Brazil’s Miss Rondonia Mundo CROWNS WRONG WINNER!

3:27:00 PM

Awkward moment unfold. Beauty queen is wrongly crowned!

There was confusion during the Miss Rondonia Mundo contest in north west Brazil - as Leticia Cappatto was given the crown (left) - before it was swiftly removed and given to Karliany Barbosa (right)

The gaucherie comes after Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner last December during the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Colombia had to take the crown on her head and hand it over to Miss Philippines.

And now, Steve Harvey isn’t the only one crowning the wrong beauty pageant winners — a video of northwest Brazil’s Miss Rondonia Mundo contest gone amuck is now going viral.

Leticia Cappatto who was crowned as the winner was left shocked after her crown was removed and given to Karliany Barbosa.

“I didn’t know what to do when it happened,” she said afterwards. “It felt like I was taking part in a scene from a film. I just wanted to leave that place, I felt humiliated.” Cappatto said. “Some of the women said they were going to take legal action but I don’t know what I am going to do yet,” Cappatto added.

Karliany Barbosa, left, was ultimately given the crown in the Miss Rondonia Mundo contest - much to the disappointment of Leticia Cappatto (right)

Cappatto rejects the runner-up sash being placed on her.

Though Cappatto requested a recount, Barbosa was quick to defend her win. “If I won it was on merit. I plan to start preparing myself shortly for the national competition,” she said. “I’ll do so with great pride, respect and professionalism because the contest didn’t just reward beauty, it also rewarded culture, ethics and knowledge about the state of Rondonia.”

Event organiser Gleice Leitte insisted claims by Leticia's camp no-one had been tasked with properly counting the votes were false. She said: "Whoever's saying there wasn't an audit is wrong. If anyone wants to check how each jury member voted, we have a record which people are free to consult."

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