Who will be the next Miss World Australia 2016?

Miss World Australia 2016 has officially launched! The winner will have the opportunity to compete at Miss World 2016.

The reigning Miss World Australia is Tess Alexander from Brisbane, Queensland. She represented her country at the 2015 Miss World Pageant in London where she made the TOP 10.

Two Australian representatives have won the Miss World title, in 1968 and 1972.

There are no longer swimsuits on the catwalk in Miss World Australia, a pageant boosting its charity focus under the new national director, Deborah Miller, who believes in the event’s motto, “Beauty with a Purpose”.

"Miss World Australia’s mission is beauty with a purpose. Beauty as a means to an end versus beauty for the sake of beauty itself Our contestants will participate along a journey of development, of a philanthropic mindset and heart space. That’s the difference between Ourselves and other pageants", Miller said.

Meet the Miss World Australia 2016 Contestants

Iceland will return to Miss Universe pageant

Ingibjorg Egilsdottir, Miss Iceland Universe 2009

Iceland will return to the Miss Universe pageant this year! Organizers of the newly formed “Miss Universe Iceland” met with members of the Miss Universe Organization to confirm their return.

The winner will be chosen later this year and will represent Iceland at Miss Universe 2016. The last time Iceland participated at Miss Universe was in 2009 with the gorgeous Ingibjorg Egilsdottir who placed in the Top 15.

Anna Geirsdóttir, Miss Universe 1962’s first runner-up.

The competition has been carried out since 1950; in the first year it was called Miss Reykjavík (Ungfrú Reykjavík). Since 1955, the contest has taken place under the current name Miss Iceland. There are six regional preliminary contests in each of the five rural regions and in the capital Reykjavík. 20 to 24 candidates, three to four from each region, take part in the finals.

To date Iceland’s biggest achievement in the Miss Universe competition is when Anna Geirsdóttir won first runner-up during the Miss Universe 1962 pageant.

Miss World Australia 2013 Erin Holland goes POP

Miss World Australia 2013 Erin Holland has formed an unlikely alliance with pop rock singer Krystie Steve, performing together covering Conrad Sewell’s chart topping hit Firestone.

Holland, 27, who picked up the Oceania Continental Queen award at Miss World 2013, is keen to experiment with her musical abilities and hopes to surprise a few people with her latest work, which strays from the classical styles she is known for, and which she showcased at Miss World in Bali.

Speaking about her collaborator on this track, Holland said “She’s pretty much the opposite to me in every which way. She’s got a really fierce look. She’s an incredible singer but is self taught. In a crazy way, our voices complemented each other which you wouldn’t have thought considering we come from such different backgrounds musically.”

Source: Miss World

Forty gorgeous Binibinis flaunt their bodies during the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 Press Presentation

The candidates show their form in  pink swimsuits

With a very high energy, forty gorgeous and stunning young Binibinis from all around the country and the globe displayed their beauty and flaunt their sexy bodies in front of the scrutinizing eyes of the press, beauty pageants pundits, sponsors and stakeholders earlier today at the Novotel Manila Arante Center Cubao, Quezon City. The lovely young ladies' faces was glowing with brilliance.

Bb. Pilipinas 2016 press presentation marks the start of the pageant's major events.

These Binibinis are mix of beauty pageant veterans and novices, professionals and students. And there is a common inspiration from these ladies. They want to duplicate the impressive performances of last year's winners or even a back-to-back Miss Globe and Miss Universe crown.

Also present during the said events were past beauty queens and last year's winners and of course, Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

The coronation night of the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 will be held this coming April 17, 2016 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Photos courtesy of Bb. Pilipinas and Norman Tinio

Puerto Rico's former Miss Universe 2016 was briefly admitted to a psychiatric hospital after losing the crown

Kristhielee Caride who was stripped of her crown as Miss Universe Puerto Rico due to an attitude problem told Univision that she was admitted into a psych 'coz of devastation.

"This situation hit me very hard, I can tell you I got some help because a dark depression came over me. I’m not eating, but it is something that I have controlled,” Caride told Univision.

Caride won the rights to represent Puerto Rico to Miss Universe pageant four months ago but lost her crown last March 17 after she rebuffed the press, telling that she doesn't like cameras.

Desiree Lowry, Miss Universe Puerto Rico national director was embarrased by this incident and said that Caride damaged the her organization.

Now, Caride has plans to sue the organization that turned on her, "(I feel) betrayed by the organization because there was never a moment that I disrespected them," she told Univision. "There wasn't a reason for them to do what they did to me." She also said, she has gotten her depression 'under control'.

Earlier this week Brenda Santiago, Caride's mother said that they will their "truth" to Puerto Rico. She share on Facebook that her daughter's emotional health was her priority.  "If my children fall, the world crumbles for me," she wrote.

Caride apologized to her fans in a Facebook note earlier this month and revealed she had been having personal problems in the day leading up to the interview.

"Beauty queens are not exempt from having a bad day," she wrote in Spanish. "I allowed my feelings to get in the way of my work. It is human to err, it is also courageous to recognize our errors and I want to continue being an example of a real woman with purpose that maintains their head held high before all adversity that happens in life."

She also said that she did not agree with the decision of the org., but she accepted it "with didgnity".

"I will always remember the night of November 12, 2015. When I won the title, and all the experiences and lovely memories of having been crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016."

Bb. Pilipinas 2016: Week 5 Power Rankings ( Special Edition Picks: MUCP 2016 Candidates' Choices )

From the very start of the competition up to this point almost same girls were heavy favorites to win a Binibining Pilipinas crown in almost all hotpicks released by different pageant sites. And these girls were pretty consistent to please their supporters. With this, we come up and decided to have a special edition picks for our Week 5 Power Rankings.

We are a site which caters to everyone and this time we would like to get a modern man's perspective and who would be better to give it but the handsome candidates of Mister United Continents Philippines 2016. We had them look at the 40 Binibinis' photos and bio and asked to provide their Top15. The boys took everything into account, not just the photos but also their pageant knowledge and personal encounters with the girls themselves.

And here are the 15 lovely and gorgeous binibinis picked by the MUCP 2016 contestants.

Topping in our week 5 picks who caught the attention of MUCP 2016 contestant is, Edjelyn Gamboa. She keeps on proving that she's worthy for a crown and a threat to her binibini sisters. Having trained by one of the country's topnotch camp - Aces and Queens, no wonder she's in it to win it.

However, another Aces and Queens girl has always been consistent being on top. Kylie Verzosa came in really prepared. Her aura and elegance and attitude will surely help her winning a Binibining Pilipinas crown. Not to be ignored is another A&Q girl, Maxine Medina, she is the silent killer of this batch and can be considered as one of the best.

In the fourth place is Kimberle Penchon, considered as one of the strong girls from Aces and Queens. Making it to the top 5 is KF's flag bearer Nichole Manalo. Nichole is making sure that she will win one of the crowns and she's really proving it. Her undeniably sophisticated look and aura with her previous experience will certainly help her win. She's indeed on her way to the crown.

Next in our list is RL's Angel lone entry, Angelique Celine De Leon. Angee is making wave and doing her best to be the first RLs Angel to win a Binibining Pilipinas crown. Sure enough, this girl deserves a spot and a crown!

Coming next is, Paula Rich Bartolome who has that unique look,  model-beauty queen. A sure spot in the top 15 is a no way out for her.

In the eight spot is the sister of Mutya ng Pilipinas-World 1978, Louvette Hammond who won Miss Talent during Miss World 1978. Jennifer Hammond who stands at 5'8 is a no beginner in the world of pageantry. Her experience is a sure bullet to help her place in this year's Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

Placing ninth is a Bulakenya beauty, a teacher and one of JDV's strong girls in the competition. Candy Del Castillo fills in one of the spot from those who were disqualified and it's no easy. But, she is making sure that she deserves what she got, and she is deserving to be binibini 6.

Also on top is Joanna Eden of KF, whose beauty speaks louder than her actions. She has this undeniable wow factor which help her to be easily noticed.

Rounding up our top 15 are;

11. Alexndra Faith Garcia
12. Kristine Estoque
13. Maria Gigante
14. Dindi Joy Pajares
15. Jeslyn Santos

Are these girls in your list too? What can you say about the bets of Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 contestants?

Miss Grand International 2015, Anea Garcia was stripped of her crown

Yesterday we have received a news that Anea Garcia was dethroned due to unprofessional behaviour, and Claire Elizabeth Parker of Australia will take over the crown according to the pageant organizers.

The Miss Grand International Organization announces that Anea Garcia is no longer the title holder of the pageant. Australia's Claire Elizabeth Parker will take over Anea's reign. 
"With immediate effect, Miss Anea Garcia will step down from her position as Miss Grand International 2015 due to being unable to fulfill and follow the contractual agreement with Miss Grand International Organization."

The Miss Grand International Org., posted the announcement on its official Facebook page welcoming Parker as the new Miss Grand International. However, there's a press release coming from some pageant website that the Vice-President of Miss Grand International Org., sent them a letter of clarification and reasons of what made them take the decision.

“Although we believe Anea was the deserving winner at MGI coronation event, she has failed to fulfill her obligations as the reigning queen. First, her studies were in the way, making it very hard for us to schedule her activities. At several times we had to reschedule, cancel events, change or lose international flights. Miss Grand International should be ready and focused on her job and charitable work.

In addition, she has also become very demaning, always asking for things which were not promised or part of the contact she signed, including bringing her grandmother to Bangkok, to live with her. She demanded for additional services which truly made no sense.

Her actions were disrespectful to the organisation and Mr Nawat does not appreciate this kind of attitude, which brought us to make this decision.

Claire Elizabeth Parker is very happy and ready to take over the duties as Miss Grand International 2015. She will move to Thailand shortly and we will hold a press conference on April 1st for her official crowning. We expect Claire to vist at least 7 or 8 countries as Miss Grand International and we are sure that she will suit the title properly and do an excellent job.

We take this opportunity to inform that soon we will also announce the host country for Miss Grand International 2016.

This is the truth and we have nothing to hide, so please publish it”.

Miss Grand International (MGI) is a Thailand-based pageant founded by Nawat Itsaragrisil in 2013. According to the information on the pageant's website, the competition aims "to become the world's leading international beauty contest under sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity." The pageant also promotes peace through their Stop The War And Violence campaign.

Never-Before-Seen Sexy Shoot of Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo showcases her voluptuous body in a never-before-seen shoot!

Surely, Olivia is known for some things; Being the first woman from Rhode Island to win Miss USA, Winning the Miss Universe 2012 crown, having been in a relationship with Nick Jonas, posing naked for Treats! Mag and dumping Tim Tebow over lack of sex.

Miss World Ukraine 2015 launches new tech and new fashion

Reigning Miss Ukraine became the face of not one but two campaigns this month, launching the flagship Samsung mobile device as well as walking for a leading Ukrainian designer at the Ukraine FW2016 Fashion Week.

Kristina at the Launch of the Samsung S7, Kiev

Kristina Stoloka took part in the launch presentation of the Samsung S7 range of mobile devices last week and features in the advertising campaign for the company, alongside TV presenter Anatoly Anatolich. The national campaign coincides with the launch of the new device.

Kristina fronted her second campaign last night, chosen as the face for Anastasia Ivanova’s FW 2016 collection, showcased at the Ukraine Fashion Week last night. On choosing Kristina, Anastasia said “Kristina Stoloka is the person I need - the professional model who knows how to wear elegant clothes and is always feminine". More pictures from last night’s show will be available here later in the week.

Currently casting, Miss Ukraine takes place later this summer, with the online portion of the competition now running!

Visit - for more details on how to enter and vote!

Source: Miss World

Miss World in HighEnd Magazine

Reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna was in Indonesia for the culmination of the 2016 edition of Miss Indonesia. She joined new national winner Natasha Mannuela for a special shoot with the  fashion and lifestyle magazine, who also sat down for a chat with the pair, which you can read in full inside the magazine.

Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna

HighEnd Magazine March Edition is out now and is available across Indonesia. Find out more @highendmagazine.

Miss Indonesia in HighEnd Magazine: March 2016


Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 candidates in Action

Some of the Mister United Continents Philippines' 2016 candidates made great strides on the 19th of March when they graced the Zumbastig Challenge and Love Yourself's Cherry Poppin': The second coming fashion show.

MUCP 2016 Candidates with the host of Love Yourself's Cherry Poppin': The second coming Fashion Show

Mister United Continents Philippines-Nueva Ecija, Mark Guiuo was invited to judge the Zumbastig Challenge held at Pioneer Street Market, Mandaluyong.

Mark Guiuo with some of the Zumbastig contestants

While Alsworth Barleta, Verge Llego, Rene Sagrado, Celso Salon and Jay Daniel Chuong walked the ramp wearing Outkast's newest collection at Love Yourself's Cherry Poppin': The second coming at Century City Mall, Makati City.

MUCP 2016 candidates; Jay Daniel Chuong, Rene Sagrado, Alsworth Barleta, Celso Salon and Verge Llego

Bb. Pilipinas 2016: Week 4 Power Rankings

It's the Bb. Pilipinas 2016, 40 equally gorgeous and accomplished young Filipina women are vying for the five equal crowns, with the ultimate title of Bb. Pilipinas Universe being considered by most pageant pundits as the top plum. Other titles are, Bb. Pilipinas-International, Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental, Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational and Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism. So, here are the week four power rankings of The Pageant Queens.

TPQ's Week 4 Rankings

Angelique Celine De Leon leads the pack of our fourth official hot picks. She is one of the most-talked about girls all over social media sites. Aside from that, she has a natural charm that captured the hearts of many. Indeed, Angee is a diamond in the rough. Following next to her is Maxine Medina. She may not be in your list but Maxine will surely surprise you.

Coming in third, fourth and fifth place are, Kylie Verzosa, Jessica Gonzales and Nichole Manalo. No doubt Kylie has a very pretty face and that makes easily stand out. She came in prepared and learned the lesson from her experience last year.

Jessica Gonzales, a Binibini first-timer impressed everyone with her towering height. It isn't hard for her to stand-out given that 6'0 height and she is banking on that to clinch one of the crowns. Meanwhile, Nichole Manalo surprised everyone with her huge improvement. Armed with training she got from the past years, she's now unstoppable to get a crown and we can't deny it.

Making it in the top 15 are; Nicole Cordoves, Maria Gigante, Edjelyn Gamboa, Cindy Del Castillo, Jeslyn Santos, Vina Openiano, April Smith, Joanna Eden, Paul Rich Bartolome and Dindi Pajares.

Could these ladies hang on till the end of the competition and win a crown?

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2016, Kristhielee Caride, stripped of her CROWN

Kristhielee Caride, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016
The director of Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Desirée Lowry, announced the decision in a press conference.

"I saw the damage that she was doing and the damage that she was doing to the organization," said Lowry as she announced the news.

The decision to replace Kristhielee stemmed from the beauty queen not wanting to participate in interviews. She even told the reporter a that she didn't like cameras.

Brenda Jiménez, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 first runner-up

The organization has announced that its new Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2016 is Brenda Jiménez.

Jiménez, who is a biology and sociology student, was the first finalist and represented Aguadilla in the contest.

"I am really excited and extremely anxious. I haven't processed it yet," said the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico.


“Everything happens for a reason.”

"I want to be Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 because I want to make my mother proud of me. She had been through a lot and my winning will definitely make her proud and happy. Second, I want to make history to be the first Albayano to win in a national pageant and represent our country in an international competition. But most of all, I want to win in order to inspire others who were like me in the beginning – shy and reserved, that they too can be anyone that they dream to be."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

My name is Jerson Corullo. I am 20 years old from the Province of Albay. I am a second year student at the Tiwi Community College taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics. I am the sixth child in a family of 8. My mother single handedly raised us because my father passed away when I was only six years old. Being one of the boys in the family, I took on some roles of my father when I was growing up, like helping in the farm, drying palay, feeding the livestock and a lot of other manual and hard labor to help my mother.

How did you become interested in pageants?

Actually, I was practically forced to join pageants. I think it was fate that brought me in this situation although I started to like it when I started the training and coaching with my mentors. The exposure, the different people you meet and my personality dramatically improved. It is fascinating.

How does it feel to represent Guinobatan, Albay in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

I feel so happy, blessed and proud to represent Guinobatan, Albay in this national pageant. I am truly honored.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

First, humble. Second, kind. And third, simple.

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

The one life changing experience in my life was when I won the Lakan ng Kalakhang Guinobatan 2015. I made history being the every first winner and automatically qualified as official candidate to Mister United Continents Philippines 2016. It opened a lot of opportunities for me. I had the opportunity to travel, met new friends, worked with some professionals and in the process changed my attitude and perspective in life. Now, I have become slightly sociable and interested to mingle with different kinds of people.

Name three things that you would never do.

The three things I’ll never do are: First, I’ll never stop believing, Second I’ll never stop hoping and third, I’ll never stop loving.

What do you like to do for fun?
For fun, I’d like to travel to different places. I do hope that one of these days I could bring my family out of the country.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

A perfect evening for me is spending it at home resting after a hard day’s work in the farm or in school. It is at home that I find comfort and security.

Tell us a little bit about Guinobatan, Albay.

Aside from Mayon Volcano, I am proud to tell you that the people in my province are very hospitable. Guinobatan is home to the famous Guinobatan Longganisa. Also it is the home of the last Bicolano General Simeon A. Ola to surrender to the Japanese during World War II. It is a peaceful place to live in with scenic views.
How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices? 

The only way I can motivate others to practice sustainable living choices is to lead by example. I have gained quite a number of followers and by practicing sustainable living choices myself, I am certain that they would follow suit. This small group can create a ripple effect and hopefully become huge as each of us inspire and encourage others by example.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judge? 

As a future teacher, I am an advocate of learning for the underprivileged. It is hard nowadays to get a formal education because of the high cost of living and education. It pains me in seeing children on the streets and not in school. It is for these street children that my heart goes out to. I would like to spearhead a reading program, build a library and ask some friends to volunteer either as readers or teachers. Of course, this can be easily realized with the help of other people and the support of the local government.

Boxers or Briefs? 

I like boxers because it is comfortable to wear. It is sexy but not too revealing.

Blue or Pink?

Pink because real men wear pink. (Wink. Wink.)

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Derek because of his strong personality.

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Angel because she is a true Filipina beauty.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?
 Thank you to all of you. I want you to know that all my sacrifices for this pageant are nothing compared to your trust prayers and belief in what I can do. Thank you for the friendships – old, new and renewed ones. I love you all.

To know more or get updates about Jerson, like Mister United Continents Guinobatan, Albay

Good luck on your Jerson and may the odds be in your favour.



" With GOD all things are possible "- Matthew 19:26

"I have thought long enough why I wanted to be Mister United Continents Philippines 2016, honestly I can say that I am a perfect fit for this title. I understand the challenges, sacrifices, and time it will take to be a title holder. I am a man with respect who will represent this title with pride. I believe that this pageant would be my pulpit for my advocacy, to inspire individuals to become one and to represent our country with noble deeds."

Tell us about yourself, family background, education?

I am Jay Daniel Chuong , 23 years old from Davao City. I'm the 5th of the 7 children of Helario and Julieta. My Father passed away years ago. I was raised by our loving Mother who taught me to be courageous, how to become a good and responsible man, and to never let go of my dreams.

I took Information Technology in college, but an undergraduate due to financial shortage. So I'm just  hoping to get lucky by pursuing business in the world of trade. I'm also a functioning and concerned member of SAGIP KAGUBATAN PARA SA KINABUKASAN CORP. since 2009. This is a non profit organization leading an endeavor to invigorate the forests and to preserve our Mother Earth.

How did you become interested in pageants?

It all started years ago when I entered modelling. My hope and passion in this pageant is to gain more certainty and to boost my professional structure so I can constitute more opportunities, personally and others in the future. Mister United Continents Philippines pageant is also a competent means for me for my advocacy for social awareness to various social concerns and disputes that need our attention and become more apprehensive and responsive to the problems in the society where we live in.

How does it feel to represent Davao City in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 and Tell us a little bit about Davao City?

It's a tremendous honor to represent Davao City, It's a noble luxury. Aside from being clean, progressive and modern, Davao City is steadily described as one of the safe cities in the Philippines. And it ranked as the 9th safest in the world, perhaps I can say that it is the country's most child-friendly city.

Give three adjectives that your friends would best describe you?

Compassionate, Generous and Trustworthy

Tell us about life-changing experience in you life.

One of my unforgettable and life- changing experience is when we hiked at Mount Maranat ( 6 hours walk ) to see our indigenous people. This mountain is part of the Sierra Madre mountain. And then there was rain, unwieldy rain! A flash flood and absurd thunderstorms arose. We weren't ready for this kind of situation and we couldn't go back because the only way out was to cross the river but the river is almost like overflowing. We stayed overnight and observed if there's any possibility for a safe exit. Unfortunately, there was none. We starved because we ran out of food. I learned from this experience on how to be prepared at all times. And to be contented of what we have and be happy in our lives. Our indigenous people are living in the mountains, the only food they have are those in their yards , no fancy, but a very simple life.

Name three things that you never do.

To compare myself with others
To take someone's life
And to hurt the love of my life

What do you like to do for fun?

I am a simple man who loves simple things in the world. Doing something enjoyable, not just about myself but it's about helping and assisting others that needs my service. If some people like clubbing, I like volunteering, that's what is fun for me.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

With my Family , an evening spent with a nice dinner with excellent service, long walk under the stars, all accompanied by scintillating conversation, and ending up in a comfortable bed with lots of pillows and soft sheets.

With my future, a candlelit dinner, soft music, pleasant conversation, hands holding and soft kisses. That makes a perfect evening for me. ( giggles )

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices?

Motivating others to practice a sustainable living is an integrated part of our daily lives. Be a bright example and inspire people with your exceptional performance.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judges?

Climate change is one of the greatest concern where all of us should give an urgent attention. Our Mother Earth is desperately crying for help. I would like to take actions on my advocacy which is reforestation, for it has potential to relief and preserve endangered species and forests against global climate change.

Boxers or Brief?

I would choose brief. Briefs are comfy and offer a lot of support and due to the elasticity it could keep your private at a greater temperature, and do not punch up like boxers. But in today's trend, there's BOXER BRIEFS made for men, it's the utmost male underwear. You can race and cross fences without worry of strangulation, and if you get lucky - the girl will be in awe of your likely and physique.

Blue or Pink?

BLUE, is the color that best describes me. A color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else.

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Derek, aside from being a good actor he promotes Men's fitness and health as well. A good and respectful man that always speaks good about his exes. A man that truly respects a woman.

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Anne, an award winning actress, television host, recording artist, name it, she got it all. She have a good generous heart and a lovely smile .

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

To my supporters, friends and family, I'm truly thankful to everyone who encouraged me unconditionally with my pilgrimage. I want to acknowledge all the kind folks for your countless ideas, making me a better person more than i could have imagined. To all my sponsors who have been extraordinary generous and really made my journey to MUCP 2016 possible, thank you! Without your continued support I would never be able to put myself in this situation.

God Bless you all !

Want to know more about Jay? Like and follow him on his official MUCP Facebook page: Mister United Continents Philippines - Davao

God bless Jay and we wish you all the very best!


"What you are is God's gift to you.What you become is your gift to God."

I want to be Mister United Continents Philippines  2016 because I want to share my talents and be a role model for every Filipino. Pilipinong may puso sa Diyos, bayan at kapwa. Handang maging instrumento ng pagiging tunay at totoong tao.

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

I'm Emerson C. Cosme, 21 years of age, from Imus, Cavite. I am the youngest among the 5 siblings. My hobbies are dancing and singing. I went to Tanzang Luma Elementary School when I was 7 years old. Those 6 years were the happiest time in my memory. I spent my high school at Gen.Emilio Aguinaldo National High School. I took HRM at Cavite State University but I was not able to finish my course.

How did you become interested in pageants?

When I was in college I joined Mr. NCST (National College Of Science Technology 2011 ) - and I won the title. I became interested in pageants because of my friends. My friends believed that I have potential and they look at it as a great opportunity for me.

How does it feel to represent Imus, Cavite in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

It feels great to represent Imus City. My battle is also the battle of Imus City.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

Understanding, loving and generous

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

I was so depressed when my father and mother got separated. It's a big challenge in my whole life. I was so emotional during that time. I consider this as the most challenging part of my life but this experience made me stronger in facing problems that may come along my way.

What do you like to do for fun?

 I spend time with my friends and being at a place where I can peacefully meditate.

Tell us a little bit about Imus, Cavite.

 Imus City:
*Foremost banking center of Cavite with numerous financial institution and also an excellent banking infrastructure
*Emerged as CALABARZON most competitive city
*Imus Public Employment Service Office named the best in Cavite.
*3rd Place Overall Most Competitive Component City in the whole Philippines for 2015.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judges?

Even without money I can help street children. Since it is my advocacy, here's 7 things that I can do: 

1.Volunteer - I will ask if they need any help or know any local programs where I can take part.

2.Give a moment - The simplest and the most valuable thing that I can give to a child is time. Generosity doesn't have to mean giving away things. Sharing a bit of myself, opening a window into my own world is a good place to begin.

3.Eat together - dining together is a great way to spend time with someone while letting them enjoy a warm meal. It will also let the child feel more secure knowing that I am interested in his/her culture.

4.Share my world

5.Play with pictures- Another great tool is my cellular phone. Kids love to ham it up and in my experience, they will often burst into excited shrieks and start making funny faces, flashing "peace signs" or doing group photo ops.

6.Feel the music

7.Teach each other

Message to my supporters.

Samahan ninyo ako sa aking magandang hangarin lalo na sa aking advocacy. Minsan pa nating patunayan na MATIBAY ANG WALIS KAPAG NAKABIGKIS. I love you all! Thank you Godbless

Follow Emerson's journey to Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 by liking his official Facebook page: Mister United Continents Philippines - Imus, Cavite

We wish you all the best Emerson!


“Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s more difficult to regret."

"Winning a title like this can give me confidence to influence others and give me the opportunity to fulfill my advocacy. It is not just winning the title, it is about how you use that title to influence others, touch their lives and give them the inspiration to change their lives for better."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

Hello! I’m Issa Arciga Janda, 20 years of age from Polangui, Albay. Right now I am a 3rd year student of Bicol College, Daraga, Albay, taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology. I am the eldest among five siblings. Fish vending is the primary work of my parents. When I was an elementary pupil I helped sell fish to our neighbors in order to help my parents. Right now my mother is working abroad for a better income to sustain our needs.

How did you become interested in pageants?

I became interested in pageants because when I was a 2nd year college student, my friends pushed me to join in our school pageant. Unfortunately,  I lost, but even if I didn’t win, I knew that my life was changed and I went on to compete in pageants outside the school. Through my experience in joining pageants, I learned a lot - it helped me build my self-confidence especially in front of the crowd, developed my personality, talents, skills and I feel the spirit of camaraderie of the people watching the pageant. Joining pageant can actually be an inspiration to everyone especially to the youth that by giving the best that you can be, “Never give up just give your best!”

How does it feel to represent Polangui, Albay in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

It’s an honor and a privilege to represent my home town in this national pageant. I feel like I am the happiest person in the world. This kind of opportunity will have a great impact in my life because I can be a role model to inspire others and it would also help me achieve my goals in life. So when I learned that I was handpicked to join the Mister united Continents Philippines 2016, I immediately grabbed it, because if I won’t grab the opportunity, it might not happen again.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

My friends describe me kind, humble and a religious person. My parents raised me like that.

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

My life-changing experience is joining pageants like this, because joining pageants make someone popular. I learned to mingle with different persons, and most importantly developed my personality.

Name three things that you would never do.

I will never take illegal drugs. I will never hurt my family by doing things that can be consider disgrace to the family. Lastly, I will never hurt anyone.

What do you like to do for fun?

 I like to go to the beach. Play beach volleyball, swim, and enjoy the day with my family.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

The perfect evening for me is, when I find myself in a peaceful place and that's my home. After a very tiring day, I want to be with my family, have a nice  conversation over a cup of coffee or tea and just relax. For me that’s the perfect evening.

Tell us a little bit about Polangui, Albay.

Polangui is a very peaceful place in Albay where locals are peace loving people. We have products derived from sugarcane which is locally called “Calamay”. We also have our festival “The Pulang Angui Festival” which is celebrated every year in the whole month of June capped by the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. Despite the hardship and difficulties in life, Polangueños still manage to live a happy, healthy and balance life.

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices?

To have sustainable living we must have discipline within ourselves, strive hard, be humble and always put God first in everything we do so that we can have guidance from Him in achieving our goals in life.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judges?

My advocacy is all about the out of school youth to keep them away from bad things like drugs. To secure and encourage them to develop their potentials and skills and hopefully organize them to have access to formal education and personality development. Through this, and even though life is very hard, they can have a more secure future.

Boxers or briefs?

Briefs because everything is intact.

Blue or Pink?

Blue because it’s cool.

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

I like them both because they are good actors.

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

I like them both because they are good actress.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

I want to thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity to represent my province in a national competition. For giving me the chance to be heard and be the voice of my advocacy that focus on helping the out of school youth - to establish a place for their development and learning that will teach them to be better and productive individuals. Please support me in my journey towards Mister United Continent Philippines 2016. Thank you so much!

Follow Issa's journey to Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 and if you want to know more about him, like his Facebook page: Mister United Continents Philippines - Polangui, Albay

Good luck and than you Issa. Looking forward to meeting you soon!


"Put your daily life into a positive one."

"I love helping others and this pageant will help me with my goals in life, to be an ambassador of goodwill."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

I'm from Baao, Camarines Sur. Before, I thought that I won't be able to finish my studies but now, I am here sharing the knowledge I acquired from schools. I went on to places to share it with them. I am a gradute of B.S Psychology, I also studied drafting. I love to draw, paint, and craft. I was an athlete from grade school to college and now I'm into acting and modeling. I am proud for all these talents and skills God has gave me unexpectedly.

How did you become interested in pageants?

My interest started when I found out that pageants do help charities. I found this as a way to promote my advocacy and aside from that I want to give pride and honor to our country in this field.

How does it feel to represent Baao, Camarines Sur in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

I am proud and happy.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

Bubbly, friendly and smiley :-).

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

Changing is part of our life and I am happy to have a lot of believers who believe in me, they are my mentors who discovered me. I am really thankful that I met them. 

Name three things that you would never do.

To argue with politics and religion.
To prepare unhealthy foods.
To be unhappy

What do you like to do for fun?

Playing with my two dogs and do some artwork like paintings.

Tell us a little bit about Baao, Camarines Sur.

Baao is known for "Pintakasi" it is celebrated every August. The only festival at Baao is the Barlin Festival; it commemorates the birthday of the First Filipino Bishop, Jorge I. Barlin. It is celebrated annually during the month of April.

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices?

Educate them by using internet and be a role model.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judges?

Cancer Awareness: the best way to lessen death is to spread  awareness regarding the causes of the disease and to  educate people on how to detect cancer in its early stage.

Boxers or Briefs? 

Boxers, it's comfortable.

Blue or Pink? 

Blue, it makes me happy and lightened my day

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Piolo he is a nice actor and also an ambassador. 

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Angel, she is a perfect girl to marry.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

I love you everyone and God bless us all.

For more updates about Josh, follow him on his Facebook account: Mister United Continents Philippines - Baao, Camarines Sur.

Thank you Josh and we wish you luck in your journey to this pageant.


"YOLO “You only live once”. So make the most of your life!!! Live it to the fullest and be healthy! Live with a purpose! Be a blessing. Be somebody and be the better change!!

"I want to be Mister United Continents Philippines because more than the title, the greatest prize I could get is the power and prerogative to influence and motivate more people toward my advocacy. A privilege and honor as well to represent our country to Mister United Continents 2016. I believe that this pageant would be my platform to showcase my inner-self more than my looks and a great chance as well too push my advocacy."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

I’m Virgilio Llego, my friends call me Verge, for short. I’m 22 years old, I live in Argao Cebu.  I came from a simple yet well-oriented family wherein education has been one of the guiding principles we used to live by. My father is a typical farmer and my mother as well. We are nine in the family, five girls and four boys. I graduated high school at Calagasan National High School. Since my parents only do farming for a living, pursuing my college education has not been that easy for me due to financial constraint. But then I have an utter regards to education so I strive harder for me to pursue my college education. I’ve been a working student, self-supporting my education and a scholar too. I took up BS Accounting at University of San Jose Recoletos-Cebu City then after 2 years taking up Bachelor of Science in Accounting, I realized that it is not my cup of tea so I decided to shift in a Hospitality Management course in the same University. After two years of pulling out all the stops and struggling with my study because of financial constraints, I decided to quit college and looked for a job. Sad, I must say because I really wanted to finish college but I know that’s the thing I have to do to help my family already.I worked in a bank and a BPO company. I know learning doesn’t end up in schools. But I am still willing to continue my college education if given a chance. Currently I am into modeling.

How did you become interested in pageants?

I regard pageant as an avenue to show people your inner self. More than how astounded you look but showcasing as well your skin-deep beauty which constitutes substance, personality and virtues. These are what made me interested to pageantry - a showcase of oneself holistically. Aside from that, It is my passion to serve other people, my fellow Filipino, specially and I believe joining and winning this pageant would be a great means and opportunity to do what I love which is to serve.

How does it feel to represent Argao, Cebu in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

I am so privileged and more than happy to represent my province. Representing my province means giving pride and honor. A diplomat once said, a successful one is someone who looks back. A way of looking back is taking the flag of your roots. To me, representing my province is representing every Cebuanos- telling people our stories, culture, and beauty.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

1. Dynamic 2. Driven 3. Resilient

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

My life-changing experience is when I became a professional model from being a farmer. I was walking on the street that time from school when someone approached me and asked if I am model, then I answered telling the person that I am not a model. But maybe that person found model qualities in me so he invited me to an event. After that said event a lot of opportunities in modeling industry got in my way. Basically, that’s how the story went. More than that, I guess the experience that really has a great impact in my life is my experience as a candidate of Mister United Continent Philippines itself. This experience pushes me to be a better person that I can be and to be someone that I can be. I know this experience would open doors for me. And all the learning in this experience will forever mark my life.

Name three things that you would never do.

1. Quit when I know I can make it.
2. Relinquish my National Identity.
3. To stop dreaming.

What do you like to do for fun?

There are lots of things that I like to do for fun. I like being with my friends, spend hours at the gym for a healthier me. I like exploring nature. I like to lay on the rooftop and stare at the stars. That's genuine happiness for me. The feeling of being useful and peaceful is my kind of fun. But what I really love to do is to help the community. I love doing charity work, do outreach programs, and to serve. There is nothing more fun than doing what you really love.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

A moment of silence to reflect, to assess how my day went, to think of the negative things I've done and encountered and to plan for tomorrow,  to think of what I can do for the better and how could I be a CATALYST.  And also the perfect evening for me is the night that I will be crowned as Mister United Continent 2016 (flash a smile) haha.

 Tell us a little bit about Argao, Cebu.

More than the pristine beauty and majestic scenery, Cebu is a home of colorful and diverse culture. It has a blend of modern and traditional living. Cebu is blessed to be a nestling place of hospitable, God-oriented, and environmental steward people. These are the characteristics that made us stood out and well-preserved.

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices?

I will motivate others through this pageant. As I am already practicing my choice of sustainable living, joining this pageant would give me a label to be looked up to by the people. I would be their model. That’s why I really wanted to win this pageant because I believe that this would give me a great opportunity to motivate and inspire others.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judges?

I believe that every person should only have up to 3 advocacies for me to concentrate. Mine would be environmental stewardship, health, and education. I believe that this three causes are interrelated to each other and has a great significance. I've always believed that in order for a child to achieve his/her dreams and succeed in life, he/she needs to be given quality education. No child can study well if he/she is hungry or sick which brings us to health. Lastly, in order to provide children a healthy living environment, we must protect our resources and the environment. First, EDUCATION- I will support any organizations like CHILD ZERO which I am currently supporting or any activity and that promotes literacy and education. Next, HEALTH- I will involve myself to any programs like medical mission, outreach program like supplementary feeding to help promote health awareness. I will also encourage and educate other people to live a healthy life style. Last but not the least, ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP- My advocacy would be a campaign to find the inner spark of concern for our environment. I would encourage people to do simple things such as waste segregation and water and energy conservation. Perceiving the number of those who will follow, small or big, still it is a great difference. I will teach them how to conserve our nature and personally I also started projects like tree planting and coastal cleaning.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers,I don’t wear brief.LOL. Boxer is more comfy that’s it.

Blue or Pink?

Blue- royal blue to be precised because I believe that I was born royal.

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Derek, we are look alike. [wink emoticon}

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Anne, because of her persistence. She is a pursuer of dreams.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

To my supporters, friends and family, I’d like to extend my heart and convey my deepest gratitude for supporting me all the way. Your love and support serves as my inspiration to fight this good fight! Without all of you, this dream would remain as only a dream but with you behind me gives me courage to pursue and finish what I have started. Thanks a million. No words will suffice to express how grateful I am. Your support is very much appreciated. To my friends, thanks for being there in bad times and in good times. We are golden, guys! To my beloved family, this is all for you! All I ever wanted is to give pride and glory to our family. Thanks for the love and I will make you proud. To GOD be the Glory!!!

Want to know more about Verge? Follow him on his Facebook page: Mister United Continents Philippines - Argao, Cebu

Thank you Verge and we wish you all the best! Enjoy the competition.

Miss World Arrives in Puerto Rico!

Reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna arrived in Puerto Rico this week as a special guest to the Miss Mundo Puerto Rico organisation. Spending a week in the Caribbean paradise, Mireia will attend several of the challenge events in the run up to the national final.

At a press conference held yesterday morning Mireia said "For me it is an honour to be in this country that I have never visited before. It is the first time I'm in the Caribbean and all the people have received me very well. I'm with a smile on my face that no one can take away from me! I enjoy travelling a lot; every place is completely different and enriches me. I have a feeling I cannot explain with words."

Miss World was received by Secretary of State Rolando Torres Carrión and was joined by Puerto Rico National Director & Miss World 1975 Wilnelia Merced, alongside reigning Miss Mundo Puerto Rico Keysi Vargas, with the later joining Mireia for a photo shoot in the afternoon.

Mireia: "I arrived very tired but I had a great reception at the airport from my friend Keysi (current who I met in December in China and Wilnelia Merced, Miss World 1975. In such a short time here I have felt the warmth of the people, the country, and I am excited waiting to know more about this city. "

Miss world continued, saying “It is so nice to see Keysi again, I was really looking forward to it. It’s one of the great things about being Miss World, every nation I visit there is this one person there already who I have shared a unique experience with, and we have this bond, it’s really something.”

Miss Mundo Puerto Rico takes place on the 18th March at the Fine Arts Center in Santurce, broadcast live on Telemundo at 8:00 p.m local time.

Source: Miss World


"I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. ” ― John Lennon

"It was a dream! Joining a national pageant and representing the country is a great honor and that's what I always wanted, Mister United Continents Philippines is the stepping stone. I know this is a door that would open a lot of opportunities."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

I'm Jeffrey Montibon, 23 years old the son of Mr and Mrs Narciso Montibon and Elueteria Montibon. I came from a big yet happy family-- 3 sisters and 6 brothers. After graduating from high school, I haven't got a chance to pursue my college studies.

How did you become interested in pageants?

Taking this opportunity and having the privilege to represent my province are the reasons why I've become interested in joining pageants.

How does it feel to represent Agusan Del Norte in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

Of course, I feel proud and honored to represent my province. I now have the opportunity to show to them the culture and values we have.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

My friends know me better as first, being faithful to my loved ones and to God the one who created me, second being determined in everything that I do and lastly, a loving person to everyone.

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

I think one life-changing experience that made me become the person I am today is when I almost lost my life because of dengue. I realized the value of my life, clarified the purpose of my existence and had a good reflection and evaluation on the things I did. I committed myself to God to have a good relationship with Him and to all His creation, to give love and care to everyone and everything and to live the best of life everyday as if it's always the last.

Name three things that you would never do.

To hurt my friend, hurt my family and hurt my love, these are the things that I really never wanted to do.

What do you like to do for fun?

Going out with friends.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

To sleep at least even a night of nothing to worry about, like waking up without an agenda.

Tell us a little bit about Agusan Del Norte.

Our province has many beaches. Mount Hilong-Hilong the highest peak in Northeastern Mindanao can be found in our province. It is known for its pristine waterfalls, a lake and as a confirmed nesting site of the critically endangered Philippine eagle. The Agusan River, the longest in Mindanao and the third longest in the Philippines, is one of our pride as well, the ancient "balangay boats" were found in our province. They were excavated in the Balangay Shrine. These are just some amazing tourist destination you will find in our province and I guess it makes us different from the rest. 

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices? 

Before motivating others, you have to know how to motivate yourself first, because once you've motivated yourself it would be easy for you to motivate others.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judge? 

I would describe my advocacy to the judges by showing them my determination. I'll make sure that every actions that I take will count.

Boxers or Briefs? 

Boxer, it's comfortable and refreshing.

Blue or Pink?

Blue, it gives fresh feeling.

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Derek, because he is more masculine.

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Angel, for me she is the epitome of a true Filipina.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

Thank you all for the overwhelming support that you're giving me.

Follow Jeffrey on his Facebook account: Mister United Continents Philippines - Agusan Del Norte

Thank you Jeff and we wish you all the best.

Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna to attend Miss Mundo Puerto Rico

Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna will grace the finals of Miss Mundo Puerto Rico.

She is now on her way to Puerto Rico, where she will meet up with the Miss Mundo Puerto Rico competition to form part of the judging panel for their Top Model event, and also to attend the presentation of this year’s Beauty with a Purpose projects.

Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico is one of the most important national pageants in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico debuted in Miss World in 1959, then was absent from 1960 to 1969.

In 1970 a new organization took the responsibility of sending contestants until 1985 via castings. Puerto Rico did not compete in Miss World from 1986 to 1988. The Miss Puerto Rico organization, directed by Anna Santisteban, obtained the Miss World franchise in 1989 and sent the 1st runner-up of Miss Puerto Rico to Miss World until 1995.

In 1996, Delia Cruz, mother of Puerto Rico's only Miss World Wilnelia Merced Cruz, obtained the franchise and began organizing the Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico pageant whose winner has been competing ever since in the international pageant. Puerto Rico has produced one winner (1975), two 2nd runners-up (2005, 2011) and ten semi-finalists (1976, 1978, 1980, 1985, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010), and one quarter-finalist (2012).

Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna joins a celebrity cast in the annual Variety Iowa Telethon

“It was a real pleasure to be part of such an amazing team and to help raise money for great causes in Iowa. During my time in the state I learnt a great deal about the efforts made by so many groups, who will all benefit greatly from this event. Every year thousands of lives are changed through the generosity of the people. Iowa you are amazing!”

Reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna was in Iowa this weekend joining a celebrity cast in the annual Variety Iowa Telethon, helping to raise over $3.7 million for local charities!

Now in its 42nd year, this annual event has raised over $100 million in its history, and this year came very close to beating last year’s record haul of $3.8 million. A 24 hour event, the telethon sees local and international celebrities come together for a marathon of performances and presentations alongside individual appeals and of course major donation presentations!

Miss World’s participation included a stint in presenting on during the live telecast as well as manning the phones taking donations from the citizens of Iowa who annually turn out to provide for those less fortunate than themselves.

Source: Miss World

Bb. Pilipinas 2016: Who will be the luckiest repeater?

Are they inspired by Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2014 and Miss Universe 2014 top 10 finalist, Mary Jean Lastimosa and Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2015 and Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who both won the crown in their third try?

This year's Bb. Pilipinas pageant is marked by a numbers of repeaters. Eight of the of candidates have previously joined the most prestigious local pageant. Since they have experienced to be a Binibini will they win this time? They now have an advantage over the first-timers.

These ladies are expected to perform better, they are more than prepared and ready this time around. These candidates hope to win any of the crowns.

Sissel Ria Rabajante, previously joined in 2013 and 2015 but went home empty-handed. Now she is up to the challenge for the third time around. Do you think that switching from RLs Angels to Aces and Queens will help her winning one of the crowns or even placing as a semi finalist?

Mariella Castillo, she's one of the semi finalists in Bb. Pilipinas 2010, the same year she also competed in Miss Global Teen which was held in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, where she was crowned "Teen Queen of Asia and Oceania" and one of the semi-finalists. Will the luck be in her favor this time?

Nichole Manalo, "beauty is in the blood". Nichole is the sister of Bb. Pilipinas-World 2002 Kate Manalo and Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2009 Bianca Manalo. She first joined in 2014 and finished as a semi-finalist. This year, she came prepared and ready to win any of the crowns.

Leonalyn Dela Cruz, also joined Bb. Pilipinas 2014. This CPA from Caloocan who works as a part-time instructor and auditor is pursuing an MBA. Which crowns do you think will she clinch?

Jeslyn Santos from Hagonoy, Bulacan is also joining for the second time. Apart from Binibining Pilipinas, she was also a runner-up in Pinay Beauty Queen Academy season 1. She also represented the Philippines in Miss World Peace 2015 which was held in Hongkong. She studied broadcast communication in college. How far do you think she will go in the competition?

Angelique Celine De leon, also joined in 2014. A former athlete, she plays basketball, loves arts and crafts.

This year she is back with a bang! Though she was unplaced in her last attempt, she left everyone a remembrance with her jeepney inspired modern Philippine terno designed by Jeffrey Rogador. Will she finally make it this year?

Paula Rich Bartolome, after failing last year Paula is back with a huge and great improvement. Will this help her win this time?

This is Kylie Verzosa's second attempt and she is determined to win the top plum. An Ateneo De Manila University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She works on a fashion and beauty magazines and broadsheets under the PMAP (Professional Models Assocaition of the Philippines).

There is no turning back, 'coz she's back with all the lessons she learned from her experience last year.

Who among these returnees will finally win one of the crowns? While they might have some advantages, there's no assurance that they will snatch a crown.

Let's see who will emerge victorious during the coronation night on the 17th of April at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

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