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Halima Aden makes history, wears burkini and hijab duing the Miss Minnesota pageant

Halima Aden makes history as the first woman to compete wearing a burkini during the Miss Minnesota pageant.

19-year-old Halima Aden made history as the first ever woman to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant wearing a hijab, also the first ever to wear a burkini during the swimsuit competition of the said pageant.

Aden, a Somali-American wears hijab for the entire competition, she pairs it with a full-body swimsuit and a covered-up evening dress. She is one of the 45 contestants in the pageant that continues Sunday, is competing to represent Minnesota in the Miss USA pageant in 2017.

“A lot of people will look at you and will fail to see your beauty because you’re covered up and they’re not used to it. So growing up, I just had to work on my people skills and give people a chance to really know me besides the clothing," she said. “Be who you are. It’s easy to feel like you have to blend in, but it takes courage to live your life with conviction and embrace the person that y…

PH bet fails to win a back-to-back Miss Globe crown, adjudged third runner-up

Nichole Manalo, Bb. Pilipinas Globe went on to compete for a back-to-back victory in Tirana, Albania on November 25, 2016 but she failed to make it. 
Manalo, a huge favorite to win the Miss Globe 2016 crown was adjudged as 3rd runner-up on an informal announcement via Facebook live made by the national director of Miss Globe Canada who was present during the finals night.
She explained that the hosts failed to announce the third and fourth runners-up during the show, and that it was an honest mistake.
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Aside from winning third runner-up, Manalo was also awarded the Dream Girl of the World.

Nichole Manalo is the sister of Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2009 Bianca Manalo and Bb. Pilipinas World 2002 Katherine Ann Manalo.
Also, announced as fourth runner-up is Miss South Africa.

India's Dimple Patel wins Miss Globe 2016

Dimple Patel of India bested over 40 other candidates during the finals night of the Miss Globe 2016 pageant held in Tirana, Albania on November 25, 2016. Patel is the first woman from her country to win the Miss Globe crown. She was crowned by the outgoing Miss Globe 2015, Ann Lorraine Colis of the Philippines.
Colombia's Yenny Carillo and Albania's Kristina Skurra were named the first and second runners-up, respectively.
The candidates from, South Africa, Kosovo, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Estonia, China and Thailand completed the semi-finalists. 
Special Awards
Miss Bikini: Soth Africa Miss Disco Queen: Nigeria Miss Talent: Canada & Moldova Miss Dream Girl of the World: Philippines Miss Internet: Thailand Miss Elegance: Thailand Miss Tourism: Montenegro Miss Intercontinental: Ghana Miss Golden Girl: Finland Miss Friendship: Armenia Best in National Costume: Malaysia

A secret beauty pageant for Transgender Women in Indonesia

Due to fear of violence a group of transgender women in Indonesia held a secret beauty paggeant inn Jakarta, Indonesia with only invited media personalities. Also, organizers asked the supporters not to share the images on social media during the pageant out of fear.

Contestants competed for a trophy and 10 million rupiah ($1000USD).

28-year-old Pie Nabh Tappii won the title of Miss Transgender Indonesia, defeating 18 other contestants to become number one.
Tappii was so happy for her win. “I am happy, but I want to cry as well … I didn’t expect this,” she said.
The pageant was kept under wraps as violence towards the LGBT community is on the rise in Indonesia.


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