Miss Earth 2016 Press Presentation: Schweighart, Espin tied for Darling of the Press

4:15:00 PM

On October 11, 2016 the 83 earth warriors was presented to the scrutinizing eyes of the members of the press at the Diamond Hotel in Manila, Philippines. Darling of the press awardees were USA's Corrin Stellakis who bagged the bronze medal, Venezuela's Stephanie De Zorzi was awarded the silver medal while Philippines' Imelda Schweighart and Ecuador's Katherine Espin tied for the gold.

This year, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Palestine sent a delegate to the environtment-themed pageant.

A kurdish woman from Sulaimani is Iraq’s candidate for the 2016 Miss Earth Pageant. She was selected by the Iraqi Beauty Pageant Organization. She is a 21-year-old junior student at Mansour University in Baghdad, studying software engineering. Previously runner-up to Miss Iraq, and was crowned Miss Mesopotamia last year by the Iraqi Beauty Pageant Organization.

Begim Almasbeková is Kyrgyztan's bet while Natali Rantisi is Palestine's representative.

The Miss Earth Pageant is an annual international event held on 29 October in Manila, Philippines, hosting 83 delegates from around the world.

The competition aims to promote environmental awareness.

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