Miss Earth 2016 Pre-Arrival Power Rankings

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On October 29, 2016 the next Earth Warrior will be crowned together with her elemental court in Pasay City, Philippines.

This year marks the 16th edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Last year, Philippines was crowned Miss Earth in Vienna, Austria. And it's the first ever back-to-back history of the Miss Earth pageant, where Miss Earth 2014 Jaime Herrell crowned her compatriot.

So, before the arrival of the Miss Earth 2016 candidates TPQ would like to reveal its pre-arrival power rankings.

Leading the pack is the Venezuelan goddess, Stephanie de Zorsi. She's supposed to compete at the Miss Earth 2014 pageant, but was dethroned by the Miss Venezuela Organization. Osmel Sousa, the president of the Miss Venezuela Organization, did not think she was at the right weight to go off and represent Venezuela at the Miss Earth 2014 pageant. She was replaced by Miss Earth Venezuela 2014 Maira Rodríguez who was originally set to compete the following year. But now, there's no stopping her from getting the Miss Earth crown. Just a few days ago, news circulated online that the Miss Venezuela Organization let go the franchise for Miss Earth pageant. Alyz Henrich, Miss Earth 2013 is now the new national director.

Following close behind her is Virginia Hernandez of Panama, a pageant veteran. Hernandez once represented her country at the Miss World 2013 pageant, she  also represented Panama at the World Miss University 2010 where she won the Special Award for Miss Congeniality. She also represented at the Queen of the carnival vodenitsata. With her pageantry experience she is all set to conquer the Miss Earth 2016 pageant.

Placing 3rd is also a pageant veteran. Corrin Stellakis of USA has previously competed in the Miss Teen USA 2014 pageant and Miss World America 2015 pageant.

In fourth place is Brazil's Bruna Zanardo. She was appointed to represent her country by the Miss Earth Brazil national director, Jose Diaz. And rounding up the top 5 is Hungary's Eszter Oczella.

Complete List:

1.Venezuela - Stephanie de Zorsi
2.Panama - Virginia Hernandez
3.USA - Coorin Stellakis
4.Brazil - Bruna Zanardo
5.Hungary - Eszter Oczella
6.Denmark - Klaudia Parsberg
7.Vietnam - Nguyễn Thị Lệ Nam Em
8.Colombia - Michelle Gómez
9.Indonesia - Luisa Andrea Soemitha
10.Philippines - Imelda Schweighart
11.Thailand - Atcharee Buakhiao
12.Russia - Aleksandra Cherepanová
13.Malta - Natalya Galdes
14.Poland - Magdalena Kucharska
15.Australia - Lyndl Kean

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