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"Put your daily life into a positive one."

"I love helping others and this pageant will help me with my goals in life, to be an ambassador of goodwill."

Tell us a little about yourself, your family background, education?

I'm from Baao, Camarines Sur. Before, I thought that I won't be able to finish my studies but now, I am here sharing the knowledge I acquired from schools. I went on to places to share it with them. I am a gradute of B.S Psychology, I also studied drafting. I love to draw, paint, and craft. I was an athlete from grade school to college and now I'm into acting and modeling. I am proud for all these talents and skills God has gave me unexpectedly.

How did you become interested in pageants?

My interest started when I found out that pageants do help charities. I found this as a way to promote my advocacy and aside from that I want to give pride and honor to our country in this field.

How does it feel to represent Baao, Camarines Sur in Mister United Continents Philippines 2016?

I am proud and happy.

Give three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.

Bubbly, friendly and smiley :-).

Tell us about one life-changing experience in your life.

Changing is part of our life and I am happy to have a lot of believers who believe in me, they are my mentors who discovered me. I am really thankful that I met them. 

Name three things that you would never do.

To argue with politics and religion.
To prepare unhealthy foods.
To be unhappy

What do you like to do for fun?

Playing with my two dogs and do some artwork like paintings.

Tell us a little bit about Baao, Camarines Sur.

Baao is known for "Pintakasi" it is celebrated every August. The only festival at Baao is the Barlin Festival; it commemorates the birthday of the First Filipino Bishop, Jorge I. Barlin. It is celebrated annually during the month of April.

How will you motivate others to practice sustainable living choices?

Educate them by using internet and be a role model.

How would you describe your advocacy to the judges?

Cancer Awareness: the best way to lessen death is to spread  awareness regarding the causes of the disease and to  educate people on how to detect cancer in its early stage.

Boxers or Briefs? 

Boxers, it's comfortable.

Blue or Pink? 

Blue, it makes me happy and lightened my day

Piolo Pascual or Derek Ramsay?

Piolo he is a nice actor and also an ambassador. 

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin?

Angel, she is a perfect girl to marry.

Message to your supporters, friends and family?

I love you everyone and God bless us all.

For more updates about Josh, follow him on his Facebook account: Mister United Continents Philippines - Baao, Camarines Sur.

Thank you Josh and we wish you luck in your journey to this pageant.

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