Pageant runner-up grabs crown from the winner and places it on her head

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Pageant's second best snatches winner's crown at a Colombian beauty pageant.

Furious runner-up snatches the winner's crown
Another beauty queen has had her crown taken away from her by a jealous second best at Colombia's Miss Bambuco International pageant.

Valentina Bonilla the winner of the said pageant was having her photograph taken by the press who gathered around her when Yeimy Lizeth Sylvester Gamez, the runner up yanked the crown off from her head and put it on her own, with a killer looks while posing for a camera too.

Pageant runner-up grabbed the winner's tiara during a photo shoot and crowned herself

Bonilla remains gracious and poised despite what happened. After a few moments Sylvester returns back the crown on the winners head. She was then escorted off stage.

Miss Amazon 2015; Hayalla ripped off the crown from Toledo's head.

This isn't the first time that happened. In 2015, Sheislane Hayalla also wrenched the crown off from the head of Carolina Toledo and threw it to the ground moments after the result was announced during the Brazil's Miss Amazon 2015 pageant.

Upset and humiliated, Leticia lost her crown to her rival

And just a few months back a Brazilian beauty queen was left shocked ater being wrongly crowned. Leticia Cappatto and Karliany Barbosa were in the running for the title of Miss Rondonia Mundo in northwest Brazil.

Miss Universe 2015: Ariadna Gutierrez mistakenly announced as winner

Also, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was announced as the winner of Miss Universe 2015, only to be stripped moments later of the title and crown because she was actually the second place getter.

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