65th Miss Universe Final Bets

8:14:00 PM

After I observed the contestants and formulated thoughts during their activities I ended up these girls as my final picks. Surely, it is going to be exciting on January 30, 2017 when truth unfolds and crown the confidently beautiful woman with a heart in the universe.

Leading the pack is Mariam Habach of Venezuela lives up to her sash, she ate the stage and demonstrated that during preliminaries. Her presentation skills was superb, her great body and commanding performance during the swimsuit was spectacular, the gown execution was devine. Well, she is Venezuelan, what can we expect?! Are we going to see another Venezuelan wearing the DIC crown? It's a no way out with Mariam's stage presence. Venezuela might tie up with USA's eight Miss Universe crown.

Who wouldn't love Dominican Republic's Rosalba Garcia or known as Sal Garcia? She has a story to tell. She's so warm, calm, charming and classy. During the preliminaries she gave her all and delivered well. Her stage presence was serene.

Thailand's Chalita Suansane is a heavy favorite amongst pageant pundits, she's always included in their predictions. Prior to the preliminaries, I thought she was just hyped but no, she convinced me with her performance. With the support of her people cheering her on, she is expected to make a very strong showing and could win Thailand's third Miss Universe crown.

I absolutely love Philippines' Maxine Medina. I really wanted to put her on top, wanted her to make history and win the elusive back-to-back Miss Universe crown. Don't get me wrong, why I placed her fourth. I based this on her preliminary performance and so with the other girls. Should she make it to top 6, it's a surewin that she's going to make it to top 3. Her beauty is mesmerizing, her smile is captivating and her sweetness on stage during the prelims was adorable. Oh, I forgot, how about her support system? Filipinos are known to be the best pageant fans in the world. That adds up to her advantage and it boosts her confidence. Go Max!

Mexico's Kristal Silva is a head-turner. As expected, Mexico is prepared to comeback and win their third Miss Universe crown after Ximena Navarette won in 2010. Kristal's performance speaks for herself, she is expected to place higher after her top 8 finish in Miss Earth 2013 pageant.

Noelia Freire of Spain is pretty striking,  undeniable, and effortless. Her vibrant personality fits to be a queen. Spain won their first Miss Universe crown in 1974 which was held also in the Philippines, now it would be great seeing her crowned again in this country and I can totally see her winning should she maintain her aura and elegance. (Miss Universe 1974, Amparo Muñoz)

Now, completing my final 12 are; Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, USA and Nicaragua.

Ooopps! Would I just ignore France's Iris Mittenaere? I didn't include her in my top 12 because I wanted her to be the most pleasant surprise of the night. If everyone is predicting her to be part of the top 12, well, I am not. I debated myseld whether to include her or not and so I decided to make her as a surprise. But worry no more, as just announced it's no longer top 12 but top 13. Iris has pure sophistication and charm, but I find her forgettable. Prove me wrong, Iris!

Aruba, Haiti, Curacao, Costa Rica and Jamaica could pull upsets too! Well, I am not closing doors of possibility that they might steal others chances on the finals night.

These ladies, are the ones who stayed strong and remained remarkable! Anyone from them will be crowned Miss Universe.

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