Miss Earth 2016 Final Power Rankings

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The Miss Earth 2016 will be crowned tonight. More than 80 stunning beauties from around the world are ready to battle out for the crown and be an earth warrior. While most of the pageant observers are waiting for the finals coronation night, we have ranked 16 lucky ladies who we think have what it takes to make it as a semi finalists. For the past weeks we observed and noticed every girls in the competition, those who remained sophisticated and elegance despite their super busy schedules and activities.

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So here's our list on who are the girls who shine all throughout the competition.

Venezuela's Stephanie De Zorzi has been a huge favorite since 2014. Had she competed that year, she could have easily pulled a back-to-back Miss Earth crown for Venezuela but it wasn't her fate to compete that year. When the news broke this year that she will be Venezuela's representative her charm still there and didn't fade. Well, she's making sure everything will be in her favor. But wait, Ecuador's Katherine Espin could be her threat. Since the arrival of the candidates, Katherine had given all her best to be noticed and recognized, her effort paved way and that made her an instant front-runner who could easily give Ecuador's second Miss Earth crown.

Placing 3rd is a pageant veteran. Corrin Stellakis of USA has previously competed in the Miss Teen USA 2014 pageant and Miss World America 2015 pageant, with her experience she could easily slay other candidates and be the Miss Earth 2016, however in the past days she seems to lack-off and started to fade yet we still believe that she will make it.

Itzel Paola Astudillo of Mexico. Itzel battled out with 30 other candidates during her national pageant. She is a student of Veterinary Medicine. She is an entrepreneur and professional in the networking industry and marketing.

Daughter of Filipino actor, Cloie Skarne representing Sweden started to shine after the press presentation. She bagged several medals and is making way to winning the crown for her country. Do you think she'll be triumphant?

Completing our magic circle of 8 are, Korea's Chae-Yeung Lee, Denmark's Klaudia Parsberg and England's Luissa Burton. These 3 ladies could easily snatch an elemental crown or even the Miss Earth 2016 crown.

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Complete list:


Bubbling Up: Nicaragua, Macau, Myanmar, Guatemala, Austria and Indonesia,

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