10 Interesting Things You Need to Know About MUCP - Visayas, Jerson Corullo

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Jerson Corullo might have not won any of the 7 major titles but there's no denying that he came out strong during the finals night of Mister United Continents Philippines 2016 after he first appeared on the production number wearing his summer wear and built off his success at the pageant,  striking out during the swimwear and formal wear rounds. He was also one of the finalist for best in Kasuotang Pinoy.

At 20, he has already accomplished far more than most people of his age. He won the Lakan ng Kalakhang Guinobatan 2015 title and Mister United Continents Philippines - Visayas 2016.

Well, as with any other MUCP 2016 winners and models on the rise, we want to know some things about him. So, today, we are going to share with you the things that you ever wanted to know about this young lad from Guinobatan, Albay.

1. He's the youngest in this year's list of winners. Jerson was only 20 when he was named Mister United Continents Philippines - Visayas. He will be turning 21 later this year.

2. He's a Libra man. He was born on the 4th of October.

3. He's a farmer."Taga Bilad ng Palay" is the thing that he usually does in the province. He is proud of that!

4. He's a shy type kind of guy. Contrary to being a libra man which tends to be an extremely sociable individual, Jerson is more of being quiet and keeps himself alone.

5. He's a future educator. Jerson is taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education with the field of concentration in Mathematics at the Community College of Tiwi, Albay.

6. He's SINGLE! He focuses on his studies right now.

7. He won the Lakan ng Kalakhang Guinobatan 2015. He made history by being the first ever winner and automatically qualified as official candidate to Mister United Continents Philippines 2016.

8. He loves to sing! Jerson has opened about his love for music. Saying he really likes to sing but singing does not like him.

Jerson Corullo, recieving a special award.

9.  He's an "easy-go-lucky". Despite being shy and quiet he knows how be carefree and learn to socialize. He made friends during the MUCP pageants.

Jerson during the production numbe waering his summer wear.

10. He's an industrious, loving and god-fearing. Being one of the boys in the family, he took on some roles of his father when he was growing up, like helping in the farm, drying palay, feeding the livestock and a lot of other manual and hard labor to help his mother.

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