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"The wholeness of a person is only achieved through whole faith in HIM"

"I wanted to be the next Mister United Continents Philippines because I would like to make use of what God has given me in a way that could help others too. In all honesty, more than fame that this may bring, or the material rewards, for me, its all about my personality advancement that would help me bring out more of what I have in order to be a great ambassador of good will. I like to be an example and be a living proof that I myself can contribute for my community through this pageant. I believe that God will bless me more so I can bless others too. I want to make a difference and I want my life not just happy and fun, but meaningful and worth remembering."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

I am Alsworth Barleta, 22, from Antipolo City. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Industry at Our Lady of Fatima University. The youngest among the 3 siblings and the only male. I grew up in Antipolo but my provinces are, Laguna and Real, Quezon.

How did you become interested in pageants?

I was a typical timid boy when I was young and joining pageants is the least I could ever think of 'till it became a challenge to me when my classmates started nominating me as a representative and escort for some school programs. It all started there, they encouraged me and believed that I can be better. My family supported me, my dad has been my gym buddy while my sisters and mom were my cheerers. I've got a very supported fans club through my family. 

How does it feel to represent Antipolo in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

It is truly an overwhelming feeling to have this privileged to represent my province in this pageant because it gives me the opportunity to impart my knowledge, talents and my being in a way that can contribute for the betterment of the society. It personally challenges me as well to become the best version of myself, to accept my flaws and make it a turning point for me to improve and be someone people can be inspired of.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

Family oriented, high spirited and compassionate.

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

When my mom needed to leave us and work abroad, that's what I consider as the biggest turning point in my life. We used to be a very tight and bonded family that's why being away from each other is truly a shaking time for us. I started realizing more how difficult it is not to have your mom by your side. I often cry and always pray to have my family back again. This becomes worse when my sister also got married and left our home, then my other sister also left and work in a different country too. That's when I began remembering that our happy days became just memories. It's a life changing experience because I learned the true value of a home, I appreciated each member of my family, and it made me hope and pray that one day we could bring back the memories we had.

Name three things that you would never do.

Three thing I would never do is to disrespect and disobey God, to condemn my parents and family, and to disrespect the woman I am going to marry and the children she'll be giving our future family.

What do you like to do for fun?

I am into music, I like playing guitar and driving as well, I often invite friends to go around or somewhere--road trip.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

A perfect evening for me, personally, is when I'm at home having quality time with my family, watching tv while eating and discussing anything under the sun. I consider it as a perfect evening because for me, my family will always be my most comfortable  sanctuary, at the end of the day I'd still want them to be the last people I'll spend the night with and the first to make up my morning as well. I miss them badly.

Tell us a little bit about the province of Antipolo

I have always been proud of my hometown, Antipolo city, because through the years I have seen how it has progressed while trying to keep its beautiful environment. I love how I stroll along the overlooking views and see myriad lights of the metro at night, I love the cold air that soothes my body, the huge trees along the highways that bear beautiful leaves and flowers, whenever I see them, it makes me feel blessed that I didn't grew up in a so much polluted, crowded and noisy city.

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices? 

Motivating others to practice sustainable living starts within my own home, I'd have to set a good example first so they could see right through me the benefits of living a sustainable life, of how it is implied and how it could change step by step, little by little, the society.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judge? 

My advocacy which is about responsible driving pertains to emphasizing the awareness to traffic rules, policies, signage and proper training in driving vehicles. This advocacy if well implied would lessen the fatalities due to vehicular accidents and would also help in maintaining a smooth and non congested traffic.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxers because I am quite conservative and it provides a better support.

Pink or Blue?

Blue because its soothing and pleasant in the eyes.

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Derek because he is a true gentleman. The way he talks about his ex'es, he respect them even after relationships and he too is family domesticated.

Angel Locsin ot Anne Curtis?

Anne because she's very confident and spontaneous. She's funny and I think she is fun to be with.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

To my family, friends and to those who believe in me, I sincerely thank you guys for making me feel I can do this and for trusting me. This is all our fight. I am in behalf of all of you and I will do my best in God's grace, to Him be the glory.

For more update about Alsworth, follow him on his official Facebook account: Mister United Continents Philippines - Antipolo City

Goodluck Alsworth and enjoy the experience!

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