Mr. Real Universe Philippines 2015, Mark Andrew Baron to judge the search for "Ginoo ni Daragang Magayon"

5:22:00 PM

Daragang Magayon is the heroine that appears in the legend of Mt. Mayon in Albay, Philippines. Her name means "beautiful lady" ("daraga" - "lady or maiden"; "magayon" - "beautiful").

The province of Albay will be celebrating its annual celebration, the search for Ginoo ni Daragang Magayon, tonight at 7PM which will be held at Albay Astrodome. This celebration is marked with colorful variety of events, showcasing culture and arts, and tourism and sports.

Mister Real Universe Philippines 2015, Mark Andrew Baron

And one of the men who brought us pride and honor in an international pageant last year will sit as one of the board of judges. Mr. Real Universe Philippines 2015 and Mr. Real Universe Online Popularity and semi finalist, Mark Andrew Baron was invited by the local organizers to judge the said search.

Issa Janda, Mister United Continents Philippines - Polangui, Albay

One of the notable contestant in this year search is Issa Janda who is also representing the Municipality of Polangui, Albay in the national search for the next Mister United Continents Philippines.

The said celebration is made through the initiative of the local organizers guided by the thorough leadership of Gov. Joey Salceda.

For more details, photos and updates about the Daragang Magayon Festival click here!

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