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Miss France Iris Mittenaere is Miss Universe 2016!

Miss France Iris Mittenaere is Miss Universe 2016!

Finally after 64 years since French beauty Christiane Martel won the coveted major international title, the Miss Universe crown is now back to France. That was the longest interval year before a country won its second Miss Universe crown.

Miss Haiti and Miss Colombia were the 1st and second runners-up, respectively.

Our very own Miss Philippines Maxine Medina settled in the TOP 6 placement with Misses Kenya and Thailand.

Girls from the Canada, Mexico and the USA made it to the TOP 9.

Completing the list of the TOP 13 semifinalists are Brazil, Indonesia and Paraguay and Peru.

Early favorite Miss Venezuela failed to place in this year's edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

65th Miss Universe Final Power Rankings

There could be a lot of surprises this year, maybe more than the usual. We did consider a lot of things and we so here's our final power rankings.

We have several schools of thought here after the recent hearsays littery scattered about her but we thought it is time for Venezuela to shine again! Isn't it a better choice? Who wouldn't love seeing Mariam Habach being crowned Miss Universe. Mariam certainly looks like she could equal the number of USA's Miss Universe crown. She does have a commanding performance and presentation that was devine. Apart from that, she carries herself very well and really impressed all the pageant fans. Well, for sure she has a lot of surprises for us.

Are we ready to see a history of a back-to-back win again? Say everything you will say but Philippines' Maxine Medina is just unstoppable to win her country's fourth Miss Universe. Her styling, the body movements and that emeral green gown during the preliminary. She is unforgettable,…

65th Miss Universe Final Bets

After I observed the contestants and formulated thoughts during their activities I ended up these girls as my final picks. Surely, it is going to be exciting on January 30, 2017 when truth unfolds and crown the confidently beautiful woman with a heart in the universe.

Leading the pack is Mariam Habach of Venezuela lives up to her sash, she ate the stage and demonstrated that during preliminaries. Her presentation skills was superb, her great body and commanding performance during the swimsuit was spectacular, the gown execution was devine. Well, she is Venezuelan, what can we expect?! Are we going to see another Venezuelan wearing the DIC crown? It's a no way out with Mariam's stage presence. Venezuela might tie up with USA's eight Miss Universe crown.

Who wouldn't love Dominican Republic's Rosalba Garcia or known as Sal Garcia? She has a story to tell. She's so warm, calm, charming and classy. During the preliminaries she gave her all and delivered well. Her …

#ThrowbackThursday : Miss Universe in the Philippines and its representatives

The first time Miss Universe pageant held in the Philippines was in 1974 at the Folk Arts Theater in Manila.
18 year-old, Guadalupe Sanchez represented the  country. Spain's Amparo Muñoz was crowned Miss Universe 1974. Sanchez finished as semi-finalist.
20 years later the Miss Universe pageant was once again held in the Philippines. Charlene Gonzales was the country's representative and she finished 6th to India's Sushmita Sen.
This year, Philippines hosted the Miss Universe pageant for the third time after 22 years. Maxine Medina is the country's representative.
Medina is not only the host delegate but she's also gunning for a back-to-back Miss Universe crown. It will be the third time that Philippines will try to clinch the elusive back-to-back title which only Venezuela has ever achieved in 2008 and 2009.
Will it be the first time in history that a host country will win the back-to-back title?

Meet the 65th Miss Universe Preliminary Judges

The Preliminary competition will be held tonight, January 26, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena which will be hosted by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Derek Ramsay, joining them will be  the preliminary judges.

Dayanara Torres: Former UNICEF ambassador and Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, author, model, actress and former Miss Universe from Puerto Rico.  Dayanara says she's looking for this in the next Miss Universe:  "I'm looking forward to finding a woman who can handle herself with grace and confidence through her journey with this prestigious title. I understand it's a beauty pageant however beauty will not be the only factor. Personality and confidence will blow the judges away every time!"

Sushmita Sen: Bollywood actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and champion of women’s rights in India; founder of I AM Foundation and former Miss Universe from India. 

Riyo Mori: Japanese actress, dancer, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2007. 

Leila Lo…

Miss Universe Week 4 Power Rankings

In the past 3 weeks there have been a constant change in our power rankings and this week is  not exception. From our last rankings we have Philippines who topped the list but on our newest rankings she fell short and went down.

Leading our preliminary rankings we have Brazil's Raissa Santana. This girl has always had the same hair styling in the past pageant activities but during the national auction gift she surprised us. Her elegance and sophistication proves that she is one of the threats for the crown.

In second spot is Marina Jacoby of Nicaragua who we can say the face of the competition. Her aura makes her the girl to keep an eye for. Everyone seem to love this lass, her modelling experience will help her clinch the crown for sure. Let's wait and see!

She lost her momentum after what happened during her arrival but Colombia's Andrea Tovar won't settle for less. She's back in the game and is proving everyone that she's in the competition to win the crown…

Miss Universe and Maxine Medina's Possible Back-to-Back Miss Universe crown

It was an Asian black out in the 2009 Miss Universe pageant, European delegates dominated the semi-finalists and the Latina beauty Stefania Fernandez pulled off the first ever back-to-back Miss Universe crown in 2009, first time in the history of the Miss Universe pageant.

This year, will it be an Asian domination in the 65th Miss Universe pageant? Do you think, Maxine Medina can win the first ever back-to-back Miss Universe crown for her country?

It seems that Asian countries are dominating the 65th Miss Universe pageant if we are to base on the recent activities that was held. Different pageant sites are predicting that Chalita Suansane of Thailand, Kezia Warouw of Indonesia and Philippines' Maxine Medina are the heavy front-runners that will give the rest of the candidates a run for their money. But do not count out Miss Vietnam, Miss Malaysia and Miss India just yet, they too, has a huge chance in making it to the top 12.

Philippines' back-to-back Miss Universe chance


Venus Raj to Host the Miss Universe Red Carpet

Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up, Venus Raj will be the Red Carpet host along with Bretman Rock. On Sunday, January 29th from 6-7PM ET, tune-in to the Red Carpet before all the action happens on stage at the MISS UNIVERSE Competition.

65th Miss Universe Early Bets

The most important pageant in the Universe will crown its winner on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. This year, more than 80 candidates are going to fight for the DIC crown which was won by the Philippines' Pia Wurtzbach in December 2015.

The candidates has arrived and they gave everyone a lucid sense on who are the real front-runners and potential spoilers. The game is on but for sure, it'll change in the coming days.

At this moment, I'd like to present my initial picks per continents based on how they impressed me since they arrived.


There are only two delegates from Africa who stood out. These two will surely battle out on who's going to make it, with lots of stunners will they shine?

Sierra Leone's Hawa Kamara is making a history by being the first in 65 years to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. She was ignored at first but everyone noticed her Flaviana Matata, Miss Universe Tanzania 2007 arrive. This lass, hopes to advocate and…

El Miss Universo 2016 apuestas tempranas

By: Edwin de Jesus

El Miss Universo 2016, que en estos momentos se lleva a cabo en Manila, Filipinas, a repandido muchas sorpresas, unas gratas, otras no tanto. La organizacion del evento ha sido espectacular, y es que era de esperarse, los fans filipinos son los mejores del mundo. Pero en esta ocacion vengo a hablarles de las candidatas y a presentarles mi top personal de favoritas :

Mexico : En el primer lugar de mi top se encuentra la senorita Mexico, Cristal ha dejado a mas de uno con la boca abierta en filipinas, y es que su rostro espectacular es su mejor atributo, su pasarela y su destreza en el escenario son tambien otros de sus atributos.  Si por belleza es, miss Mexico deberia ser la proxima Miss Universo 2016.

Filipinas : Maxime Medina es una trigueña espectacular, que a demas de contar con el apoyo masivo de su publico, tiene todas las caracteristicas de una miss universo. Con una pasarela clasica, nada exagerada, maxime deslumbra a todo el que la ve.

Tailandia : Fisicame…

Miss Universe Week 3 Power Rankings

Read Here: Miss Universe Week 1 Power Rankings

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Making it on top this time is Philippines, from our previous power rankings she's not even part of the top 5, but this time, despite everything that happened to her, Philippines' Maxine Medina is still a force to reckon. She's the well-dressed candidate in the competition, she may not have the best communication skills but still she can fully deliver herself. 
Following to next to her is a pageant veteran, Kristal Silva of Mexico. She previously competed in Miss Earth 2013 and placed as one of the top 8 finalists. Kristal has improved a lot, everything is visible that she prepared for this pageant and is making sure that she will put her country back on top. 
She may not be everybody's favorite but Venezuela's Mariam Habach is making sure to be loved by everyone. Carrying her country's sash adds up to her advantage. She already won two sponsors award, that alone proves …

Cory Quirino let go of the Miss World Philippines franchise

After the disappointing result at the Miss World 2016 pageant, Cory Quirino is now letting go the Miss World Philippines franchise.

Quirino held the Philippine franchise for six years and produced the first ever Miss World of the Philippines in 2013.

She said that she's dropping the franchise for "personal and business reason", she also added that she introduced a friend to the Miss World organization who might take over the responsibility.

Philippines has been placing in the Miss World pageant since 2011; Gwendolyn Ruais (2011) first-runner, Queenierich Rehman (2012) semi-finalist, Megan Young Miss World 2013, Valerie Weigmann (2014) quarter-finalist, Hillarie Parungao (2015) semi-finalist and Catriona Gray (2016) third runner-up.

Helping Sal Garcia to compete to Miss Universe pageant

Sal Garcia, 24-year-old, Miss Universe Dominican Republic started a funding campaign to compete to the Miss Universe pageant in Manila, Philippines.
On her Instagram post: “Hello my dear friends! Today I am in need of your contribution for my trip to Miss Universe.”
On the Give Forward page, Sal created “Helping Sal Garcia” with a message that reads:
Also Read: Sal Garcia crowned Miss Dominican Republic
“Dear fellow Dominicans and To Whom It May Concern:
For almost 63 years, the Dominican Republic has sent a delegate to represent our country in the Miss Universe Pageant. Also, during these long decades, our country has survived many devastations, many of them caused by natural disasters. Yet always under the worst of circumstances, we found strength in each other. As you all might know, our beautiful island was declared a disaster zone due to the devastating torrential rains and flooding during the recent months of November and December 2016. Understandably, all local government resource…

Miss Universe Week 2 Power Rankings

All eyes are on for the 65th Miss Universe pageant in Manila, Philippines. Before the delegates will flock we'd like to present our WEEK 2 Power Rankings.

Read Here: Miss Universe 2016 Week 1 Power Rankings

Complete List
1Venezuela 2Indonesia 3Colombia 4Australia 5Thailand 6Philippines 7Mexico 8Brazil 9USA 10Canada 11Barbados 12Malaysia 13France 14Peru 15Turkey
Almost there: Vietnam, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Honduras

Steve Harvey will return to host the 65th Miss Universe pageant

After the havoc he made in the 64th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, announcing the wrong winner, Steve Harvey is back.

It's official that Steve Harvey will return as the host of the Miss Universe pageant this January 29, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. Ashley Graham will join him as a backstage host.

Tune in to The Miss Universe pageant airing live on January 29th on FOX from The Philippines.


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