India’s newest pageant king, Phany Padaraju, Mister India Global 2015

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When word got out that Mr. Sandeep Kumar’s Ru-Ba-Ru Organization is staging the Mister India Global 2015 Competition, we all knew it’s gonna be big news: 19 carefully selected finalists from all over India, 5 titles at stake and an impressive prize package, who wouldn't want to be in it?

In the end, after rounds of grueling competition, Phany Padaraju took the top prize as Mister India Global 2015. This is no easy feat since everyone knows India is a hotbed of gorgeous men. In order to stand out you have to be someone special. TPQ reached out to Phany for a short BUT sweet interview in order for us to get to know him a little better.

For starters here's some fast facts about our featured gentleman:

Name: Phany Padaraju
City of origin: Munich
Current location : Based in Mumbai
Languages: German, Telugu, English and Hindi
Height : 6.2
Weight : 78
Body Type : Athletic
Chest : 40
Waist : 31
Hips: 38
Biceps: 16
Thigh round: 21
Neck round : 15
Shoulders: 19
Eye color : Dark Brown
Hair Colour : Black
Complexion : Wheatish
Shoes size : 9
1. Describe Phany Padaraju as a person.
Phany Padaraju is very funny, cool and easy going, yet focused and smart
2. Do you have a chosen advocacy/charity? Please tell us about it.
I always wanted to do something for children. Mostly protect children from misuse,because children are most innocent and helpless who cant protect themselves and trust anyone. I am engaged in NGO program for children in Mumbai already. We encourage children to study and we play with them and teach at the same time. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening you will find me around Juhu Beach.
3. What's your favorite website/social media page?
To be honest i try to spend most of my time in reality with my friends and family, but i like using FB very much now a days and InstaGram too. I suggest others to do same and spend time in reality then online on computer.
4. What do you love most about your country that you're willing to share to the rest of the world?
Tolerance and cultural diversity. This is something one can see in whole history of India. India accepted from Muslim, parsi cultures to European traditions. I feel it is high degree of tolerance and cultural diversity what one can see in one country and therefore i am very proud to say that India is bouquet of cultures and traditions.
5. Describe a very funny dating experience that you’ve had
Well romantic dating would have been difficult but funny, i have couple of them to describe. It was my second date and i was invited for dinner to her place. I took nice bottle of good white wine for nice summer evening. Situation was perfect on her Balcony but my bad fate, i dropped the wine glasses first and my nervousity grew higher and then after few minutes i dropped wine bottle as well

That was most embarrassing and funniest, but breaking of so many glasses brings lot of luck we were together almost like 7 good years

Phany will compete in the next edition of the Mister Global pageant and hopefully be India’s first Mister Global.

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InstaGram: ‪@‎thepageantqueensorg‬

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