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“Everything happens for a reason.”

"I want to be Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 because I want to make my mother proud of me. She had been through a lot and my winning will definitely make her proud and happy. Second, I want to make history to be the first Albayano to win in a national pageant and represent our country in an international competition. But most of all, I want to win in order to inspire others who were like me in the beginning – shy and reserved, that they too can be anyone that they dream to be."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

My name is Jerson Corullo. I am 20 years old from the Province of Albay. I am a second year student at the Tiwi Community College taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics. I am the sixth child in a family of 8. My mother single handedly raised us because my father passed away when I was only six years old. Being one of the boys in the family, I took on some roles of my father when I was growing up, like helping in the farm, drying palay, feeding the livestock and a lot of other manual and hard labor to help my mother.

How did you become interested in pageants?

Actually, I was practically forced to join pageants. I think it was fate that brought me in this situation although I started to like it when I started the training and coaching with my mentors. The exposure, the different people you meet and my personality dramatically improved. It is fascinating.

How does it feel to represent Guinobatan, Albay in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

I feel so happy, blessed and proud to represent Guinobatan, Albay in this national pageant. I am truly honored.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

First, humble. Second, kind. And third, simple.

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

The one life changing experience in my life was when I won the Lakan ng Kalakhang Guinobatan 2015. I made history being the every first winner and automatically qualified as official candidate to Mister United Continents Philippines 2016. It opened a lot of opportunities for me. I had the opportunity to travel, met new friends, worked with some professionals and in the process changed my attitude and perspective in life. Now, I have become slightly sociable and interested to mingle with different kinds of people.

Name three things that you would never do.

The three things I’ll never do are: First, I’ll never stop believing, Second I’ll never stop hoping and third, I’ll never stop loving.

What do you like to do for fun?
For fun, I’d like to travel to different places. I do hope that one of these days I could bring my family out of the country.

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

A perfect evening for me is spending it at home resting after a hard day’s work in the farm or in school. It is at home that I find comfort and security.

Tell us a little bit about Guinobatan, Albay.

Aside from Mayon Volcano, I am proud to tell you that the people in my province are very hospitable. Guinobatan is home to the famous Guinobatan Longganisa. Also it is the home of the last Bicolano General Simeon A. Ola to surrender to the Japanese during World War II. It is a peaceful place to live in with scenic views.
How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices? 

The only way I can motivate others to practice sustainable living choices is to lead by example. I have gained quite a number of followers and by practicing sustainable living choices myself, I am certain that they would follow suit. This small group can create a ripple effect and hopefully become huge as each of us inspire and encourage others by example.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judge? 

As a future teacher, I am an advocate of learning for the underprivileged. It is hard nowadays to get a formal education because of the high cost of living and education. It pains me in seeing children on the streets and not in school. It is for these street children that my heart goes out to. I would like to spearhead a reading program, build a library and ask some friends to volunteer either as readers or teachers. Of course, this can be easily realized with the help of other people and the support of the local government.

Boxers or Briefs? 

I like boxers because it is comfortable to wear. It is sexy but not too revealing.

Blue or Pink?

Pink because real men wear pink. (Wink. Wink.)

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Derek because of his strong personality.

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Angel because she is a true Filipina beauty.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?
 Thank you to all of you. I want you to know that all my sacrifices for this pageant are nothing compared to your trust prayers and belief in what I can do. Thank you for the friendships – old, new and renewed ones. I love you all.

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Good luck on your Jerson and may the odds be in your favour.


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