TPQ Exclusive: Getting to know Nomer Yuzon, Mr. Gay World Philippines 2015

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The Philippines has a LOT of LGBT heroes-people who champion LGBT rights and promote equality. One hero in the making is Mr. Gay Philippines Nomer Yuzon who valiantly represented his country in Mr. Gay World 2015. Let's get to know Nomer, his Mr. Gay World journey and his commitment to promoting LGBT rights.

Currently which organization represents Mr. Gay World Philippines and how were you elected as the Filipino representative for this year's competition?
Winstruck Events Production and Marketing is the Philippine's franchise holder of Mr. Gay World. This is managed my Mac Bordallo and Noemi Alberto. Their address is 4K Plaza Bldg. 677 Shaw Boulevard, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. I joined Mr. Gay World Philippines in 2010 and I placed 2nd Runner-up. This year, there was no national competition and I was handpicked by the organizers to represent the Philippines in Mr. Gay World 2015 in South Africa.

Please give us a glimpse of your life before the competition (job, family, leisure)
Before the competition, I was working as a flight attendant for United Airlines based in San Francisco, California. Currently, I teach Speech Communication parttime at Asia Pacific College in Makati City. I also train flight attendant students in Aircraft Emergency Procedures. I am also a parttime actor appearing in some local teleseryes.
What were your preparations for Mr. Gay World 2015 (workout/diet/catwalk/speech lessons?)
I have been active in physical fitness even before the competition. I work out regularly at the gym. I do yoga every Sunday and I am also a member of a Dragon Boat Team under Philippine Dragon Boat Federation. I underwent catwalk training with Kagandahang Flores under Rodgil Flores, and make-up sessions with Gio Flores.

What do you think sets Mr. Gay World apart from other pageants/competitions of its kind?
Mr. Gay World is not a beauty pageant. This is a search for a role model in the LGBT community and a spokesperson for equality. In this competition, they select the winner not only by his physical attributes but more importantly, on how can he represent the LGBT community in our fight for equal rights, fight against bullying, the right to get married, and other global problems that we are facing.
Please tell us more about your advocacy.
My advocacy is "Being gay is OK." Here in the Philippines, being gay is tolerated but not completely accepted. Some people still think that being gay is an embarrassment to the family; that being gay is a sin or a disease; that being gay hinders a person in achieving their dreams and goals in life; that being gay is not OK. And this is what i would like to change, the mindset of the people about being gay - and use myself as an example.

To date the Philippines does not have a Mr. Gay World yet. What do you think are the areas for improvement that future Filipino representatives to this contest could focus on?
It is very hard to identify what areas need improvement. I believe that all of the seven guys who represented our country in MGW since 2009 are qualified and fit for the title. However, we really don't know what the judges are and will be looking for the next winner. I believe that luck has something to do with it as well. Let me just say, to the next Filipino delegate, to just be yourself, have the sincerest intentions and objectives in the competition, be focused, and most importantly, have fun. The title is only a bonus, but the real prizes are the experience and the friendships you will gain during the competition.

What is next for Nomer Yuzon after Mr. Gay World?
I am now back to my normal life - working as an educator, working out, yoga, dragon boat training, acting, and all the other stuff I normally do. But I'm still very much connected with the advocacy i brought to the the Mr. Gay World competition, perhaps more active than before. After meeting all the other delegates from all over the world, I now have more connections from people with the same or similar advocacy and I have the intention to bring it globally. We now help each other in our fight for equality.
Your message to everyone who supported you in your Mr. Gay World journey.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all my friends and family, to my colleagues and to my students, and to those I don't personally know who supported me in this journey to Mr. Gay World. To everyone who voted and cheered for me, thank you! I will never forget this experience and I will never forget all of you.

Thank you, Nomer and we wish you success on your campaign. TPQ loves you!

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