Who will be the next Miss World Australia 2016?

2:17:00 PM

Miss World Australia 2016 has officially launched! The winner will have the opportunity to compete at Miss World 2016.

The reigning Miss World Australia is Tess Alexander from Brisbane, Queensland. She represented her country at the 2015 Miss World Pageant in London where she made the TOP 10.

Two Australian representatives have won the Miss World title, in 1968 and 1972.

There are no longer swimsuits on the catwalk in Miss World Australia, a pageant boosting its charity focus under the new national director, Deborah Miller, who believes in the event’s motto, “Beauty with a Purpose”.

"Miss World Australia’s mission is beauty with a purpose. Beauty as a means to an end versus beauty for the sake of beauty itself Our contestants will participate along a journey of development, of a philanthropic mindset and heart space. That’s the difference between Ourselves and other pageants", Miller said.

Meet the Miss World Australia 2016 Contestants

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