Catriona Gray wins Miss World Philippines 2016 crown

4:18:00 PM

Miss World Philippines 2016 Winners

23 year-old, Catriona Gray, a model from Albay who garnered all of the special awards walked away with the Miss World Philippines 2016 crown. Gray, bested 23 other candidates during the Miss World Philippines 2016 coronation night held at the The Tent, Manila Hotel on Sunday night.

Gray, also bagged the Best in Swimsuit, Best in Evening Gown, and Best in Fashion Runway.

Arienne Calingo of Pampanga was declared as first princess, Ivanna Pacis of Makati was adjudged second-princess, while, Marah Muñoz of Parañaque and Sandra Lemonon of Pasig were the third and fourth princesses.

Completing the finalist:

#7 Sarah Margarette Joson
#2 Shenna Mae Monrpyo Zaldivar
#24 Yuri Yu Caunca
#12 Arah Alvero Salientes
#23 Ralph Lauren Hernandez Asuncion
#10 Kristine Reyes Lopez
#4 Alyanna Cagandahan

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