Colombia wins Miss Universe

Who Won Miss Universe 2015? Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, Crowned As Winner!

Disaster on Miss Universe 2015 as Steve Harvey announces the WRONG winner - and then Miss Colombia has to take off her crown and give it to Miss Philippines on live television. 

It was a heartbreak and horror as the crown needs to be removed from Miss Colombia who'd been crowned Miss Universe for only 45 seconds. 

Just as Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was blowing kisses and waving to her adoring fans she was informed, on live television, host Steve Harvey had gotten the results wrong. 

Harvey then revealed it was was actually Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who had just been declared first runner up only minutes before, that was the true winner of Miss Universe 2015.

The live telecast ended after the crown was placed on Wurtzbach's head.

It was a terribly an honest human mistake!

Miss Universe 2015 Host Steve Harvey announced wrong winner!

Horrible but best crowning moment ever!

 Miss Universe 2015 ended with host Steve Harvey calling Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner…wherein she was really the first runner-up. And that means that Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach who'd previously proclaimed first runner-up was actually the new Miss Universe.

“I have to apologize,” Harvey said after walking back onstage at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino while Gutierrez who’d already donned the Miss Universe crown and sash took her first walk as the winner. “The first runner-up is Colombia.” 

Cut to Wurtzbach, who’d been standing in the dark on stage with the other runners-up, looking shocked as she realized she’d won.

“I will take responsibility for this,” a chagrined Harvey told the screaming crowd as he held up the card from which he’d been reading. “It was my mistake… I can show it to you right here." ( While he is showing the result on cam ).

"Still a great night. Please don’t hold it against the ladies.” Then he walked away. Gutierrez bent down so the crown she’d been awarded could be removed and placed on Pia's head.

The Filipina beauty queen represented the country after her third attempt in the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. The last the Philippines had won the Miss Universe crown was in 1973 by Margie Moran.

The pageant was held at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas, it's the 64th edition of the annual Miss Universe pageant.

TPQs Final Wonderpicks for Miss Universe 2015

An hour before the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, the event that almost everyone in the world of pageantry is waiting for. Issues before has been sorted out and the venue is at The AXIS, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA with 80 women from all over the world competing for the crown.

11 months since Colombia's Paulina Vega was crowned in January this year in Doral, Florida, USA.

Before we ( including our 15 thousands members ) get into this year's final wonder picks we scored and judged these women since day 1 until the preliminary competition.

Honorable Mention: There could be a lot of surprises this year, maybe more than the usual. Who knows, these ladies will surprise us. Chile did an amazing job during the preliminaries. Indonesia could be a better choice than any latinas. Japan  is not so beautiful compared with the rest of the outstanding delegates but she definitely has the “X” factor, one more thing in the course of the Miss Universe pageant, bad publicity has always been the name of the game. The more controversial you are, the more you are talked about, the more you become noticed and that's what happened to her, she is the first ever biracial crowned Miss Japan. Mexico is one of the strong beauty pageant nations, and they sent a strong representative this year yet she is lacking an energy and she gained weight. Myanmar did an impressive evening gown performance despite what happened, for sure that helps her to be noticed.

Bubbling Up: These are the ladies who might steal the chances of those who are in our Top 16. Thailand's preliminary performance has made everyone’s mind twisted like anything. Consistent contender and a consistent beauty indeed. Uruguay might lack of charisma and elegance but once you laid your eyes on her surely you won't ignore her. India has everything packed with her, the moment she left her country. She has been loved by many but few days before the finals Urvashi is losing her charisma, had she changed a different styling she could give the heavy front-runners a run for their money. Russia has been noticed due to her facial expression during the preliminaries and that made us put in this list. Italy was hot, her performance have made talks somehow.

15 Panama - This girl did everything right especially what matters most. She was amazing during the preliminaries. Surely she will hit bigtime!

Gladys Brandao Amaya

14 France - She is an outstanding lady! Majority of her shots are effortless and one of a kind, her qualities will put her in a very easy track of advancing to the top.

Flora Coquerel

13 Venezuela - Pretty but she somehow looks old. Mariana is an example of elegance her swimsuit performance during the prelims was calm and charming. This lass will definitely make it.

Mariana Jimenez

12 Tanzania - The last time this country made the cut was in 2007. This year they sent a very strong candidate, no turning back this girl will really shine.

Lorraine Marriot

11 Australia - Monika's performance was superb! Talks are scattering in Las Vegas about this lass. The stage loves her so much, her beauty is one of a kind. A crown material!

Monika Radulovic

10 Kosovo
Her beauty is just amazing. Blink your eye…..Mirjeta can change everybody’s list this year.

Mirjeta Shala[

9 Ireland - A doll with less sophistication. Her chances can change depending on how well she did during the panel interview. If her stars will prevail she can make everyone WOW!

Joanna Cooper

8 Colombia - Come On! Miss Colombia will definitely be Miss Colombia. She is such a great contender. A sure fighter. Having Colombia as last year's winner is one of her advantage but that could be a disadvantage too. For sure, she is shaking right now.

Ariadna Gutiérrez-Arévalo

7 Dominican Republic -  Exudes elegance and beauty combined. She is one of the most stunning girls at this year’s pageant. She has this sophisticated vibe to her. 

Clarissa Molina

6 Vietnam - She has gained attention and been an early favourite to win the crown! No doubt this lass will really advance. 

Huong Pham

5 Paraguay Another delegate who flew under the radar during most of the pageant only to come out strong at the end is 22-year-old Myriam Arévalos, making a strong case in her favor with a great showing in the preliminaries. Arevalos did an amazing job! 

Myriam Arévalos

4 USA - Undeniably one of the most stunning contestants! She’ll probably make it through. 

3 PhilippinesWith each passing day Pia seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Some believe she is among those favored by the Miss Universe Organization. If she makes it, there is no doubt that Pia qualifies on her own merits. Many pageant fans were happy seeing her wearing a filipino designed gown. Gown choices have always been a major complaint by pageant fans but this year they were satisfied.

2 BrazilAnother strong beauty pageant nation, Brazil sent a very strong competitor this year. 23-year-old Marthina Brandt was the standout of the preliminary swimsuit competition with probably one of the best, if not the best swimsuit body of all the delegates this year. She also did well during the evening gown competition. 

1 Peru - Since her arrival in Las Vegas, 24-year-old Laura Spoya remained a huge favorite among pageant aficionados, and for good reason: she has one of the most stunning faces of the competition. During the pre-pageant competition she reaffirmed her status as a favorite with consistent performances in both swimsuit and evening gown. 

Spain wins Miss World 2015

"Just because I am beautiful on the outside does not mean I am not beautiful on the inside. I think I should be the next Miss World because I believe in strong women, I also think I have something inside my heart that I always try to give the best of me. I also believe in Beauty With A Purpose and want to continue its legacy. We can find happiness in helping each other". Miss Spain said.

Mireia Lalaguna Rozo of Spain waves after winning the new title at the Miss World Grand Final in Sanya, in southern China's Hainan

Mireia Lalaguna Royo, a 23-year-old professional model from Barcelona, wins the beauty pageant in Sanya, China. She also won the Top Model fast track challenge. While, Sofia Nikitchuk of Russia adjudged as 1st runner-up and Maria Harfanti of Indonesia placed 2nd runner-up and won the Beauty with a Purpose fast track. Completing the top 5 finalists are; Miss Lebanon and Jamaica. 

Below are the answers;

1. Spain

"Just because I am beautiful on the outside does not mean I am not beautiful on the inside
"I think I should be the next Miss World because I believe in strong women, I also think I have something inside my heart that I always try to give the best of me. I also believe in Beauty With A Purpose and want to continue its legacy.
"We can find happiness in helping each other".

2. Russia

 "I think that the main idea of the pagent is Beauty With A Purpose. I want to reach my inner world and show my life and happiness with all people. It's a huge honour for me if I will have the opportunity to do this with the big Miss World family."

3. Indonesia

"I've always been truly inspired by BWAP because it means having the heart to share and always reaching out to the community. I want to reach out to people and share everything that we have with people around us.
"We are so much more than us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made not just to exist in this world but to make a difference"

4. Lebanon

"I think that modesty and love and serenity is what the world needs more these years. Miss world should have these qualifications in order to spread them all around the world. I promise to use all the energy inside me to draw smiles on other faces."

5. Jamaica

 "I am so grateful. My story is one of a little girl whose life was transformed with charity and love and I want to give that back to others."

Miss Universe hopeful Pia Wurtzbach slay the runway

Will she be the next Miss Universe from the Philippines after 42 long years?

Pia, in her Yamamay swim suit during the preliminary competition.

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, tipped as our best chance of a Miss Universe crown since Margie Moran in 1973, has stunned during the preliminary show.

Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach during the introduction

Pia, 26 year-old is an early favourite. She looked radiant during the swimsuit round. Many of her fans were happy seeing her wearing a Filipino designed gown and national costume during the preliminary competition held last December 16, 2015.

Pia during the evening gown competition ( Gown designed by Oliver Tolentino)

She is battling with other 80 beautiful women in the universe.

The finale will be held in Las Vegas on Sunday night ( Monday morning in the Philippines ). 

For the first time in Miss Universe history, fans around the world can vote for their bets real time during the live broadcast through the pageant's website.

Filipino designed National Costume ( Designer: Albert Andrada )

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