Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama won't join Miss Universe 2015 pageant

12:25:00 PM

After Univision, NBCUniversal and Farouk System canceled their participation in Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama will not send their representatives in this year's Miss Universe pageant.

The Mexican media company Televisa said it would not send a delegate to this year's Miss Universe pageant after Trump's remarks about Mexican illegal immigrants. Mexico is the very first to pull out their contestant in joining the pageant.

Also, Costa Rica decided not to join Miss Universe 2015. Teletica, the organizer of Miss Costa Rica pageant, said that Trump's remarks were "xenophobic and offensive."

Panama joined other Latin American countries to not join this year's Miss Universe pageant. TV channel Telemetro said that they will not transmit this year's contest. This was confirmed after the meeting with the TV Channel's officials with Marisela Moreno, Miss Universe Panama President.

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