Mister Youth Indonesia: Championing the Potential of the Indonesian Youth Through Pageantry

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There are lots of pageants in the world nowadays, all have their own advocacy and platforms. Some are just a flash in the pan, just good for one edition while some do stay and have the potential to be great someday. Let’s talk about one of those new pageants which have a huge potential to be great, Mister Youth Indonesia.
Organized by Mr. Wahyudi S. Pd’s Indonesian Youth Model in 2015, Mister Youth Indonesia is committed to promoting social, culture and health awareness to the Indonesian youth by way of holding an annual contest for deserving young gentlemen. There are local heats where winning contestants will represent their own locality the national finals. Local heats of Mister Youth Indonesia are proof of the organizations commitment to get the best possible representative per locality. In the national finals, the contestants will compete in formal wear, swimwear and regional costume.

This year the stakes are higher, as the winner of Mister Youth Indonesia 2016 will not only succeed current Mister Youth Indonesia Rudy Surya from Medan City but represent their beautiful country at Mister United Continents 2016 in Manila, Philippines. Local heats are now ongoing and the national preliminary and final competition is on May 26-28, 2016.
You can follow Mister Youth Indonesia on their official website:

You can also follow them through their social media accounts:
Facebook: Mister Youth Pageants
IG : @MisterYouthIndonesia
Twitter : MisterYouth.

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