Internet in 2015 is now available.

Also this year, during the world finals on May 16 (broadcast live at 21.30, Italian time via the web directly from the site the Ambassador of Progress preferred by internet users will be awarded the title of Miss Progress Internet 2015.

You can vote once a day and, paying (only once) the modest sum of $ 2.99, you can assign five votes per day, until the poll closes, which will take place at noon (Italian time) on May 16th.

To express your preference, on this page, just click on the flashing key “Vote here for your favorite Ambassador” and then choose the contestant you want to reward.

Exceptional Guests at Miss Progress International 2015

On the stage of the World Cup final on 16 May, the Ambassadors of Progress will be presented by Justine Mattera and Angelo Mellone. The return of the Wake Up Gospel Project.

Carosino - The Associazione Culturale In Progress announced the gueast cast of the show that will conclude the third edition of Miss Progress International and will decide the name of those who happen to Bolivian Arantza Barba, winner in 2014.
As tradition has it, the final night of the event, which will take place in Puglia from 8 to 17 May this year, will be presented in English and in Italian, because also this year viewers from all over the world can follow the live web thanks to JoTv, media partner.
Justine Mattera, showgirl, actress and TV/radio presenter and Angelo Mellone, manager at Rai, journalist, writer and author.

Justine Mattera 

A major leap forward for the format devised by Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo, who wanted to entrust the delicate role as hosts of the Ambassadors of Progress to two stars of the jet set.

Angelo Mellone

The soundtrack will be entrusted to another great artistic reality of Puglia (Mellone, Roman by adoption, was born in Taranto): the Wake Up the Gospel Project, who delighted the audience also in the first edition with their magnificent performances.

The entire team of the last edition has been confirmed: the choreographer Lino Perrone, Massimo Cerbera as the video producer, the irreplaceable Alessio Di Fonzo and, of course, the beautiful Messapia Hotel which will host the contestants, their carers, journalists and the final grand gala show.
Soon the Cultural Association In Progress will announce the official program of the entire event.
Updates will also be given on the blog directly linked to the website and the official facebook page -- Miss Progress International.

Miss Republic of the Philippines: A look into the past and fast forward to the future

As I attended the Press Launch of the newly-revived Miss Republic of the Philippines, I cannot help but admire the courage and determination of Miss Lynette Padolina for taking on the difficult task of resuscitating a long-dormant brand. As we joked together, I guess the reason is "for the love of pageantry". I told her I represented the young pageant fans, those who lived in this generation and were probably unaware of our retro queens, the ones who paraded with grace and yet kicked ass in the international pageant stage, the former Misses of the Republic of the Philippines, our representatives to the Miss World pageant. I guess we cannot go forward into the future without looking back on the lessons of the past.
From 1966 to 1976, the Miss Republic of the Philippines pageant is the springboard of young hopefuls who want to become Miss World and in a short span of 10 years, boasted of a success rate unmatched by any other organization who handled the Miss World franchise until only recently, when current franchise holder CGQ Global Quest was able to produce our very first Miss World in 2013.

As Miss Lynette asked me "Give them history." Well here it is:
1966 Vivian Lee Austria (official name: Emraida Kelly Kiram). Yes, she is a real Muslim princess.
1967 Margarita Favis Gomez. She got more popular as an model and later a revolutionary in the mountains. RIP Miss Gomez
1968 Arene Cecilia Anas Amabuyok-Fourth runner-up. She was known as the novice who joined a beauty pageant which later turned out to be Untrue. She got noticed because of it nevertheless. She was one of the favorites to win during her year.
1969 Feliza Teresita Nuesa Miro. The woman who defeated Vida Doria. Her victory was hotly contested by the other candidates but she kept her title and went on to Miss World. She later became an actress.
1970 Minerva Manalo Cagatao -Top 15 Semifinalist. A crossover from Mutya ng Pilipinas 1970, Minnie had very long tresses, all the way to her buttocks. One of the few Asian beauties who placed in a historic year where the first Black beauty queen was crowned.
1971 Onelia Ison Jose. Asians were shut-out during her year but the creation she wore made of capiz shells won Best Original Gown!
1972 Evangeline Rosales Reyes-Top 15 Semifinalist. The other Evangeline, as they say. Some say that the Karilagan model was the prettier one. Needless to say she had her own success during her year.
1973 Evangeline Luis Pascual -First runner-up. Who could ever forget her? She was almost our first Miss World. No matter what version we might hear of reason for her refusal to take over the responsibilities of dethroned Miss World Marjorie Wallace, we still love her.
1974 Agnes Benisano Rustia. She competed in a tumultuous year where the eventual winner Helen Morgan was also stripped of the title like her predecessor.
1975 Suzanne Talam Gonzales. Suzanne later became a popular actress, and was a very effective villainess.
1976 Josephine Salazar Conde. The brave Miss Philippines who withdrew to protest against the two-Miss South Africa Policy at Miss World. Later on that policy would get abolished.

Other famous alumni of the pageant were Elizabeth Oropesa (1972 Miss Luzon), an award-winning actress, Anna Bayle (1975 Miss Luzon), the first Asian supermodel, and Bessie Badilla (1975 2nd Runner-up), international model.

After 10 years, the Miss World franchise was then acquired by Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss RP Lay dormant until it was revived and given a facelift by the new Miss RP Team headed by CEO Miss Lynette Zamora and managed by National Director Edu Pillora.

The new Miss Republic of the Philippines is a competition which awards scholarship for college and graduate schools tom deserving young Filipinas beetween the ages of 17 and 24. Miss Republic of the Philippines will travel extensively and promote her particular platform of choice. This contest is open not just for Philippine-based Filipinas but also Filipinas from overseas Filipino communities, single, age 18 at the time of the competition and must not be 25 by October 2015; natural-born females who have never given birth, at least high school graduates, at least 5'4" tall with at least one direct Filipino grandparent.

Screening: May to July 2015

For inquiries, email and Special thanks to Mr. Tony P for the interesting bits and pieces of info.

Farmers Market Day Tour with Binibinis Pia and Hannah

Beautiful and articulate queens Miss Universe Philippines 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner-up Hannah Ruth Sison were the designated tour guides for the Farmers Market Day Tour for local food bloggers and media. TPQ was there to capture Pia and Hannah and action as their hosting skills were put to the test and I must say they killed it!
For the complete set of photos for the event, please click here: Farmers Market Day Tour with Binibinis Pia and Hannah
View the videos here: Pia and Hannah Introduction
Pia and Hannah Frosting Cupcakes

Here's the Official Press Release for the Farmer Market Day Tour:

There is nothing quite like a delectable dish made out of the freshest, locally-grown produce that one can find at the one and only Farmers Market. A recognized landmark in the heart of the Araneta Center, Farmers Market retains its 40 year distinction as an undisputed benchmark and source for fresh seafood, best cooking ingredients and food choices in the metro. Truly a market like no other in the world, Farmers Market will hold its first FARMERS MARKET DAY TOUR. This is in participation to the month-long gastronomic feast “Flavors of the Philippines” by the Department of Tourism. The tour around the world-class market will be Araneta Center’s contribution to the festival of food-related events and activities which aims to introduce the Philippines as the gourmet capital in Asia.
Farmers Market will also be hosting the market day tour on April 23 for the elite chefs featured on Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 -- the most anticipated gastronomic event will bring together renowned culinary experts from Spain and the Philippines sharing history and culture in a single culinary stage. Members of international media will be present to cover the Chefs’ Market Day Tour.

Farmers Market will be the apt venue for these events as it gives premium to the quality and variety of goods and products. It boasts of the widest array of seafood available, flown in daily from various fish ports in the Philippines. The live seafood section at Farmers Market elevates the experience of shopping for sea produce due to the fresh choices available, plus one can glimpse through the giant aquariums of Fishmoko and choose from the freshest catch of the day varying from live fish, crabs, shellfish and other products from the country’s bountiful sea.
At the organic section, one can pick ingredients from the wide assortment of fruits and vegetables grown chemical-free and pesticide-free to prepare healthy meals for the whole family. Aside from fresh farm produce, items such as specialty and gourmet coffee, local delicacies, and native products are also available in the dry goods section of the market. Along its arcade, customers can choose from the tempting display of pastry products and other gastronomical treats while browsing through a wonderful array of essential cooking implements sold at bargain prices. For those craving to get a taste of healthy Asian fare, Alex Sea Delicatessen offers customers fresh sushi and rolls, while unique Korean and Japanese goodies are available at the Masan Grocery.
Market goers can also enjoy their purchases right away at the Dampa- a food court inside Farmers Marketwhere one can have their fresh market goods prepared, choosing from the endless culinary possibilities that will satisfy their cravings.

Farmers Market has earned recognition for its cleanliness and world-class standards which professional chefs, home cooks, culinary aficionados, and certified foodies will surely discover as they stroll down its spacious aisles. True to its commitment to promoting the highest culinary standards, Farmers Market is also home to the Center for Culinary Arts and has helped budding chefs learn modern techniques in creating culinary masterpieces. While modern conveniences such as pushcarts are innovations unique to the market, one can still also practice traditional bargaining techniques with market vendors for quality goods at reasonable prices. Daily market goers can also do their own FARMERS MARKET DAY TOUR simply by downloading or grabbing a copy of the market day tour map. For a more convenient experience, join the Instagram promo from April 17 to 30 to get a free market survival kit. This will include market shopping essentials such as fan, notebook, pen, canvas bag, and a bottle of drinking water. For more information, visit ###

The Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 Finals Night: A culmination of hard work and love for pageantry

Since its inception last year, the Mister United Continents Philippines conducted numerous screenings around the country for young and distinguished gentlemen to represent the Philippines in international pageants. Most of them are already local titleholders and were representing their own city/municipalities. The rest were from Metro Manila who underwent the rigorous screening process. After several months of callbacks and assessment, 35 gentlemen were finally chosen as official candidates. They were competing in a pageant where physical beauty is not the only major component but the advocacy as well.
The 35 official candidates of Mister United Continents Philippines 2015

The candidates underwent personality development workshops, went to sponsor visits and were groomed to perfection. They were presented to the public via a Press Presentation and a Festival Costume Show last April 7 and a Fashion Gala on April 8. On April 12, a Preliminary and Talent competition were held where they competed in swimwear and formal wear rounds, while the Top 12 in the talent audition performed much to the public's delight. Their scores in the Preliminary competition plus input from Blue Circle Management, the organizers of Mister United Continents Philippines, would determine the Top 20 semifinalists.

Last April 14, 2015 all roads led to the Tanghalang Pasigueno in Pasig City for the finals night of the inaugural edition of Mister United Continents Philippines 2015. 35 young and gorgeous gentlemen from all over the country were chosen to battle it out for the 4 major titles at stake: Mister United Continents Philippines, Mister Universal Ambassador, Mister Real Universe and Mister Global International.

All 35 contestants paraded in their swimwear and formal wear designed by noted designers Rikki Molina, Olan Roque, Rodell Salvador, Edwin Uy and Robert Dimacali, after which 20 semifinalists were chosen.

Prior to the finals night 5 candidates were already fastracked to the semifinals for winning the 5 major subcompetitions:

BEST MODEL - Danilo Magtoto, Jr of Angeles City, Pampanga
BEST IN TALENT - Joven Toledo of Cavite Province
BEST IN SOCIAL MEDIA - Coco Salvacion Evangelista of Davao City
BEST IN ADVOCACY VIDEO - Mark Andrew Baron of Navotas City
BEST IN PHYSIQUE - Ronelle Lutching of Misamis Occidental

The other 15 semifinalists were:

Reynaldo Cataluna of Angono, Rizal
Cris Edwin Navarro of Nueva Ecija
Ricardo de Jesus of Candaba, Pampanga
Hanz Velano of Cebu City
Michael John Lumibao of Filipino Community of the USA
Bon Edouard Quinto of Naga City
Alexis Martinez of Mabalacat, Pampanga
Joshua Ibanez of Consolacion, Cebu
Nikko Abdul of Sultan Kudarat
Jeric Gines of Candon City, Ilocos Sur
Timothy Manalansang of Marikina City
JB Balascopo of Misamis Oriental
Rickson Logaspi of Cordillera
Jay Monasterial of Ligao City, Albay
Rolly Oporto of Cagayan De Oro City

The top 20 once again competed in another round of swimwear and formal wear where the judges will get to choose the Top 12 Finalists. The Top 12 Finalists were:

Reynaldo Cataluna of Angono, Rizal
Cris Edwin Navarro of Nueva Ecija
Ricardo de Jesus of Candaba, Pampanga
Hanz Velano of Cebu City
Michael John Lumibao of Filipino Community of the USA
Bon Edouard Quinto of Naga City
Alexis Martinez of Mabalacat, Pampanga
Joshua Ibanez of Cosolacion, Cebu
Nikko Abdul of Sultan Kudarat
Jeric Gines of Candon City, Ilocos Sur
Danilo Magtoto, Jr. of Angeles City, Pampanga
Mark Andrew Baron of Navotas City

The Top 12 finalists answered the very tough final questions with flying colors (sorry youtube, no viral Q and A fail videos will come from this contest) and the judges had a really tough time choosing the winners but as they say, you win some, you lose some. Here are the official results:
Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 - MUCP Angono Rey Cataluna
Mister Universal Ambassador Philippines 2015 - MUCP Nueva Ecija Cris Edwin Navarro
Mister Real Universe Philippines 2015 - MUCP Navotas Mark Andrew Baron
Mister Global International Philippines 2015 - MUCP Candaba Ricardo de Jesus
1st Runner-up - MUCP Angeles City Danilo Magtoto, Jr.
2nd Runner-up - MUCP Cebu City - Hanz Velano
3rd Runner-up - MUCP Fil. Community of the USA Michael John Lumibao
4th Runner-up - MUCP Naga City Bon Edouard Quinto
Mister Luzon - MUCP Mabalacat Alexis Martinez
Mister Visayas - MUCP Consolacion Joshua Ibanez
Mister Mindanao - MUCP Sultan Kudarat Nikko Abdul
Mister Metro Manila - MUCP Candon Jeric Gines

There was a profusion of special awards that we lost count already. Needless to day, everyone went home happy.

As a media partner from the screening up to the finals, TPQ was a witness to the hard work and dedication of the Blue Circle Management team who made it all possible.

Mister United Continents Philippines is truly a culmination of hard work and love for pageantry. Thank you MUCP and Blue Circle for the trust, and you will always have TPQ's full support even in the winner's campaigns in their respective international competitions.

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FB Group:
IG: ‪#‎thepageantqueensorg‬

Mister United Continents Philippines 2015: The Pageant Queens Official Final Picks

The Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 finals will take place tonight, April 14, 2015 at Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City. 35 official candidates will battle it out for the four titles at stake-- Mister United Continents Philippines, Mr. Universal Ambassador, Mr. Real Universe and Mr. Global International.

Too many handsome men for few titles. Here's our OFFICIAL FINAL PICKS.

Leading the pack are Mister Candaba Pampanga, Mister Naga City, Mister Angono Rizal and Mister Angeles Pampanga. These men are to beat in this competition. Ricardo De Jesus of Candaba Pampanga is oozing with sex appeal plus his malignant smile and tantalizing eyes made him a shoo-in for the main title. Chinito, Bon Quinto of Naga City has the good body built, wit and charisma. Rey Cataluna III of Angono Rizal exudes so much appeal, he is really handsome, surely every girls would chase after him, his sexiness are hard to ignore. Danilo Magtoto Jr. of Angeles, Pampanga has this glowing aura on stage that everybody would love.


*Misamis Oriental - Jay Balascopo
*Benguet - Henry John Pescador
*Tacloban - Edviro Fuentes
*Sorsogon - Ruben Garcia
*Aljon Buenaflor - Dasmarinas, Cavite


*Misamis Occidental - Ronelle Lutching
*Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao - Nikko Abdul
*Davao City - Coco Salvacion Evangelista
*Cavite Province - Joven Toledo
*Candon, Ilocos Sur - Jeric Gines
* Cordillera Administrative Region - Rickson Logaspi
*Nueva Ecija - Chris Edwin Navarro
*Midsayap, North Cotabato - Kevin Dale Jovellano

Minor Titles

2nd runner-up *Marikina City - Timothy Ahmer Manalansang
1st runner-up *Filipino Community of USA - Michael John Lumibao
Mister Metro Manila *Cebu City - Reuter Hanz Velano
Mister Luzon *Navotas City - Mark Andrew Baron
Mister Visayas *Consolacion, Cebu - Christopher Joshua Ibanez
Mister Mindanao *Cagayan De Oro City - Rolly Oporto

Visit our Official Facebook Page : The Pageant Queens

MUCP 2015: Final Picks

By: Aamir Dungog

P.S: This is not the official hotpiicks of TPQ

My final picks has nothing to do with the official final picks of The Pageant Queens as a whole. After I made a careful observation with the candidates these men, for me really stood out from the rest.

The semi-finalists I have chosen are the ones I think has the biggest chance in stealing the limelight tonight from my chosen runners-up and winners. 

Davao City - Coco Salvacion Evangelista
Candon, Ilocos Sur - Jeric Gines
Filipino Community of USA - Michael John Lumibao
Cagayan De Oro City - Rolly Oporto
Mabalacat, Pampanga - Alexis Martinez
Digos City, Davao Del Sur - Dave Kevin Cabrillos
Marikina City - Timothy Ahmer Manalansang
Calamba, Laguna - Victorio Bote


2nd runner-up, Navotas City - Mark Andrew Baron. After failing from last year's Misters of the Philippines, he came in prepared for this pageant. This tall, dark and handsome lad of Navotas is really oozing with sex appeal.

1st runner-up, Midsayap, North Cotabato - Kevin Dale Jovellano. He is the biggest surprise for me. I never thought he would give others a run for their money.The fierceness when he walks on stage and the strong appeal are just some that I noticed from him. Should he toned down his body a bit, then he would surely win one of the titles.


These men might grab the chances of the possible winners that I have chosen. 

Mister Metro Manila - Candaba, Pampanga - Ricardo De Jesus. He is the pro in the competition. The most prepared one, but I found something lacking from him yet he has the biggest chance of winning the Mister United Continents Philippines.

Mister Luzon - Naga City - Edouard Bon Quinto. I really love Bon winning one of the four titles but the competition is very tough. I have him as my top choice in my early picks but changes happened after the pre-pageant activities. Yet, this tall, chinito might ruin one's dream in winning one titles.

Mister Visayas - Angeles City, Pampanga - Danilo Magtoto Jr. As I have said better see him in person before you judge him. The time that he slay the run way you would surely say "WOW". His charisma and appeal are the things you will notice. Basti as called by many can be a termite that will destroy someones chance in having one of the titles.

Mister Mindanao - Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao - Nikko Abdul. He is so regal even walking on the run way. The neatness of his moves and the expensive looks are the things I have noticed. 

Possible Winners

Mr. Global International Philippines, Nueva Ecija - He is the runner-up of June Macasaet in Manhunt Philippines 2012. Had he toned down his body he should have been a shoo-in for the main title. His looks can win any International title.

Mister Universal Ambassador Philippines, Angono, Rizal - Rey Cataluna III. He never failed my expectations since screening. That very charming face made him stood out from the rest. Surely, Rey would do good internationally once given the chance.

Mister Real Universe Philippines, Cebu City - Reuter Hanz Velano. At his very young age, Hanz got everything and he is really in it to win it.

Mister United Continents Philippines, Consolacion, Cebu - Christopher Joshua Ibanez. This gorgeous lad of Consolacion, Cebu is a sure head turner. He exudes so much charisma and appeal that would really shine internationally.

There you have it! I hope you like my personal bets. ;)

Behind the soulful eyes of Mister International Netherlands 2015 Hopeful Peter Valk!

I was doing my usual admin chores when I came across a comment by a woman, advertising the FB page of a handsome young man with expressive eyes named Peter Valk. Curious, I checked his profile and he turned out to be one of the official candidates of Mister International Netherlands 2015. I sent him a quick message and asked him for an interview and some photos to which he graciously obliged.
Now ladies and gentlemen I present to you our featured gentleman, Peter Valk!

Fast Facts:

Name: Peter Valk
City: Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
Profession: HR/Payroll Expert
Height: 6,1 feet - 1.86 cm
Weight: 77.5 kg – 171 LBS
Age: 27
Eye Color: Green with a little brown
Hair: Brown
1. Please describe Peter Valk as a person.
I'm a humble, energetic and a disciplined person. I work hard for everything I do. Nothing comes by without a reason. Take the chances you get and embrace them.

I put a lot of energy in everything that I do. People say that I have some kind of calmness over me. That is why I can easily start a conversation and people come to me to open there heart out to me. I treat every person with respect and you will never see me get high-handed.

2. Do you have a chosen advocacy/charity? Please tell us about it.

My brother has a illness called Cystic Fibrosis. Also known as mucoviscidosis, it is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine. Long-term issues include difficulty breathing and coughing up sputum as a result of frequent lung infections. Dutch researchers are close to cure this illness. They worked hard creating a new gene in the DNA of people which make them very close to cure Cystic Fibrosis. My brother is someone I care about a lot and that is why I support this charity.

3. What's your favorite website/social media page?

Facebook and Instagram. Love these website/apps to promote and share my stories and journey to become Mister International Netherlands 2015.
4. What do you love most about your country that you're willing to share to the rest of the world

The diversity of The Netherlands. The weather is never the same for a couple of days. The people are not the same. The Netherlands is a Multicultural county. All of the different nationalities. The Nature is great. Within a couple of hours you can travel from the sea to big cities, countryside’s, forest etc. And of course Amsterdam. You have to visit Amsterdam at least once in your life. It’s a great city.

5. Describe a very funny dating experience that you’ve had.

I dated a girl once that was very beautiful. I met her in a bar and starting a conversation. The other day we went for a drink an talked some more. During the conversation I found out that the girl was an old classmate of me that wasn’t that pretty then. I was shocked she was the same person. Had a great time with her.

Right now, Peter, along with the rest of the contestants of Mister International Netherlands 2015 are undergoing a series of trainings and workshops on make-up and hair, catwalk, skin care, and public speaking. The Final Night of Mister International Netherlands 2015 is on June 20th.
We wish you the best of luck Peter! Grab that title! TPQ loves you!

Mister United Continents Honduras: TPQ Exclusive with Kilber Gutierrez

 Full Name: Gutierrez Ponce Kilber Benjamin

Age: 24

Height:  1.83 cm

Country:  HONDURAS

Kilber Gutierrez, Mister United Continents Honduras is very active in social media and loves have a conversation with his supporters. You would love him for sure. Kilber will be competing against over 40 other countries in the forthcoming Mister United Continents pageant in May 30, 2015 at Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City, Philippines.

Describe yourself that most of your friends doesn't know?

I am a passionate person with my work with aspiration and goals to achieve

What website you could not live without?

 I could not live without facebook

 What's your stand on GENDER EQUALITY?

I believe that we all have the same opportunity and the ability through the study and the effort

 Do you think beauty pageant competitions are addictive?

It's a job most which demonstrates the capability through the attitude and the presence

 How beauty pageant competitions change you as a person?

Facing public strengthens me and makes me more secure to be able to compete in this cyber world (wrestler)

 Tell us about your chosen advocacy.

My vocation is seer industrial engineer to strengthen my country HONDURAS through my profession and complement it with the modeling field since both are my passion

 If you would be a king for a day what's the first thing that you would do? Why?

I would implement the equality in society and accompanied with respect

 Message to your supporter ---

I hope to share my time with my colleagues in competition and I would like to know more about their countries and their cultures and transmit the beauty of what country HONDURAS is.

Thank you Kilber for granting us this interview.

India’s newest pageant king, Phany Padaraju, Mister India Global 2015

When word got out that Mr. Sandeep Kumar’s Ru-Ba-Ru Organization is staging the Mister India Global 2015 Competition, we all knew it’s gonna be big news: 19 carefully selected finalists from all over India, 5 titles at stake and an impressive prize package, who wouldn't want to be in it?

In the end, after rounds of grueling competition, Phany Padaraju took the top prize as Mister India Global 2015. This is no easy feat since everyone knows India is a hotbed of gorgeous men. In order to stand out you have to be someone special. TPQ reached out to Phany for a short BUT sweet interview in order for us to get to know him a little better.

For starters here's some fast facts about our featured gentleman:

Name: Phany Padaraju
City of origin: Munich
Current location : Based in Mumbai
Languages: German, Telugu, English and Hindi
Height : 6.2
Weight : 78
Body Type : Athletic
Chest : 40
Waist : 31
Hips: 38
Biceps: 16
Thigh round: 21
Neck round : 15
Shoulders: 19
Eye color : Dark Brown
Hair Colour : Black
Complexion : Wheatish
Shoes size : 9
1. Describe Phany Padaraju as a person.
Phany Padaraju is very funny, cool and easy going, yet focused and smart
2. Do you have a chosen advocacy/charity? Please tell us about it.
I always wanted to do something for children. Mostly protect children from misuse,because children are most innocent and helpless who cant protect themselves and trust anyone. I am engaged in NGO program for children in Mumbai already. We encourage children to study and we play with them and teach at the same time. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening you will find me around Juhu Beach.
3. What's your favorite website/social media page?
To be honest i try to spend most of my time in reality with my friends and family, but i like using FB very much now a days and InstaGram too. I suggest others to do same and spend time in reality then online on computer.
4. What do you love most about your country that you're willing to share to the rest of the world?
Tolerance and cultural diversity. This is something one can see in whole history of India. India accepted from Muslim, parsi cultures to European traditions. I feel it is high degree of tolerance and cultural diversity what one can see in one country and therefore i am very proud to say that India is bouquet of cultures and traditions.
5. Describe a very funny dating experience that you’ve had
Well romantic dating would have been difficult but funny, i have couple of them to describe. It was my second date and i was invited for dinner to her place. I took nice bottle of good white wine for nice summer evening. Situation was perfect on her Balcony but my bad fate, i dropped the wine glasses first and my nervousity grew higher and then after few minutes i dropped wine bottle as well

That was most embarrassing and funniest, but breaking of so many glasses brings lot of luck we were together almost like 7 good years

Phany will compete in the next edition of the Mister Global pageant and hopefully be India’s first Mister Global.

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InstaGram: ‪@‎thepageantqueensorg‬

MUCP 2015: Gala Night

         Another successful event of Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 happened last night at Palladium New World Hotel in Makati City, The GALA NIGHT.

The official candidates wore the creations of our very own Filipino designers; Albert Andrada, Edwin Uy, L.A Ardemer, Nere Ku, Olan Roque, Rikki Molina, Robert Dimacali, Rodell Salvador, Sony Boy Mindo and Dickies.

After the candidates slay the run way wearing the different swim wear creations of our notable designers five finalists were chosen; MUCP Angono, Rizal - Rey Cataluna, MUCP Candaba, Pampanga - Ricardo De Jesus, MUCP Cebu City - Reuter Hanz Velano, MUCP Angeles, Pampanga - Danilo Magtoto Jr. and MUCP Midsayap, North Cotabato - Kevin Dale Jovellano.

Danilo Magtoto of Angeles, Pampanga emerged as Best Model.

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