Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez will mark their first ever public conversation after Miss Universe 2015 controversy.

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The “Family Feud” host admitted that he never had a chance to talk to Miss Colombia even though he reached out to her.

He was able to say his apology to Wurtzbach and to all the people involved in the pagent, however, he has yet to say sorry about his mistake to Ariadna Gutierrez.

“I haven’t been able to reach out and talk to Miss Colombia. Now, have I tried? Yes. But haven’t gotten a response,” Harvey said.

But it seems that this issue will be ending soon, as Us Weekly reported that Gutierrez is set to have an appearance to Harvey’s show and have a heart to heart talk with the comedienne host.

The site reported that people will soon witness “an airing of grievances” now that Gutierrez agreed to have an interview on Harvey’s show.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the interview will take place on “Steve Harvey Show” and it was scheduled on January 18.

If the interview will happen, this will surely catch a lot of attention since this is Harvey and Gutierrez’ first public conversation after the fiasco that happened last December.

“No one knows, and that information is not in the teleprompter because you’ve got two women standing there,” the 58-year-old said. “I read what was on the teleprompter, then I read what was on the card.”

In Gutierrez case, she admitted that it was not humiliating for her but for her country, fellow Colombians and to all the Latinos in the stadium. She also noted that if this was all for the ratings, then they succeeded bringing Miss Universe to the front page.

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