Karin Alis, Yam Kaspers Ashel; Miss Israel World and Universe

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Karin Alia, Miss World Israel 2016

Karin Alia was crowned Miss Israel 2016 on June 6, 2016.  She will be reprsenting Israel at Miss World 2016 pageant. Her first runner-up, Yam Kaspers Ashel, will compete at Miss Universe 2016.

Karin was 18, from Kiryat Gat, is a senior majoring Arts, where she is studying dance and communication.

Yam Kaspers Ashel, Miss Universe Israel 2016

The Miss Israel has handled Miss Universe and Miss World since 1952 and made the International Grand Winners; Rina Messinger (Miss Israel 1976), Miss Universe 1976 and Linor Abargil (Miss Israel 1998), Miss World 1998.

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