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Miss World Philippines 2016 Power Rankings

Miss World Philippines 2016 Power Rankings

Tonight, the new Miss World Philippines will be crowned at the The Tent City, Manila Hotel. But before that, here's our final power rankings.

Top bet for the Miss World Philippines 2016 crown is the undisputed and unstoppable Catriona Gray. She has proven a lot of times that the pageant is over and the crown is hers by reaping all the of the special and sponsors awards. The rest of the candidates will only battle out for the first to fourth princess placements.

Coming next to Catriona is, Mutya ng Pilipinas alumna, Marah Muñoz, indeed, she's also one of the anticipated candidates that will surely bring home a runner-up placement. In third place is, Sandra Lemonon, who captured the attention of the pageant pundits by her charismatic appeal. Ralph Lauren Asuncion and Sarah Margaret Joson will complete our final 5.

Making it to the Top 12 are:

6. Vinnie Quianqco
7. Ivanna Pacis
8. Jan Helen Villanueva
9.  Alyanna Cagandahan
10. Shaina Sazon
11. Arianne Calingo
12. Maria Prose



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