Miss Universe 2015 1st runner-up, Ariadna Gutierrez invited to White House

11:28:00 PM

After a month when she was mistakenly crowned Miss Universe 2015, Miss Universe 2015 1st runner-up, Ariadna Gutierrez will be having an exciting event.

"Maybe I'll be bigger than Miss Universe."

Gutierrez, said during her interview with Fortune she's been invited to White House for the Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Plan Colombia, the military and diplomatic agreement between U.S and Colombia to help end the traffic of narcotic drugs.

Tomorrow, February 4, 2016 Gutierrez along with other Colombian celebrities, Colombia's past presidents, President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, and past U.S Presidents are invited by President Obama.
She hopes to advocate for a peaceful continuation of U.S-Colombian relations. Her eyes has set on aiding global causes, especially helping the worldwide youth.

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