Mikayla Holmgren competes in Miss Minnesota state pageant

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In 2015, Mikayla Holmgren participated in the Junior Miss Amazing competition and took home the crown. The said pageant is for persons with disabilities. When she approached her mom, Sandi Holmgren, about entering the 2017 Miss Minnesota USA pageant, her mom said yes. At the time, Sandi had no idea what Mikayla joined, according to report on Today. 

“I just loved this day,” Mikayla told TODAY. “I was on that stage and they called my name, I was in tears. I was very emotional.”

“It didn’t really hit me that it was the Miss USA, Miss Universe pageant. There are so many pageants,” Sandi told TODAY“She chose the pageants of pageants and I got nervous.”

When Mikayla walked on the Miss Minnesota stage during the pageant finals, she just accomplished something important ehich is the first ever woman with down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA state pageant. 

“I was not nervous,” she said, about preparing for the pageant.

She practiced walking in heels without tripping and participated in mock interviews. While she enjoyed making new friends, dressing up and performing on stage, Mikayla hoped to set an example for others.

“I want others to believe in themselves,” she said.

Mikayla, who is studying at Bethel University, loved her experience and hopes to do more because she now considers herself a “pageant lady.” She believes her performance will inspire others.

“It is making a difference in the world,” she said.

While Mikayla Holgrem didn't win the Miss Minnesota 2017 crown, she took home two awards, the Spirit of Miss USA and the Director's Award.

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