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Miss World 2017 : TPQs Final Power Rankings

In few hours the world will witness the crowning of the new Miss World. Last year's Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico will crown her successor.

Now let's unfold who among the 118 contestants will penetrate and battle out to be the new ambassador of "Beauty with a Purpose."

Leading our ranking is India's Manushi Chhillar. She is just divine and always has the elegance and charm. Her bubbly personality and wit will help here in claiming the top spot. She won the head to head challenge. She also penetrated the Top model, Multimedia, People's Choice and the Beauty with a Purpose fast track events.

In second place is France's Aurore Kichenin. This lass presented herself stunningly in the competition. Winning the head to head challenge gave her an automatic place to be a semi-finalist.

Coming in third place is Ugochi Ihezue of Nigeria. Winning the top model segment elevated her to surely snatch and be the continental queen of Africa or she could also be Miss World 2017.

Coming next is Aletxa Mueses of Dominican Republic. She has shown exemplary performances in the competition especially in the sports round where she was declared as winner. Winning her head to head challenge and penetrating as a finalist in the top model competition solidified her to be a strong threat for the crown.

Placing fifth is Brazil's Gabrielle Vilela. She has the "x-factor" and commanding presence. She is proving her worth for the crown as she is one of the beauty with a purpose and top model finalists.

In sixth spot is USA's Clarissa Bowers. This head turner lass with an angelic charisma is playing her cards well but being not included in the beauty of a purpose semi-finalist might cost her not winning the crown.

Coming in seventh spot is Esma Voloder of Australia. Her beauty is unforgettable and she is making sure that her presence would be felt in the competition.

Completing our eight continental queens is England's Stephanie Hill who surely is a great speaker and would be a great ambassador of the Miss World pageant.

Making it in our top 25 are: 

1. India
2. France
3. Nigeria
4. Dominican Republic
5. Brazil
6. USA
7. Australia
8. England
9. China
10. Indonesia
11. Philippines
12. Venezuela
13. Fiji
14. El Salvador
15. Mexico
16. Poland
17. Thailand
18. Russia
19. Northern Ireland
20. South Africa
21. Spain
22. Vietnam
23. Mongolia
24. British Virgin Islands
25. Nepal

Did your bets make it? 



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