Miss World 1st Runner-up Sofia Nikitchuk on set for a TV Drama

12:33:00 PM

 “I worked with director Alexei Andrianov when filming my ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project video, and learnt that he was engaged to work on this project in the New Year. I was interested in getting involved and am honoured to be given the opportunity to play such a large role in this series, working with such a talented director.”

Miss World 1st Runner-up Sofia Nikitchuk is currently on set filming a 10-part historical drama show set in 15th Century Moscow.

Cast as Moldovan Princess Elena Voloshanka, Sofia appears in the later stages of the show, as a rival to the shows main character Sophia Palaeologus.

With the working title Sophia Palaeologus, the series takes place in 15th Century Moscow. The show will cover the beginning of the formation of the Russian state, in particular, the marriage of Grand Duke Ivan III of Moscow with the latest heir to the throne of the Byzantine princess Sophia Palaeologus.

“ I have been working with an acting coach based in Hollywood Svetlana Efremova. It has changed my mind and approach not only to the film, but to many situations. I am very grateful to her for what she has invested in me.”

This is Sofia’s first experience in such a large project, and she has spoken of the preparation involved in taking on this challenge.

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