Miss Universe Denmark claims she was bullied

9:42:00 AM

Mr Hamilton, right, pictured with his former husband Anders de Voss, left, owner of Face of Denmark, and Christina Mikkelsen, center.

Miss Universe Demark, Christina Mikkelsen was stripped of her title this month when her ex-boyfriend was accused of money laundering.

The 24-year-old pageant royalty was told of her dethronement on a Danish TV show. Face of Denmark runs the national beauty contest, emailed the show to tell them she was losing her crown.

After her dethronement, Mikkelsen have talked to media and told them her side of story, saying her life was "made hell" former national co-director of Miss Universe Denmark, John Paul Hamilton who ordered her to lose weight and said she looked like a drag queen. She also discuss the poor treatment she had allegedly received from John Paul Hamilton.

"He made my life hell. He called me stupid, lazy and selfish. Sometimes I'd be scared to check my phone when I woke up because he sent me so many abusive messages." She said.

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