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65th Miss Universe Early Bets

The most important pageant in the Universe will crown its winner on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. This year, more than 80 candidates are going to fight for the DIC crown which was won by the Philippines' Pia Wurtzbach in December 2015.

The candidates has arrived and they gave everyone a lucid sense on who are the real front-runners and potential spoilers. The game is on but for sure, it'll change in the coming days.

At this moment, I'd like to present my initial picks per continents based on how they impressed me since they arrived.


There are only two delegates from Africa who stood out. These two will surely battle out on who's going to make it, with lots of stunners will they shine?

Sierra Leone's Hawa Kamara is making a history by being the first in 65 years to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. She was ignored at first but everyone noticed her Flaviana Matata, Miss Universe Tanzania 2007 arrive. This lass, hopes to advocate and raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

With her fierceness will she also make history as the first to win the Miss Universe crown for her country and the first bald woman to win the crown?

Africa's Mary Esther Were, is a 27-year old Marketing Administrator for CNBC and Forbes Africa. She is one of the striking black delegates in this year's competition. Her country has never won nor placed in the Miss Universe pageant since 1987. With her statuesque beauty and charm, don't you think it's time for Kenya to make it this time?


The latinas are leading the pack in this continent, making sure they won't leave without getting everybody's attention. It's arduous to choose which is which since they are for sure more than prepared compare from the rest.

Gunning to bring back the crown to her country is Mariam Habach of Venezuela. She was not everybody's favorite during her national pageant but pageant aficionados love her. Mariam, 20-year old, is a Syrian-Italian decent who speaks four languages; Arabic, English, Italian and Spanish. She was crowned even before Pia Wurtzbach was crowned as Miss Universe, with that, it is for sure that she is armed with training and preparations to win her country's 8th Miss Universe crown.

After what happened in 2015, Colombia wanted to reclaim what they think is theirs. Andrea Tovar has what it takes to be Miss Universe. This latina will keep the fire burning as the competition goes on.

After her top 8 placement in Miss Earth 2013 she is once again back in the Philippines to compete for the Miss Universe crown. Kristal Silva can bank on her pageant and modelling experience and that alone will surely secure her a spot. Will she be the third Miss Universe from Mexico after Ximena Navarette?

Canada's last placement in Miss Universe was in 2006 after they won the crown in 2005, courtesy of Natalie Glebova. This year, Canada is sending a pageant veteran, Sierra Bearchell is a 23-year old law student who previously brought her country  pride and honor when she landed as 2nd runner-up in Miss Teen World 2009 and 1st runner-up in Miss Supranational 2015. With her qualifications, it is no doubt that she could be what Miss Universe is looking for.

Brazil's Raissa Santana has been a huge favorite the time she won her national pageant. She's making waves and caught everyone's attention since she is the second black to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant, after Deise Nunes in 1986. This stunner works as a professional model and is a marketing student. She is indeed has the brains to  match. Brazil has consecutively placed in the semis since 2011, and three of those are runners-up, will they finally win the crown this time?

Puerto Rico's Brenda Jimenez is a 22-year old Biology and Psychology student and a model. She was appointed to be her country's bet to Miss Universe after Kristhielee Caride, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 was stripped off her title. Brenda's youthful aura exudes freshness, she is for sure a must to watch in the competition.

Potential spoilers who has a huge chance in making as semi-finalist are: USA's Deshauna Barber, Sal Garcia of Dominican Republic, Honduras' Sirey Moran, Barbados' Shannon Harris, US Virgin Islands' Carolyn Carter, Connie Jimenez of Ecuador and Panama's Keity Drennan.


22-year old, Chalita Suansane of Thailand is one of the huge favorites to win the crown, she has been consistent in showing improvements. Her sophisticated look will surely place her on top.

Philippines's Maria Maxine Mika Medina has been bashed due to her communication skills, but we cannot deny the fact that she's improved a lot. She is an oriental goddess that may claim the first ever back-to-back Miss Universe crown for the Philippines.

Indonesia's Kezia Warouw is one of the tallest candidate in this year's pageant. But she's not banking in her height alone, she has a beauty of a Miss Universe. Kezia has prepared much for the competition, in fact she trained in the Philippines to surpass her predecessors achievements in the last 3 years.

Roshmitha Harimurthy, 22, a swimmer by passion is determined to be bring home the third Miss Universe crown for her country. She may not be as beautiful as her predecessors but surely she has something to show up as the competition goes on. Lo and behold.

In 2015, Vietnam's representative to Miss Universe was a heavy favorite but everyone was left at awe when she even didn't make the cut. This year, Vietnam is again sending another stunner, Le Hang, 23, a volunteer for SMILE Train Vietnam, is highly motivated to make her country proud. Her beauty speaks a thousand words, and once she laid eyes on you, surely she will get your attention.


Belgium's Stephanie Geldhof, 19, is one of the youngest contestants in this year's Miss Universe pageant but her age does not matter, there are Miss Universe winners younger than her. Geldhof exudes so much appeal and sophistication and that alone will surely make her a semi-finalist.

This year, France is sending their main winner to the Miss Universe pageant, it seems that they're really serious in winning the crown after Flora Correll finished as a runner-up. Iris Mittenaere, will try to win her country's second Miss Universe crown after Christiane Martel in 1953.

Zoey Ivory of Netherlands, is a professional model and dancer. She is indeed another lady that we must watch out. After Netherlands' 2nd runner-up finished in 2014, this girl might place higher.

Ukraine's bet is 19-year-old, Alena Spodynyuk. Her beauty screams the crown. This 5'11 goddess is a professional handball and even went on to compete for Olympic.

Spain is also sending another stunner. Noelia Freire, 24, model and certified hairdresser. Spain last placed in 2013, will Noelia make it this time?


Australia has never failed to send a competitive and stunning delegates. They have been placing since 2008, and only missed in 2013. This year, they send another strong woman who will try to win her country's third Miss Universe crown. The brunette beauty, Caris Tiivel, will surely capture your heart.



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