Laura Lehman is Miss World Philippines 2017

Miss World Philippines 2017 winners. Photo Courtesy: Josh Rodriguez

24-year-old, UAAP court side reporter and model was crowned Miss World Philippines 2017 at the revamped coronation night.

Laura Lehman attended high school at the International School of Manila. She was a touch rugby and softball player during this time. She also had subsequently accepted a scholarship to Occidental College in the US.

Lehman will be competing at the Miss World 2017 pageant later this year.

Winwyn Marquez, Miss Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas

Making it to the winners' circles are Winwyn Marquez, Miss Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas; Cynthia Tomalla, Miss Eco Philippines; Sophia Senoron, Miss Multinational; Glyssa Perez, 1st Princess and Zara Carbonell, 2nd Princess.

Top 10:

24 Zara Carbonell
35 Sofia Senoron
9 Teresita Ssen Marquez
32 Cynthia Thomalla
3 Glyssa Perez
28 Shiela Reyes
6 Jona Sweett
15 Laura Lehman
14 Cristina Coloma
26 Janela Cuaton

Miss World Philippines 2017 Top 15:

Sports: Glyssa Perez
Talent: Winwyn Marquez
Beach Beauty: Winwyn Marquez
Top Model: Cynthia Thomalla
Multimedia winner: Laura Lehmann
Zara Carbonell
Ella Lubag
Gabriela Ortega
Cristina Coloma
KC Cajandig
Chelsea Manalo
Sheila Reyes
Noelle Uy-Tuazon
Jona Sweett
Sophia Senoron
Janela Joy Cuaton

Special Awards:

Miss Body Spa - Cynthia Thomalla 32
Miss Best Skin- Janela Cuaton 26
Miss Cosmo Skin- Laura Lehmann 15
Miss Savoy Hotel Boracay - Wyn Wyn Marquez #7
Zalora People's Choice - Kathryn Cudiamat (13)
Ms. Photogenic - 32 Cynthia Thomalla
Best in Long Gown - 32 Cynthia Thomalla
Ms. BYS Philippines - 15 Laura Lehmann

Miss World Philippines 2017 Final Power Rankings

The revamped Miss World Philippines with its new organization will crown its winners tonight, September 3, 2017. Four crowns are at stake; Miss World Philippines, Miss Multinational Philippines, Miss Eco International and Reina Hispanoamericana Philippines. Who do you think will shine the brightest?

Below is our final power rankings.

Miss World Philippines - Wynwyn Marquez
Reina HispanoAmericana - Cynthia Tomalla
Miss Eco International - Janela Cuaton
Miss Multinational - Laura Lehman

Princesses and Spoilers: Jona Sweet and Sheila Reyes

Mary Esther Were works with SMILE TRAIN Africa

Miss Universe Kenya 2016 Mary Esther Were worked with Smile Train Africa as a part of National Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness Month. Mary Esther visited AIC-CURE International where she met with parents and children who were awaiting surgery and who had undergone surgery.

Mary Esther Were, Miss Universe Top 6 finalist.

Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides training, funding and resources to local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities.

Source: Miss Universe

Cailín Áine Ní Toibín is Miss Universe Ireland 2017

Miss Cork Cailin Aine Ni Toibin was crowned Miss Universe Ireland 2017. Photo Courtesy: Brian McEvoy

The 23-year-old model and sales associate with Brown Thomas from Cork took home the title at Thursday night's newly revamped Miss Universe Ireland pageant, taking the crown from Joanna Cooper, who was given the title in 2015.

Ireland wasn't represented in the 2016 Miss Universe pageant which was held in the Philippines, but it's new franchise owner Brittany Mason, has high hopes for Toibin who will represent Ireland at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant in November.

"We have to have a representative every year, it's so important. Not only is she representing the people that are living on the Emerald Isle, she's also representing the Irish spirit that lives within 45 million people around the world".

Ní Toibín is not novice in the world of pageantry - she was a runner up at the Miss Cork pageant in 2015 and has been busy working on her experience with Lockdown Models.

"My parents are my number one fans at the moment. They are hugely supportive. My grandmother even lights candles for me. Representing my country on an international stage would be a dream come true," Ni Toibin said.

Miss United Kingdom 2017 Returns her crown after being told to lose weight

Zoiey Smale, Miss United Kingdom 2017

Zoiey Smale, 28. was crowned Miss UK in June. She's supposed to compete in the Miss United Continents pageant this September in Ecuador where Philippines' Jeslyn Santos won the crown in 2016. But she handed over her crown and pulled-out of the competition. In her lengthy Facebook post, she said that she was told "to lose weight".

"It's shocks me more than anything that there are still pageants out there who only view size 00 girls as role models. Let me tell you something, pageant girls are more than just a number on a clothing tag. Real queens empower others, are intelligent and help communities come together. Just to name a few.
Having been in the industry for over 10 years I have seen it all, from amazing competitions to international pageant directors bullying young aspiring girls into believing the only way to be successful is to be thin. I'm speaking from first hand as 8 years ago I was one of those girls. Those rogue competitions that claim to be pageants.. yet insist you eat less, parade around in a bikini for a few days and sit at the arm of a man over dinner whilst pushing an olive around a plate... Honey let me tell you, this is NOT a pageant. I was branded 'fat' because I am size 10. I actually believed that I was so disgusting that no one would ever love me. How sad is that?
After coming out of my retirement for one last 'Miss' competition I win another national title. It was supposed to be a positive experience as pageants have really changed in the last decade. I love seeing queens on my news feeds promoting giving through charity work, educating themselves, eating well and enjoying life. Those women know how hard it is to be a queen and run a normal life along side everything else. It saddens me that even still, there are pageant directors who believe you must be skinny to be beautiful.
After being asked to lose weight and go on a diet plan for an international competition, I have withdrawn. Some of you may think this is cowardly, however I don't think it is the right to have my face representing a pageant ethos I do not believe in. I will be handing back my crown and wish the new title holder the very best of luck.
I love me and will not change for anyone. My body has carried me through my 20+ years of being on this earth, allowed me to have a career I am very proud of, carry a child and the best thing of all, my body has never given up on me. I have had some really amazing experiences through being in the pageant industry and made some lifelong friends and memories. However I don't believe anyone should be able to manipulate you and dull your sparkle.
If a pageant doesn't want to utilise my capabilities because I am a size 10 then it's their loss. I want to thank all of my sponsors and supporters through my comeback. If anything, we have raised money for charity and made differences to other people's lives!! I am really proud of everything collectively we have achieved. I am not here to name and shame, however I wanted to be honest with you all as to why I will not be participating in the competition. I am so thankful for my experience in the run up and over the course of my reign. It has opened up my eyes to situations I will never put myself in again. Thank you to the national judges for seeing a winner in me. Thank you to the national director for being so supportive and understanding. I wish you the best of luck for the future. 
It's a case of right girl, wrong pageant ❤️
All in all we never know when our time on this earth is up.. so love yourself, eat a bit of cake and laugh until your belly hurts. ❤️
No negativity needs to be spread here. Everyone is entitled to their own option if everyone liked tea there would be no need for coffee.

Love to you all."

The City of San Fernando Crowns Its New Queen in Style

It's all a big fiesta San Fernando style. The city is dressed up and the townspeople are giddy with delight for the main event, it was time to crown the newest town queens Miss City of San Fernando and Miss Barangay 2017.
A project of the City of San Fernando LGU, the event kicked off with a press presentation and talent show last March 12th. The 19 official candidates were able to impress the judges with their beauty and charm:
1. Camille Era L. Bulatao
2. Kahreen Lou Mondina
3. Micamelle Ducusin
4. Maricar Orque
5. Jay-mi Reusser
6. Audrey Baniqued
7. Alec Alexis Flores
8. Michelle Gurtiza
9. Cris Doctolero
10. Ailyn Grace Mae Santos
11. Ellaine Loice Pascua
12. Jonryl Anne Navora
13. May Ann Soriano
14. Joana Marie Rimando
15. Almira Penafel
16. Donnabelle Erno
17. Angelita Soliven
18. Aileen Grace Cabiladas
19. Anne Margareth Sanglay

Come March 20th the ladies came out in style wearing chic opening dresses and swimsuits by Jeffrey Rogador, who also thoughtfully directed the whole pageant. They then came out in gowns of their own choosing, all in shades of blue as a tribute to the clear blue seas of San Fernando. At this point the crowd was in awe and the ladies definitely brought their A-game.
A multitude of special awards were given however, the following candidates came out strong and got the following major special awards: 
Best in Swimwear - 19. Anne Margareth Sanglay
Best in Long Gown - 16. Donnabelle Erno
Best Gown Designer - 16. Donnabelle Erno
As hosts Marc Nash and Bea Rose Santiago nicely put, the judges had a tough time selecting the Top 10 semifinalists, however it had to be done. The lucky ladies who made it to the top 10 were:
16. Donnabelle Erno
19. Anne Margareth Sanglay
9. Cris Doctolero
17. Angelita Soliven
15. Almira Penafel
13. May Ann Soriano
12. Jonryl Anne Navora
7. Alec Alexis Flores
4. Maricar Orque
11. Ellaine Loice Pascua

The Top 10 were asked a question each, showcasing their quick wit and composure in front of a sellout crowd. After that the following ladies were called out as the Top 5 Finalists:
16. Donnabelle Erno
19. Anne Margareth Sanglay
9. Cris Doctolero
17. Angelita Soliven
7. Alec Alexis Flores

The finalists each got to choose a question from a judge and the crowd was entertained with how they handled the questions and the pressure. After a thorough deliberation, here is the official results:
Miss City of San Fernando 2017: Donabelle Erno
Miss Barangay 2017: Anne Margareth Sanglay
1st Runner-up: Cris Doctolero
2nd Runner-up: Angelita Soliven
3rd Runner-up: Alec Alexis Flores

I was able to do a quick interview with the winners and I must say they are more beautiful up-close and just as adept in expressing themselves:  
Kudos to the City of San Fernando LGU and STRAM Inc for a successful event, the winners were beautiful and the entertainment provided by Elmo Magalona, Janella Salvador and Boyband PH kept the crowd going.
The day after the pageant, I was walking on the sands along Poropoint Thunderbird's shores when a couple approached me and excitedly told me " We have a new Miss". I guess that is how they treat their Misses here, as queens. You can definitely tell that these ladies will have the best reign ever and I am already excited for next year hearing them sharing about their wonderful year as queens of the City of San Fernando.

Special thanks to Airwind Bautista of ATIN for making this coverage possible. 

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Instagram: thepageantqueensorg

Miss Universe Malta 2016, Martha Fenech caught with 2Kg of Coccaine?

It's a shocking news circulating on social media that Martha Fenech, Miss Universe Malta 2016 was arrested at at London's Heathrow airport for trying to smuggle two kilos of cocaine hidden in two bags of coffee inside two suitcases. But she expressed she disappointments on the news.

"Such a report can be very harmful. People who know me immediately laughed it off, but several other contacted me to know if I'm OK. Other 'girls' apparently were only happy to share the fake news item," she told Times of Malta.

"This is a very serious accusation. It taints my name, it taints Malta's name," she said, stating that she intends to report the claim to the cyber police.

She commented on a Facebook post saying, "I do hope that you all realise that the current news being shared about me is completely FAKE!!

Regards from Malta...not the UK."

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on Asia's Next Top Model

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 Judges

Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach just confirmed her appearance in Asia's Next Top Model by posting on her Instagram, “Catch the season premiere on April 5 as I judge to find Asia’s Next Top Model.” Aside from being on AsNTM and ending her reign as Miss Universe, she signed a contract with IMG, a global talent agency.

Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t have a bigger role,” Pia told Rappler, “Obviously Miss Universe was the priority, but I’m very happy to be part of the show. I think its exciting, I think it’s great, and you know what, let’s see if a Filipino will win this time.” 

 “It happened very close to the coronation night, which meant that I had to really make use of the time that I was in Singapore to shoot it,” she added.

Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Week 1 Power Rankings

The most prestigious pageant in the country, Bb. Pilipinas revealed this year's official candidate. With 6 titles at stakes 40 hopefuls can win any of the crowns.

The 2017 edition of Bb. Pilipinas is flocked with repeaters and crossovers, expect that the battle for the crown at stake is that high.

Topping our week 1 power rankings is no other than Bb. Pilipinas gold alumna, Mariel De Leon. She finished at top 15 during the 2013 Bb. Pilipinas pageant, now she is back fully loaded with bullets to win a crown. Coming up next to her is Miss Global Philippines runner-up, Sirene Sutton who could easily win any crowns and shout Philippines internationally.

In third place is another Bb. Pilipinas gold alumna who was a heavy front runner back then but ended up placing in the top 15, she is, Charmaine Elima. She's back with vengeance, this time making sure that she will be crowned. Coming fourth, fifth and sixth are; Rachelle Peters, Angelique De Leon and Jezha Huelar.

Complete List:

Week 1 Power Rankings

1.Mariel De Leon
2.Sirene Sutton
3. Charmaine Elima
4. Rachelle Peters
5. Angelique De Leon
6. Jezha Huelar
7. Nelda Ibe
8. Liezel Ramos
9. Gail Tobes
10. Dindi Pajares
11. Chanel Thomas
12 Lara Lacap
13. Dane Marasigan
14. Arienne Calingo
15. Katarina Rodriguez

Samantha Katie James is Miss Universe Malaysia 2017

Samantha Katie James is the new Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 beating out 16 other finalists, she is of Malysian-Brazilian-Chinese decent. James was crowned by Kiran Jassal at The Majestic Hotel on February 23. She will now represent the country at the Miss Universe 2017.

“I’ve come a long way, I honestly never expected this because everyone here was so amazing; they performed so well, such smart, beautiful girls. The only thing that I had and I kept telling myself was to keep believing in what I wanted and keep visualizing that I will be there, and I finally reached my dreams,” she said.

James joined Miss Universe Malaysia for the second time, her first attempt was back in 2013 and she was one of the top 8 semi-finalists.

“I joined this before when I was 18, and I did not make it. I wasn’t ready then but I knew this time around that I'm ready and I’m here now!” she added.

Her court includes Dana Low, first runner-up; Ollemadthee Kunasagaran, second runner-up; and Laura Simon, third runner-up.

Meet the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Official Candidates

Charmaine Elima

Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc., announced the the names of the 40 official candidattes for this year's Bb. Pilipinas pageant.

On February 27, 2017 96 women were called back for the final screening, and trimmed down to 55 before the final 40 official candidates were named.

BPCI selects the Philippines' bet to Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Globe, and Miss Grand International.

Below are the lucky women who made it to the official list:

Ana Patricia Asturias
Leitz Camyll M. Ang
Jessica M. Ramirez
Dane Felisse R. Marasigan
Mae Lanie Chan
Arienne Louise Braga Calingo
Maria Gail Devora Tobes
Gabriela Patricia M. Ortega
Katarina Sonja A. Rodriguez
Joselle S. Mariano
Kristi Rose D. Cequeña
Rachel Peters
Maria Camille P. Manalo
Jennyline Carla F. Malpaya
Vanessa N. Saliba
Juliana M. Kapeundl
Ma. Bejieleen T. Nama
Thoreen D. Halvosen
Sarah Jireh C. Asido
Arah A. Salientes
Beatrice O. Valente
Mae Liezel J. Ramos
Larah Grace Lacap
Clarice Marion E. Villareal
Chanel Olive V. Thomas
Nelda C. Ibe
Christagale Borja
Ruffa Nava
Angelique Celine L. De Leon
Jamaica Elysse D. Ambal
Karla May R. Manongsong
Dindi Joy Pajares
Kimberly L. Pajares
Maria Angelica A. De Leon
Sirene Sutton
Charmaine F. Elima
Jehza Mae Huelar
Elizabeth Durado Clenci
Kristel N. Guelos
Sammie Anne L. Legaspi

Miss Universe Denmark claims she was bullied

Mr Hamilton, right, pictured with his former husband Anders de Voss, left, owner of Face of Denmark, and Christina Mikkelsen, center.

Miss Universe Demark, Christina Mikkelsen was stripped of her title this month when her ex-boyfriend was accused of money laundering.

The 24-year-old pageant royalty was told of her dethronement on a Danish TV show. Face of Denmark runs the national beauty contest, emailed the show to tell them she was losing her crown.

After her dethronement, Mikkelsen have talked to media and told them her side of story, saying her life was "made hell" former national co-director of Miss Universe Denmark, John Paul Hamilton who ordered her to lose weight and said she looked like a drag queen. She also discuss the poor treatment she had allegedly received from John Paul Hamilton.

"He made my life hell. He called me stupid, lazy and selfish. Sometimes I'd be scared to check my phone when I woke up because he sent me so many abusive messages." She said.

Rumors: Could she be the first openly gay Miss Universe winner?

It's been a week since Miss France Iris Mittenaere was crowned Miss Universe 2016 and now she is making a noise and is rumored to possibly be a lesbian. Whatever her sexuality is, it doesn't make her a lesser of a person, it would rather help the LGBT community as she can and will promote equality. She can definitely make a change.

Speculation started on social medial after she won, when people started checking her social media accounts. On her Instagram posts, photos of her were found with fellow beauty queen, Camille Cerf, Miss Universe France 2014. 

Iris and Camille appear to be unusually sweet together, which led people to think that they are dating.

See Photos below:

Miss France Iris Mittenaere is Miss Universe 2016!

Miss France Iris Mittenaere is Miss Universe 2016!

Finally after 64 years since French beauty Christiane Martel won the coveted major international title, the Miss Universe crown is now back to France. That was the longest interval year before a country won its second Miss Universe crown.

Miss Haiti and Miss Colombia were the 1st and second runners-up, respectively.

Our very own Miss Philippines Maxine Medina settled in the TOP 6 placement with Misses Kenya and Thailand.

Girls from the Canada, Mexico and the USA made it to the TOP 9.

Completing the list of the TOP 13 semifinalists are Brazil, Indonesia and Paraguay and Peru.

Early favorite Miss Venezuela failed to place in this year's edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

65th Miss Universe Final Power Rankings

There could be a lot of surprises this year, maybe more than the usual. We did consider a lot of things and we so here's our final power rankings.

We have several schools of thought here after the recent hearsays littery scattered about her but we thought it is time for Venezuela to shine again! Isn't it a better choice? Who wouldn't love seeing Mariam Habach being crowned Miss Universe. Mariam certainly looks like she could equal the number of USA's Miss Universe crown. She does have a commanding performance and presentation that was devine. Apart from that, she carries herself very well and really impressed all the pageant fans. Well, for sure she has a lot of surprises for us.

Are we ready to see a history of a back-to-back win again? Say everything you will say but Philippines' Maxine Medina is just unstoppable to win her country's fourth Miss Universe. Her styling, the body movements and that emeral green gown during the preliminary. She is unforgettable, we just can't help but put her next to Venezuela as they were the greatest performers of the preliminary. Way to go Maxine, prove your worth and be the next confidently beautiful Miss Universe.

They have been longing for the crown, it's been 2 decades since they last won their Miss Universe crown. This year, they sent a strong and top contender, Thailand's Chalita Suansane has the charm and appeal that we can't deny. She is too strong to be ignored. She also gave a solid preliminary perfromance that is noticeable. Make your way to winning the crown, Chalita!

Another placement or crown for Mexico? Very possible! After her top 8 placement in Miss Earth 2013, Kristal Silva has returned to Philippines to win their third Miss Universe crown. Kristal caught our attention since arrivals and she has a beaming smile, a fantastic body. There's no way that she won't make it on top. Viva! Mexico!

Dominican Republic's Sal Garcia was impressive as expected. It was interesting
that despite her struggle to compete for the Miss Universe crown she didn't give up, instead she gave her all and delivered a sophisticated and elegance performance during the preliminaries.She has the charisma and stage presence to place high.

Will it be crown #2 for the world capital of fashion and beauty?  France has been placing since 2009  (except 2013) and this resurgence is due to the efforts of Sylvie Teller and the steps she took to modernize the Miss France pageant. Iris shows us old school glamour and modern pageant skills.  Her body is perfect, her evening gown is a dream and she just glides with effortless grace.  With Iris as their representative,  France is in very good hands.

Completing our top 13 are; Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Spain, Brazil, Aruba, Nicaragua and USA.

Who among these ladies will be crowned by the outgoing Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

65th Miss Universe Final Bets

After I observed the contestants and formulated thoughts during their activities I ended up these girls as my final picks. Surely, it is going to be exciting on January 30, 2017 when truth unfolds and crown the confidently beautiful woman with a heart in the universe.

Leading the pack is Mariam Habach of Venezuela lives up to her sash, she ate the stage and demonstrated that during preliminaries. Her presentation skills was superb, her great body and commanding performance during the swimsuit was spectacular, the gown execution was devine. Well, she is Venezuelan, what can we expect?! Are we going to see another Venezuelan wearing the DIC crown? It's a no way out with Mariam's stage presence. Venezuela might tie up with USA's eight Miss Universe crown.

Who wouldn't love Dominican Republic's Rosalba Garcia or known as Sal Garcia? She has a story to tell. She's so warm, calm, charming and classy. During the preliminaries she gave her all and delivered well. Her stage presence was serene.

Thailand's Chalita Suansane is a heavy favorite amongst pageant pundits, she's always included in their predictions. Prior to the preliminaries, I thought she was just hyped but no, she convinced me with her performance. With the support of her people cheering her on, she is expected to make a very strong showing and could win Thailand's third Miss Universe crown.

I absolutely love Philippines' Maxine Medina. I really wanted to put her on top, wanted her to make history and win the elusive back-to-back Miss Universe crown. Don't get me wrong, why I placed her fourth. I based this on her preliminary performance and so with the other girls. Should she make it to top 6, it's a surewin that she's going to make it to top 3. Her beauty is mesmerizing, her smile is captivating and her sweetness on stage during the prelims was adorable. Oh, I forgot, how about her support system? Filipinos are known to be the best pageant fans in the world. That adds up to her advantage and it boosts her confidence. Go Max!

Mexico's Kristal Silva is a head-turner. As expected, Mexico is prepared to comeback and win their third Miss Universe crown after Ximena Navarette won in 2010. Kristal's performance speaks for herself, she is expected to place higher after her top 8 finish in Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

Noelia Freire of Spain is pretty striking,  undeniable, and effortless. Her vibrant personality fits to be a queen. Spain won their first Miss Universe crown in 1974 which was held also in the Philippines, now it would be great seeing her crowned again in this country and I can totally see her winning should she maintain her aura and elegance. (Miss Universe 1974, Amparo Muñoz)

Now, completing my final 12 are; Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, USA and Nicaragua.

Ooopps! Would I just ignore France's Iris Mittenaere? I didn't include her in my top 12 because I wanted her to be the most pleasant surprise of the night. If everyone is predicting her to be part of the top 12, well, I am not. I debated myseld whether to include her or not and so I decided to make her as a surprise. But worry no more, as just announced it's no longer top 12 but top 13. Iris has pure sophistication and charm, but I find her forgettable. Prove me wrong, Iris!

Aruba, Haiti, Curacao, Costa Rica and Jamaica could pull upsets too! Well, I am not closing doors of possibility that they might steal others chances on the finals night.

These ladies, are the ones who stayed strong and remained remarkable! Anyone from them will be crowned Miss Universe.

#ThrowbackThursday : Miss Universe in the Philippines and its representatives

The first time Miss Universe pageant held in the Philippines was in 1974 at the Folk Arts Theater in Manila.

18 year-old, Guadalupe Sanchez represented the  country. Spain's Amparo Muñoz was crowned Miss Universe 1974. Sanchez finished as semi-finalist.

20 years later the Miss Universe pageant was once again held in the Philippines. Charlene Gonzales was the country's representative and she finished 6th to India's Sushmita Sen.

This year, Philippines hosted the Miss Universe pageant for the third time after 22 years. Maxine Medina is the country's representative.

Medina is not only the host delegate but she's also gunning for a back-to-back Miss Universe crown. It will be the third time that Philippines will try to clinch the elusive back-to-back title which only Venezuela has ever achieved in 2008 and 2009.

Will it be the first time in history that a host country will win the back-to-back title?

Meet the 65th Miss Universe Preliminary Judges

The Preliminary competition will be held tonight, January 26, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena which will be hosted by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Derek Ramsay, joining them will be  the preliminary judges.

Dayanara Torres: Former UNICEF ambassador and Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, author, model, actress and former Miss Universe from Puerto Rico.  Dayanara says she's looking for this in the next Miss Universe:  "I'm looking forward to finding a woman who can handle herself with grace and confidence through her journey with this prestigious title. I understand it's a beauty pageant however beauty will not be the only factor. Personality and confidence will blow the judges away every time!"

Sushmita Sen: Bollywood actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and champion of women’s rights in India; founder of I AM Foundation and former Miss Universe from India. 

Riyo Mori: Japanese actress, dancer, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2007. 

Leila Lopes: First Miss Universe from Angola and former United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Desertification currently working with various charitable organizations in Africa.

Other Judges are:

Mickey Boardman: Editorial Director of popular fashion and pop-culture magazine, PAPER.
Cynthia Bailey: TV star, former model, and founder of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, a modeling and fashion school dedicated to helping young women achieve their dreams. 

Francine LeFrak: Social entrepreneur, women’s empowerment activist and founder of Same Sky, initiative that provides training and employment to HIV+ women survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.

Fred Nelson: President/Executive Producer of the People's Choice Awards, the annual live broadcast celebrating fan favorites in movies, music and TV. Fred says the next Miss Universe must have these qualities: "Each incredible contestant for Miss Universe possesses these ABCs: she's accomplished, beautiful and charismatic. I look for that extra spark, the unique quality which demonstrates her ability to be both the global representative of the organization and a passionate advocate for her causes."

Cynthia Bailey: Former model and founder of The Bailey Agency (a modeling/fashion school dedicated to helping young women achieve their dreams).  Current cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is what she wants in the next Miss Universe: "I am looking for the full package. Someone who embodies confidence, intelligence, personality, style and grace. And course beauty; inner beauty as well as other beauty."

Rob Goldstone: Former journalist, publicist and international marketing director.  In the next Miss Universe, Rob says: "The new Miss Universe should be someone who uses this incredible platform for the good of humanity. She will not just look confidently beautiful, but have that special x-factor---and i think I've already seen a few."

Miss Universe Week 4 Power Rankings

In the past 3 weeks there have been a constant change in our power rankings and this week is  not exception. From our last rankings we have Philippines who topped the list but on our newest rankings she fell short and went down.

Leading our preliminary rankings we have Brazil's Raissa Santana. This girl has always had the same hair styling in the past pageant activities but during the national auction gift she surprised us. Her elegance and sophistication proves that she is one of the threats for the crown.

In second spot is Marina Jacoby of Nicaragua who we can say the face of the competition. Her aura makes her the girl to keep an eye for. Everyone seem to love this lass, her modelling experience will help her clinch the crown for sure. Let's wait and see!

She lost her momentum after what happened during her arrival but Colombia's Andrea Tovar won't settle for less. She's back in the game and is proving everyone that she's in the competition to win the crown.

Still securing a spot and is in fourth place is Mexico's Kristal Silva. She dressed well and is always looking glamorous. Her incredible beauty will help her shine and bring her country the third Miss Universe crown.

Making it in fifth place is the Philippines' Maxine Medina. Indeed, Maxine is the force to reckon with. There's no doubt that she may bring the back-to-back crown for the Philippines.

Complete List:

Sierra Leone

Miss Universe and Maxine Medina's Possible Back-to-Back Miss Universe crown

Miss Universe Philippines, Maxine Medina

It was an Asian black out in the 2009 Miss Universe pageant, European delegates dominated the semi-finalists and the Latina beauty Stefania Fernandez pulled off the first ever back-to-back Miss Universe crown in 2009, first time in the history of the Miss Universe pageant.

This year, will it be an Asian domination in the 65th Miss Universe pageant? Do you think, Maxine Medina can win the first ever back-to-back Miss Universe crown for her country?

It seems that Asian countries are dominating the 65th Miss Universe pageant if we are to base on the recent activities that was held. Different pageant sites are predicting that Chalita Suansane of Thailand, Kezia Warouw of Indonesia and Philippines' Maxine Medina are the heavy front-runners that will give the rest of the candidates a run for their money. But do not count out Miss Vietnam, Miss Malaysia and Miss India just yet, they too, has a huge chance in making it to the top 12.

Philippines' back-to-back Miss Universe chance

Philippines's Maxine Medina has a very huge chance in winning the crown. Despite the fact that it's very arduous to do it, Maxine is putting everything in the right place. Her tremendous preparation and training adds up to her chances. Regardless if the pageant is held in her homeland, it's a no question that she deserves it should she win the crown.The Miss Universe pageant crowned Denise Quinoñes in her country back in 2001 when the 50th Miss Universe pageant was held in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Maxine showed up a consistent and elegant styling in all pageant activities. She is so far the most stylish and prepared to win the crown.

Having the pageant in a pageant crazy nation adds up to Maxine's advantage, her support system would be very huge.

65th Miss Universe Early Bets

The most important pageant in the Universe will crown its winner on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. This year, more than 80 candidates are going to fight for the DIC crown which was won by the Philippines' Pia Wurtzbach in December 2015.

The candidates has arrived and they gave everyone a lucid sense on who are the real front-runners and potential spoilers. The game is on but for sure, it'll change in the coming days.

At this moment, I'd like to present my initial picks per continents based on how they impressed me since they arrived.


There are only two delegates from Africa who stood out. These two will surely battle out on who's going to make it, with lots of stunners will they shine?

Sierra Leone's Hawa Kamara is making a history by being the first in 65 years to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. She was ignored at first but everyone noticed her Flaviana Matata, Miss Universe Tanzania 2007 arrive. This lass, hopes to advocate and raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

With her fierceness will she also make history as the first to win the Miss Universe crown for her country and the first bald woman to win the crown?

Africa's Mary Esther Were, is a 27-year old Marketing Administrator for CNBC and Forbes Africa. She is one of the striking black delegates in this year's competition. Her country has never won nor placed in the Miss Universe pageant since 1987. With her statuesque beauty and charm, don't you think it's time for Kenya to make it this time?


The latinas are leading the pack in this continent, making sure they won't leave without getting everybody's attention. It's arduous to choose which is which since they are for sure more than prepared compare from the rest.

Gunning to bring back the crown to her country is Mariam Habach of Venezuela. She was not everybody's favorite during her national pageant but pageant aficionados love her. Mariam, 20-year old, is a Syrian-Italian decent who speaks four languages; Arabic, English, Italian and Spanish. She was crowned even before Pia Wurtzbach was crowned as Miss Universe, with that, it is for sure that she is armed with training and preparations to win her country's 8th Miss Universe crown.

After what happened in 2015, Colombia wanted to reclaim what they think is theirs. Andrea Tovar has what it takes to be Miss Universe. This latina will keep the fire burning as the competition goes on.

After her top 8 placement in Miss Earth 2013 she is once again back in the Philippines to compete for the Miss Universe crown. Kristal Silva can bank on her pageant and modelling experience and that alone will surely secure her a spot. Will she be the third Miss Universe from Mexico after Ximena Navarette?

Canada's last placement in Miss Universe was in 2006 after they won the crown in 2005, courtesy of Natalie Glebova. This year, Canada is sending a pageant veteran, Sierra Bearchell is a 23-year old law student who previously brought her country  pride and honor when she landed as 2nd runner-up in Miss Teen World 2009 and 1st runner-up in Miss Supranational 2015. With her qualifications, it is no doubt that she could be what Miss Universe is looking for.

Brazil's Raissa Santana has been a huge favorite the time she won her national pageant. She's making waves and caught everyone's attention since she is the second black to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant, after Deise Nunes in 1986. This stunner works as a professional model and is a marketing student. She is indeed has the brains to  match. Brazil has consecutively placed in the semis since 2011, and three of those are runners-up, will they finally win the crown this time?

Puerto Rico's Brenda Jimenez is a 22-year old Biology and Psychology student and a model. She was appointed to be her country's bet to Miss Universe after Kristhielee Caride, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 was stripped off her title. Brenda's youthful aura exudes freshness, she is for sure a must to watch in the competition.

Potential spoilers who has a huge chance in making as semi-finalist are: USA's Deshauna Barber, Sal Garcia of Dominican Republic, Honduras' Sirey Moran, Barbados' Shannon Harris, US Virgin Islands' Carolyn Carter, Connie Jimenez of Ecuador and Panama's Keity Drennan.


22-year old, Chalita Suansane of Thailand is one of the huge favorites to win the crown, she has been consistent in showing improvements. Her sophisticated look will surely place her on top.

Philippines's Maria Maxine Mika Medina has been bashed due to her communication skills, but we cannot deny the fact that she's improved a lot. She is an oriental goddess that may claim the first ever back-to-back Miss Universe crown for the Philippines.

Indonesia's Kezia Warouw is one of the tallest candidate in this year's pageant. But she's not banking in her height alone, she has a beauty of a Miss Universe. Kezia has prepared much for the competition, in fact she trained in the Philippines to surpass her predecessors achievements in the last 3 years.

Roshmitha Harimurthy, 22, a swimmer by passion is determined to be bring home the third Miss Universe crown for her country. She may not be as beautiful as her predecessors but surely she has something to show up as the competition goes on. Lo and behold.

In 2015, Vietnam's representative to Miss Universe was a heavy favorite but everyone was left at awe when she even didn't make the cut. This year, Vietnam is again sending another stunner, Le Hang, 23, a volunteer for SMILE Train Vietnam, is highly motivated to make her country proud. Her beauty speaks a thousand words, and once she laid eyes on you, surely she will get your attention.


Belgium's Stephanie Geldhof, 19, is one of the youngest contestants in this year's Miss Universe pageant but her age does not matter, there are Miss Universe winners younger than her. Geldhof exudes so much appeal and sophistication and that alone will surely make her a semi-finalist.

This year, France is sending their main winner to the Miss Universe pageant, it seems that they're really serious in winning the crown after Flora Correll finished as a runner-up. Iris Mittenaere, will try to win her country's second Miss Universe crown after Christiane Martel in 1953.

Zoey Ivory of Netherlands, is a professional model and dancer. She is indeed another lady that we must watch out. After Netherlands' 2nd runner-up finished in 2014, this girl might place higher.

Ukraine's bet is 19-year-old, Alena Spodynyuk. Her beauty screams the crown. This 5'11 goddess is a professional handball and even went on to compete for Olympic.

Spain is also sending another stunner. Noelia Freire, 24, model and certified hairdresser. Spain last placed in 2013, will Noelia make it this time?


Australia has never failed to send a competitive and stunning delegates. They have been placing since 2008, and only missed in 2013. This year, they send another strong woman who will try to win her country's third Miss Universe crown. The brunette beauty, Caris Tiivel, will surely capture your heart.

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