A Life in Still Images - The Rise of Artem Levy

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From his hometown in Russia to the Philippines, Artem Levykin or Artem Levy for short has been enthralling people with the beauty of his art in still images. However, life was not always about photography for the Russian dreamer. He pursued a different kind of art, he is a classically-trained pianist and a Master's degree holder of the University of Art in Magnitogorsk, Russia. However his love for beauty in photos inspired him to further hone his craft by learning more and elevating his body of work in photography.

Currently he specializes in high-fashion, advertising and wedding photography and based on personal experiences his work speaks for itself, the images do not appear to be flat or two-dimensional as he manages to display a bit of the raw spirit of the subject. He is an artist who is flexible yet does not want to compromise to get the best shot.

Not to be outdone he is also skilled in digital video giving him that edge over others on the business who are just focused on photos. His most latest noteworthy projects include the official promotional photoshoot for Gentlemen of the Philippines and the official swimwear, and glam shoot of Mister United Continents Philippines 2016.

Not resting on his laurels, Artem scales greater heights as he joins the elite team of famed wedding photographer Lito Sy as a senior photographer. When asked about what keeps him going after 9 years of wedding photography, he admits he still cant get enough of it all and he plans to visit new countries, experience new cultures with only positive emotions and happy couples!

If you are looking for the best photography experience from an artist who always strives for stunning output, Artem Levy is the guy for you.

See his impressive body of work at and

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