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A Closer Look at Kamel Raad: The Very First Mister United Continents

May 29, 2015 was a momentous day for male pageantry as it was the Final Night of the newest international male pageant on the block, Mister United Continents 2015 produced by Blue Circle Events and Management.

17 young, handsome and talented gentlemen from the 7 continents of the world competed, promoting peace, friendship and charity. Ultimately Mister Lebanon Kamel Raad was elected as the first ever Mister United Continents. The Pageant Queens had the privilege of talking to Kamel and know what's on his mind and in his heart.
1. How would you describe Kamel Raad as a person?

Kamel Raad is a hard working person, I love achieving my goals no matter what and loyal to what I believe in. I grew up in a family full of love and respect and accepting others as they are, no one is perfect. We all have mistakes but what is important is what we learn from it and that is my key for success. I enjoy helping others and I care a lot about homeless or poor kids because i believe that kids are the future of this world and if we want better future, better planet we have to start from the bottom which is our beautiful children.
2. Please give us a glimpse of your life in Beirut (family, job, leisure).

In my home country, family is a big deal to me, I have a big family full of love and caring for each other, we meet every Sunday for lunch or dinner and we share our good moments. As for my job, I have good experience in handling responsibilities in any job I get since I started to work at early age because I like to depend on my self. When it comes to pleasure I enjoy my time as much as i can. I am an outgoing person who loves to experience all the fun and benefit from the good moments like partying, social life, traveling, meeting new cultures and sports activities.
3. How did you get into pageants? Who convinced you to give pageants a try?

Getting into pageants was by coincidence, my mother was insisting to try Mister Lebanon as an added experience to me so I did it and I was lucky to get to the finals, this was my first step. and here I am now Mister United Continents which is a great achievement in my life.

4. How long did you prepare for Mister United Continents? What were your preparations for it?

I started to prepare for Mister United Continents since I knew I was going to attend this pageant. That was almost three months before May 29. I already had the shape and good physique so all I did was organizing my things that I need for this competition plus maintaining my good shape.

5. Lebanon is considered a powerhouse of male pageants. Did that add up to the pressure of taking home the title?

Of course Lebanon is well known in organizing pageants with the highest quality and best production. As me representing Lebanon of course I felt the pressure to get this title back home and make my country proud of me and that was my main goal.
6. Throughout the activities you've know your fellow candidates more. who did you think was your best buddy? Your closest competitor for the title?

Honestly, all the candidates were great and polite. I lived with them 15 days and it was enough to gain friends for ever. My best friends were my roommate from Guam his name is Robert and Larry from Dominican republic and Regi from Namibia. but of course I like them all.

7. Let's talk about the final. What were your thoughts on these stages of the final night?

A. The selection of the top 12
B. The selection of the Top 6
C. When you and Indonesia were the last 2 remaining.
The selection of Top 12 was fair but the top 6 was little bit weird to me because I think mister Guam and Mister Dominican Republic should be in because they had good answers on the questions. I felt sorry for them. As me reaching the finals was a great feeling and proud for where I am but still nervous about who is gonna be the winner. Standing next to Indonesia was a tough competition because he had a lot of fans but at at the end only winner one king. That was Lebanon!
7. You gave a great answer in the Top 6 final question. Care to tell us more about it? Are you planning to do the same charity work in your country?

The Top 6 question was not easy at all, but when you answer from the deep of your heart nothing is hard anymore, I love helping others as much as I can specially the kids because I believe that they are the future. educated generation for a better future.
8. As early as now do you already have plans on how to spend your reign?

I have no plans yet but what I have in mind is to enjoy this title as much as I can and make my country proud of me.
9. Your message to the following people:

Your family and friends
Mister United Continents candidates, Sponsors, organizers and staff
The Pageant Queens and all pageant media
Your fans

My message to my family is: I thank God that I have a great family full of love and hope and without them I am sure I couldn't achieve this level in my life. As for my friends thank you all for your support and wishes because you always raise my hope when I am down and be there whenever I need help.

Mister United Continents candidates: I love you all and I really hope to see you again all of you, you made this pageant unforgettable. As for the sponsors , organizers and staff, you did a great job and I am sure the best is yet to come!

The Pageant Queens and pageant media thank you for your effort to share this event with the entire world. You did a great job.

MY FANS: i love you all and thank you for your support and wishes, you made my trip unforgettable, and I am so sorry if I am not replying on all the messages but I am doing my best.

Have a wonderful reign Kamel and we will see you soon!



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