Miss Earth 2016 Week 2 Power Rankings

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Two weeks from now, the reigning Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong will be crowning the new Miss Earth at the MOA Arena in Pasay City.

We met all the candidates during the press presentation held on October 11, 2016 at Diamond Hotel Manila. There were a lot of stunners, but only a few stood out. Early front-runners are playing well their A-game.

This week, USA's Corrin Stellakis jumps up from 3rd place to top. This 19 year-old pageant veteran, who competed in Miss Teen USA 2014 and Miss World America is doing her best in winning the first ever Miss Earth crown for the US. She was awarded bronze for the darling of the press during the press presentation and 1st runner-up during the Miss Earth Hannah.

Klaudia Parsberg of Denmark also jumps up from 6th spot to second. Her beauty is lovely and mesmerizing. She could actually snatch the top plum and win the second Miss Earth crown for her country.

In third spot is Ecuador's Katherine Espin, this lass has been winning gold medals since she arrive. She won the Miss Earth Hannah a sponsor's award and she tied the gold medal with Miss Philippines for the darling of the press award. Will she be the Miss Earth from Ecuador after Olga Alava?

Korea's Chae-Yeung Lee came in as a surprise when we saw her. Her angelic face and aura will definitely shine comes final night. She just needs to work on improving her personality for her to be noticed.

Placing fifth is Stephanie De Zorzi of Venezuela. She's still keeping her momentum despite going down from being number 1 on our previous rankings. Pageant fans and pundits still believe that she's a real stunner and a bullet for Venezuela's next Miss Earth crown.

Check out our complete list: 

1.USA - Corrin Stellakis
2.Denmark - Klaudia Parsberg
3.Ecuador - Katherine Espin
4.Korea - Chae-Yeung Lee
5.Venezuela - Stephanie De Zorzi
6.Colombia - Michelle Gomez
7.Hungary - Eszter Oczella
8.Mexico - Itzel Paola Astudillo
9.Uganda - Priscilla Achieng
10.Panama - Virginia Hernandez
11.England - Luissa Burton
12.Suriname - Svetoisckia Brunswijk
13.Vietnam - Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em
14.Sweden - Cloie Skarne
15.Myanmar - Nang Khine Shwe 
Wah Win
16.Russia - Alexandra Cherepanova

Bubbling Up: Wales, Australia,Peru, Brazil and Philippines

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