Kristina Cincurova crowned Miss Slovakia 2016

5:36:00 PM

Kristina Cincurova (center) is Miss World Slovakia 2016. Meanwhile, Michaela Menkyova (left) is Miss International Slovakia while Lenka Tekeljakova (right) is Miss Supranational Slovakia.

Kristina Cincurova won the Miss Slovakia 2016 title, the event was held in Incheba Arena. She was chosen by a panel which includes the national director Karolína Chomistekova.

This year is the 21st anniversary of the pageant and beauties from all over Slovakia where candidates were selected to join the nationals via a series of regional castings. Kristina Cincurova, an 18 year old beauty from Lucenec will represent Slovakia at the Miss World contest.

Kristina Cincurova, Miss Slovakia 20116

The first runner-up of the contest, Michaela Menkyova, will compete in Miss International 2016 pageant. Meanwhile the second runner-up, Lenka Tekeljakova, will compete at Miss Supranational 2016.

Slovakia has not won a crown at the Miss World pageant. The country has only one semifinalist, Karolina Chomistekova, who landed as one of the Top 20 semifinalists in 2013 which was won by Megan Young. 

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