Miss Grand International 2016 Final Power Rankings

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On the 25th of October, Claire Parker will crown her successor. Miss Grand International 2016, will be the 4th Miss Grand International pageant, which will be held at the Westgate International Theater, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Over 70 contestants from all over the world will vie for the crown.

Check out which candidate caught our eyes. Who topped our list and who we think have the chance to makw it on top? What do you think of our rankings?

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Leading the pack is Thailand's Supaporn Malisorn, this 22 year-old, Business Administration student, is making sure everything will be in here favor. She does not let beauty alone work for her.  She caught every pageant fans and pundits with her elegance and charm. She is the face of the Miss Grand International 2016 competition.

The pageant ready and sophisticated Debora Medina surely attracted many of the pageant observers. No wonder, she is representing Venezuela. The first ever Miss Grand International for Venezuela is a no way out for sure should she make the first cut.

Philippines' Nicole Cordoves went down from being our top choice to 3rd place. We cannot deny that this lass has been doing well since her arrival in Las Vegas. Her fans are expecting that she'll do good comes final night. She is a good choice for the crown. Nicole previously work as a writer for a finance secretary of the Philippine government, this is her advantage.

Placing fourth is Indonesia's Ariska Pertiwi. She is the strongest winner of Puteri Indonesia, she should have been sent to a bigger international pageant. Ariska is also the face of the Miss Grand International 2016 pageant.

Priscilla Howard of Peru, a motivational speaker is also a good choice for the crown. She can also be a good speaker for the "STOP the WAR" campaign of Miss Grand International. She is a total package.

Penetrating on our top 6 is, Colombia's Juliana Herrera. This 22-year-old, with her unavoidably striking looks is ready for a tough job should the crown be put on her head.

Check out who made it on our list:

1. Thailand - Supaporn Malisorn
2. Venezuela - Debora Paola Medina
3. Philippines - Nichole Cordoves
4. Indonesia - Ariska Putri Pertiwi
5. Peru - Priscilla Howard
6. Colombia - Juliana Florez Herrera
7. USA - Michelle Leon
8. South Sudan - Teresa Yuol
9. Australia - Dani Fitch
10. South Africa - Caitlyn Harty
11. Vietnam - Nguyen Thi Loan
12. Ukraine - Veronika Mykhailyhyn
13. Paraguay - Cindy Nordmann
14. India - Pankhuri Gidwani
15. Netherlands - Floor Masselink

Bubbling Up: Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Romania, Wales

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