Beauty Pageant an Addiction

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          23 year-old and 5'6" tall, Imogen Mitchell of Ponteland says beauty pageant competitions are like an addiction. She joined Miss Grand United Kingdom in August last year where she went home 1st runner-up, then joined at Miss Earth England in September representing North East and again she was a runner-up.

          In November last year she had the chance to represent UK at the Miss Globe pageant in Albania. She was handpicked by the national director of Miss Globe UK after she was spotted in her two national pageants where she finished second.

          Imogen, competed against over 40 delegates from around the world but luck wasn't seating beside her, so she went home empty handed.

          But Imogen didn't easily give up. This year she applied and qualified to be one of the 30 finalists for Miss Universe Great Britain 2015. She admitted pageants had become something of an addiction.

          “It is, it is addictive, there is something about it, being on stage, it just gives you such a buzz. You think ‘God I really want to do it again.’ It is so much fun. She said in an interview.

If Imogen Mitchell of England felt she was addicted to beauty pageants can we consider these women as a beauty pageants addict too? ( Beauty Queens who joined different major national or international pageants )

Zandra Flores. She joined Miss Philippines Earth 2012, Bb. Pilipinas 2013, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013, Miss World Philippines 2013, Miss Universe Great Britain 2014, Miss Supranational UK 2014 and Miss Supranational 2014.

Paula Bianca Paz. Joined Bb. Pilipinas 2009, Bb. Pilipinas 2011, Miss World Philippines 2011, Miss World Philippines 2013 and Miss Philippines Earth 2014.

Riza Santos. Joined Miss Earth Canada 2006, Miss Earth 2006, Miss World Canada 2011, Miss World 2011, Miss Universe Canada 2013 and Miss Universe 2013


Paulina Malulu. Joined Miss International Namibia 2012, Miss International 2012, Miss Universe Namibia 2013, Miss Universe 2013, Miss World Namibia 2013, Miss World 2013 and Miss Earth 2014.

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