Miss World Australia 2013 Erin Holland goes POP

3:58:00 PM

Miss World Australia 2013 Erin Holland has formed an unlikely alliance with pop rock singer Krystie Steve, performing together covering Conrad Sewell’s chart topping hit Firestone.

Holland, 27, who picked up the Oceania Continental Queen award at Miss World 2013, is keen to experiment with her musical abilities and hopes to surprise a few people with her latest work, which strays from the classical styles she is known for, and which she showcased at Miss World in Bali.

Speaking about her collaborator on this track, Holland said “She’s pretty much the opposite to me in every which way. She’s got a really fierce look. She’s an incredible singer but is self taught. In a crazy way, our voices complemented each other which you wouldn’t have thought considering we come from such different backgrounds musically.”

Source: Miss World

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