Miss International 2016 Final Power Rankings

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On October 27, 70 women will compete in the finale of the Miss International 2016 pageant. Contestants are expected to serve as "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty", demonstrating not only their beauty, but also high morals. The ultimate goal of the Miss International pageant is to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding. The 2016 Miss International Beauty Pageant took place in Tokyo on October 11, until the 27 where they experience Japanese hospitality with traditional activities like tea ceremony, tasting the traditional Japanese food and many others. These experiences will surely last for a life time.

Edymar Martínez from Venezuela will crown her successor at the end of the event.

And before the finals night of the most unpredictable pageant here's our take on who are the girls who will shine and has the chance to walk away with the Miss International crown.

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Leading our list is Philippines' Kylie Verzosa, a professional model and pre-school teacher from the Philippines who graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in Business Management is doing all her best to win the sixth Miss International crown for the Philippines. Her performance and presence in the competition is undeniable and with that she might walk away with the crown, if luck will be on her side.

Coming next to Philippines is, Emilia Seppänen, the angelic blonde girl from Finland has a very huge chance of winning the crown. It can be noticed that Finland has really been successful in the Miss International pageant. That's why there's no doubt that she won't make it, but should she win, it's because of her own merits.

In third place is, Venezuela's Jessica Duarte who is a top favorite to win the crown, Jessica is aiming for a back-to-back win for her country. Her beauty is striking with so much sophistication. Will she make a history in the Miss International pageant?

Placing fourth is Indonesia's Felicia Hwang. This beautiful lady is really determined in giving Indonesia the Miss International crown. No one can just ignore Felicia's charm. After Ariska's who was crowned Miss Grand International 2016, do you think it's Felicia's time to shine?

The beauty of this Nuestra Belleza Mexico finalist is admirable and that's why we put her on our top 5. She's one of the huge favorite to win the Miss International crown tonight. Geraldine Ponce could be the next Miss International from Mexico.

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Completing List:

1.Philippines - Kylie Verzosa
2. Finland - Emilia Seppänen
3.Venezuela - Jessica Duarte
4. Indonesia - Felicia Hwang
5.Mexico - Geraldine Ponce
6. Poland - Magdalena Bieńkowska
7.Russia - Alisa Manenok
8.Puerto Rico - Gabriela Berrios
9.Japan - Junna Yamagata
10.Belarus - Palina Tsehalka
11.New Zealand - Jessica Tyson
12.Guadeloupe - Presile Adolphe
13.Hungary - Csillag Szabó
14.Denmark - Sara Danielsen
15. Vietnam - Phạm Ngọc Phương Linh

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